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Things constantly change. Alliances also. Currently everything is under change!

Those thinking that are masters of befool are befooled. That becomes more and more obvious. Those promoting great reset will experience great reset. Not the one they were wanting but the one which is 180 degrees different. Could be that it would be like this Grandpa Vania!

Would anyone be surprised with more surprise? These advisors of “highly likely,” narcissistic public figures are as blind as their masters. They learned to rule using blackmails, fear mongering. They wanted domination to continue robbing people with their banking system. Why banking system? Because their ancestors were money changers and “conspiratory practitioners,”(Table of Content for eBook Quarantine Diaries and Beyond), towards power of issuing money by themselves covered by the LAW! 1913 Federal Reserve Act! How did all started and who are those, or they?

One tribe, brave warriors, and a long history that introduced hatred and revenge. Continuing till today. Sakadean,Saka(to roam), Scythians…Which year, you might ask. There are no years, only feelings of revenge.
After the fall of the Persian Empire, they crossed the Caucasus, invaded Armenia, and conquered the Crimean peninsula, which bore the name Chazaria for some time. Crimean=Chazaria? Interesting? Well, that is what history says. There are many things that history displays, and as many that it covers not to be seen and primarily understood by the majority of us. There are events that happened never to be forgotten, as they stay in the narratives passed from generation to generation to surface when the tragic rats are out! It looks like another revenge time is approaching us.
“The Byzantine emperors trembled at the name of the Chazars, flattered them, and paid them a tribute to restrain their lust after the booty of Constantinople. Kyiv (Russians) people on the Dnieper were obliged to pay them as an annual tax, a sword, and a delicate skin for every household. With the Arabs, whose near neighbors they gradually became, they carried on terrible wars.”
To refresh the memory, I looked again at the “Dictionary of Khazars” by Milorad Pavic and tried to imagine Kozar’s places’ landscape and atmosphere. Kozar is the name Slavs used to call these roaming tribe people. A legend described in the Pavic Khazars Dictionary was that ” Khazar women would be given a pillow to hold the tears they would weep for the warriors.” Brave do not cry! Remember that? By the way, when in need to cry just cry without any pillow! Reliefs and is cleaning the soul.

Courtesy of Biblicism Institute

In 943, the Khazar capital was destroyed, and between 965 and 970 A.D., the Khazar state was destroyed by Russians. Pavic continued that “eyewitnesses noted that the shadows of the houses in the capital held their outlines for years although the buildings themselves had already been destroyed for many years.” From then onward, they are shadowy people driven by history and the need to revenge!
However, the descendants of those people are also pawns used by others! Who are those? Those are the groups that sometimes work together and sometimes against each other, like their representative Trump and their representative Obama or Biden. Not to mention China and liberals, or the idea of Poland-Ukraine-Turkey-UK, now being diminished, not to say destroyed.

From the book “Conjuring Hitler.”

To make things easier for understandings and contemplating mentality you can continue reading a story, legend that many say it has happened.

That is the story when Stalin, Churchill, and Roosevelt met in Yalta – Crimea in 1945 to divide the sphere of “influence.”


Both Churchill and Roosevelt liked Yalta and the climate very much and asked Stalin if he could give Crimea to them and, instead, receive more concessions in Europe. Stalin listened and said- so they say- Well ok! he showed them three fingers- The Thumb, The Index, and the Middle finger. Then, he continued, pointing out that he would do that and would negotiate about concessions but needed them to reply to his straightforward and simple question.
He asked them with those three fingers open, which is to be considered the middle one?

Simple question.
So, Churchill said first-as the legend says- Joseph(Stalin’s name), it is an easy thing! Obviously, it is the index! To that, Stalin replied with the strate NO.
It was Roosevelt’s turn. So-as the legend says- Roosevelt smiled and said- Naughty boy, Josef! It is the Middle one!
Stalin smiled and said- so the legend says- no. It is not.
Both Winston and Theodore asked, but if those two are not, how comes the remaining one, the Thumb, can be called the middle in any case!?
Then, as the legend says, Stalin smiled, positioning the Thumb between the Index and Middle finger, saying- this is how Thumb becomes the middle one explaining that this gesture indicates nothing for you, nuts to you!

This could be the message Russia sent to all interested parties regarding NATO in Ukraine and Crimea

However! After Stalin’s strange death and Beria’s execution, Nikita Khrushchev became Secretary-General of Communist Party of S.U. and in 1954 by ONE SIGNATURE transferred Crimea to the Ukraine Socialist Republic. “Everything in life has a pattern, and a coincidence is simply the moment when the pattern becomes briefly visible,” said Anthony Horowitz.
But! However, history can teach us that events are provoked to graft the new crisis and cover up the holes and difficulties of the system!
That is why the West wants the Ukraine conflict to go on and on! But it will not happen like that. Why? Because of geometry an simple universe. There will be No- Gene modification, no so-called “green revolution.” That will accumulate even more hatred towards Russia from one still powerful part of the world, based in Europe! However, the island overlooking Europe still has a chance to settle. Continental countries are in deep decay and even deeper systemic problems. No clear vision is possible as long as they are preoccupied with hatred! Abandon and reform! If you have balls!
Schwab, who knows very well where V.V.Putin stands regarding family values and great reset, is propagating the continuation of hostilities, as it is the only way for this “grand plan” to be alive still.
The so-called “Great Reset.” book by Schwab and Malleret someone could call it an equivalent to Mein Kampf, with the difference that Mein Kampf was the projection for Europe while Great Reset is meant to be implemented to the whole world with gene modification of the man! Even another one Shwartz got very nervous and is complaining!
In this “special operation,” you could see that the hysteria in Europe is at unprecedented levels! All corrupted, blackmailed, rented people in different places are put in motion. America is at the back, balancing as much as possible without being caught. One of the very serious indications is the talk of madame undersecretary of state confirming that Ukraine has Biolabs developed with the USA. This was meant to go out in public! More you can find it here: Sane or Insane-Tragedy of the rats

Below is the quote from the book of Nikolai Alexandrovich Berdyaev, “THE DIVINE AND THE HUMAN.” If he is still allowed to be quoted:
“War is waged between peoples, between families, between classes and estates. There are wars within social groups and political parties, wars between nations and states. Finally there is among men no less an inclination to wars of religion and ideological wars. In fact there has never been a stabilized order; there has always been war, an internal state of war. War is the final expression of every way of realizing one’s end by means of force. And every man who is permeated by an integral idea which he desires at whatever cost to realize, for example, to assure a dominating position for the Christian Church, to create a great empire, to bring about a great revolution, to win a war, may indeed display heroism;
but he may also easily turn not only into a man of violence but even into a wild beast.
War takes place because there is ‘this’ and there is ‘the other’, because every course of action meets with opposition because contradiction is of the essence of the life of the world.
Human beings cannot live in harmony with one another; they cannot live in harmony in any group whether in a family, or in some economic, political, social, religious or ideological association. For two friends, or two lovers, for parents and children, for two people who hold the same beliefs, two of the same way of thinking, transition to a state of war is easy. Egoism, self-assertion, envy, jealousy, self-love, self-interest, and fanaticism readily lead to war.”

One could add revenge and fear! And one primary character trait- Stupidity!
Someone dear said: ” When you die, you do not know that, and it is not hard for you. It is hard for others. It’s the same when you’re stupid! Please save us of your Stupidity!
NATO-Russia does not have a say! If Russia wants less NATO, it will get MORE OF IT! Then the narrative changed- We did not have plans to include Ukraine in NATO! It looks like they do not know that they are stupid. All this tragedy for one sentence avoided being said by those that are paid to protect us the people!?
Can we make a better world? As without us, those all are one single nothing! Yes we can! We could use the following expression to let them know about the real middle finger!

Courtesy of a human being

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