Sane or Insane-Tiny infront insidious behind

Will history repeat it self as always? Not yet, but it will. With huge cost but it will! Now we are witnessing that tiny stupid one are put infront by insidious ex colonial power that thinks that plays hard ball wanting more of the war. Will they “manage” to bing it finaly in their court yard? They are, like all of us, the masters of their decisions which determine destiny. Entirely to them. What we are seeing is complete and irreversible stupidity. Complete and irreversible acknowledgement that, unfortunately, the ruling people are hostage of roamers, wanderers full of hatred and even more obsessed with seeking revenge. They treat elected human beings like they are rats and slaves.

Curtesy of unknown.

Those minority, those nazis of today want revenge. Revenge because Russia is there where it is and them are, as roamers, just passers by. They are currently passing by west trying to leave disaster behind, as usual. Just see below atrocity and find out who was behind it. Than connect two and two and you get the whole picture with reasons and again reasons which will clear mind.

Not to mention that Russia talked to the west, explaining her position and the state of Russian speaking people in Ukraine. In vain! Even biolabs when mentioned were met with, now we know, insidious denial. Further they tried using one Alex (find who is he by yourself) to try to manage and divide Orthodoxy by using poor Patriarch of Constantinople and planting hatred between religious people. All for revenge! But Russian Saint Panteleimon Church in Istanbul is working as Turkey follows extremely difficult but balanced policy of caring for its own interests.

Revenge because of history and because of the present as Russia preemptively started special operation knowing that the opposite side was ready to slaughter their, repeat THEIR, Russian speaking citizens in Ukraine. Those that were deprived of speaking their language in public! Those that experienced shelling infinite times during last 8 years, loosing children! Anyone of the west complained, felt sorry? This was not allowed to reach people through main stream media. Corruption and corruption!

Courtesy of B.I.

However policy makers in the west have surpassed all imaginable and continue with stupidities affecting them more and more than Russia. Not a basic knowledge of history and geography. But they got PHD in corruption and many blackmailed. Their world is ending. It would be great if that same world was not also ours! Being ours also gives us an extra responsibility to demand all to be done in public! No shadow deals! All out as they are playing with our lives.

Further, the surprise launching of the special operation was so big that all this hatred which is put in motion started to be accompanied with malicious hypocrisy never seen before. Even the Third Reich propaganda is surpassed. And everything is about one simple genuine human sentence- we acknowledge and confirm Russia concerns and irrevocably state that Ukraine will never be NATO member, and will become neutral and a bridge between East and West for the benefit of all human kind! Is it forgotten that NATO was expanding towards Russia and not vise versa? Orwell could get tremendous inspiration from propaganda and lies used by Nazi supporters. Will that change? Oh yes! Russia has so many things to offer for the west, but refuses to be robbed again and again. Another simple thing. Equality and respect. Fyodor Dostoevsky and Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky as well as cats included. Cats do still eat rats? Could be that fear approached roamers that they want to place more hate into our souls. Enough! The institutes of hate need to change to propagate love and togetherness or they need to dissappear. Everywhere without any difference!

Except now publicly discussed biolaboratories placed as mushrooms around countries like China and Russia, making pathogens to be used for biological warfare for the end of this part see this short video. Still is there.

Hard but worthy! Worthy! Shame on you!

God save their souls!

And ours also!

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