Sane or Insane-Unite against Fascism

This is what Americans were fighting against

This is not propaganda! Wish so much that it was! Wish that we did not have hate and extremism overtaking humanity again! Just confirmed what you had here in previous SANE OR INSANE stories, that BIOLABS in Ukraine are true. That is against humanity, against poor Ukrainians also! The question is, can people change?

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Yes they can! But not all of them. The tragedy is that those that can not change are running the show from infront and from behind!

You will see photos and names of all heros of Abraham Lincoln Brigade fighting fascists in Spanish Civil war. Then you investigate who is who today and decide! Who was talking and CONFIRMING that Biolabs are in Ukraine financed by US? That people who took hostage US people. Their ancestors are roamers. Are we still sleeping? Below you can see photos and all the names of the heros to make you aware how deep freedom lovers are the American people. Do not be surprised if you see Americans join forces with Russians and all other freedom living people of the world to fight Neo Nazis and Neo Fascists.

We are all descendants of someone. We all carry the weight of our ancestors. If you investigate further and see who are the ones that are representing us even nonelected you will find out much more. Also if you follow the small, tiny little information who met with whom and what happens next you all will not need those corrupted media manipulating you all this time. They will stay without viewers. They are the manipulators, from infection which is man made to lockdowns, to social distancing and flattening the curve morbid stories are! Those that brainwash many, depriving them to see things deeper and clearly,and instead to judge by own interest and inferiority complex injected to them by prestitue media.

From the brochure celebrating 50th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln Brigade ♥

As for descendants. Some are descendants of Nazis and some are descendants of those that were first executed and than hanged by Nazis. It was not enough to be executed. They needed rhe show! To project fear it was necessary to hang them dead and show it to the rest of community. That is how immortal regiment was formed. They ARE IMMORTAL! The people from whole of the world with same experiences.

Despite infiltration of pseudo historians and corrupted politicians to dilute the memories! That is why when 9th of May the Victory Day was celebrated in Moscow in EU they established insidiously the EUROPE DAY celebrating the anniversary of the Schuman Declaration in 1950, when the first step was made towards the creation of what is now known as the European Union. Which EU? EU to survive needs cleaning! Cleaning of those unelected and highly corrupted bureaucrats with, to be diplomatic, peculiar history who want to diminish peoples memories about Fascists and Nazis! So the common sense question is WHY? The answer is in the ancestors! Find out as only than you will learn.

Then you ask yourself again, can people change? Print Euros, Dollars give grants and buy peoples souls. However, not all are the same. Those that got awake are mostly afraid to talk and express themselves like with these jabs and tremendous corruption surrounding it.

Or, like in recent wars it was necessary to take people alive, get their organs in the so-called yellow house, sell it on the international market and then kill them. Those are the results of democratic forces fighting Slavs and Sephardic Jews and establishing new states in the Balkans.

But, again! Humanity WILL PREVAIL. Humanity and the TRUTH can be described with one Russian proverb: “They saddle slowly but they ride fast.”

The only thing is not to be diluted with new roamers that will definitely try to infiltrate clean, human, lovable, soft and humble souls in order to manipulate till the next revenge. At least let’s get some time free of them.


Darko Richard Lancelot

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