Sane or Insane-Approaching the Future 1.

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What the Future brings? If we had eyes to read and ears to listen maybe we would be better prepared. V.V.Putin the Russian Federation President said many things. One of those to mention was in his Davos speech( using technology instead of being at Davos). ” There is a chance that we will face a formidable break-down in global development, which will be fraught with a war of all against all and attempts to deal with contradictions through appointment of internal and external enemies and the destruction of not only traditional values such as family, which we hold dear in Russia but fundamental freedoms such as the right of choice and privacy.” The entire address is available on the Internet.

Well before the future let’s talk about the state of our civilization. One word is common LIES and again LIES. Now without even a style anymore. Raw lies! Where we have gone?

Wherever you go whatever matter you touch and want to go deeper to investigate further the walls are build and surrounded by lies and half truth, popularly called manipulation, the manipulation of consciousness! It starts from the the basic thing that we are 8 billion on this planet! We are not. We are less! Than Darwin theory! If Charles was reading his theory today he would be very nervous with the way how is presented and how his words are used turning upside down his original meaning, for the benefit of the usurpators of human souls and minds. Further, to help the schemers, statistics are invented and introduced as science! Using statistics the system creates standards and those standards are “injected” to make us “infected” with false information from the beginning! Standardisation! Barcodes first and then QR codes. Both invented for the good of humanity, with simplicity to store more of the informations for products, reducing the usage of paper! But after like with the creation of money or nuclear energy manipulators took precedence and turned the positive into the danger for human existence. Both physically and mentally. After, everything else becomes easy as numerous variations can be used when those that someone called “Empire of Lies,” are in need. You can call them as you like but there is a real common denominator for all of them! Psychological destruction! Hatred, revenge, greed, jealousy. And fear due to the huge corruption!

But, before the future let’s see the past as if you did not know, who controls the past creates and controlled the future. That same game was played over and over again as it was presented as patriotism, calling for ordinary people to sacrifice their lives, their families and their future. Of course many institutions are created to obscure the real truth and cover the profits not necessarily material, of masterminds! They are called for the first time Conspiracy Practitioners in an essay you can find in the eBook Quarantine Diaries and Beyond. There you can find names that will awake curiosity with some of documented practices, from the idea, then preparing public opinion, opening the theatre of opperations and executing the plans! And that is repeated and repeated and repeated, and it is possible exactly because of covering the real history! That is why even Pfizer wanted some seven decades for their jab documentation to become available to the public. How convenient is this Russia crisis.

Well many, so many practical things have happened as Practitioners wanted to, and were covered by an amazing amount of Lies and Manipulations! One of the recent happenings was to coordinate and pay governments in the way of subsidies for lockdowns and quarantines following the request for social distancing just to further cement and avoid the possibility of population awaking. If governments wanted money they needed to behave accordingly. That is why the first statements were about “ordinary flu,” which were changed dramatically after the button was pressed! Well what was planned to preceed the “flu,” in March 2020, was the People Congress of China CP, where changes of the policies, and more substantial involvement of the state in sharing wealth was to be accepted, announced and implemented. Even with the “infection,” that postponed it, this strategic plan passed one year later. Globalism experienced a serious blow. That caused great disappointment and huge nervousness of masterminds of Great Reset and their slaves, corrupted officials. Shwab and Shwartz got very angry. Shwartz even appeared in YouTube advertising, reading the script against the Chinese President. It looks like even Shwartz has short memory or due to his age he forgot to inform him self about the Chinese ability to settle open accounts. They wanted to transfer their operations of Globalism from America that they wanted to be destroyed, to China and become the Real masters of the world without having in mind Chinese proverb that “tremendousness is reducing life.”

That citation was used by Nikola Tesla in his 1899 interview for Immortality magazine. When asked by James Donahue-is the disease a requirement for adjustment, having in mind that, in his youth,Tesla was seriously ill several times – he replied: “Yes. It is often the result of over-exhaustion of life force, but it is often the purification of the mind and body from the toxins that have accumulated. It is necessary for a man to suffer from time to time. The source of most diseases is in the spirit. Therefore, the spirit can cure almost all diseases. When I was a student, I was sick with anger that ravaged the Lika(place of his birth) region. I healed because my father finally allowed me to study technology, which was my life. The illusion for me has not been a disease but the ability of the mind to penetrate beyond the three dimensions of the Earth….” You the reader do not need to understand! As Tesla said- “just believe as everything is light. In one of its rays is the fate of nations…”

You can find more in the essay about Nikola Tesla with some of the information not widely known in the eBook Quarantine Diaries and Beyond-

Let me finish this first Approaching the Future with the quote from the book of professor of Georgetown University Carroll Quigley Tragedy and Hope which is also recommended( ) It is a must for a complete awakening.

Before the quote just a small digression to let you know about the curiosity that the wife of ex-president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko Mrs. Katerina Yushchenko born Chumachenko graduated at School of Foreign Service of Georgetown University the same establishment where late professor Carroll Quigley was teaching.

He said:

“…The powers of financial capitalism had a far-reaching plan, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole.”

That plan is now in jeopardy! That is why we see all this propaganda and hate projected to the people of the West. Divide and Rule will not pass as it might happen that there will be noone left neither divided nor capable to be ruled. But about that in the next text.

In the mean time! Look at the stars and believe in light not forgetting as Nikola Tesla said-“there is no man that has existed and has not died!”


Darko Richard Lancelot

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