Sane or Insane- Paying the tribute

It’s not enough. Never will be till the Empire is, or reformed or it dissappears, it fades away. The Empire looks now like the house of cards.

When there is no idea to unite it, no spiritual values to make people move with vigour and be ready to sacrifice for, when leaders elected are corrupted and controllable by unelected destroyers of logic positioned at the offices that once had a specific weight and were the role model for many of us, then we all suffer and will suffer as long as someone decides that there is a need to have new FDR and JFK combined. Combined because systemic issues are rising every single day and the influence based on sanctions, blackmail and fear, the only way Empire communicate with the rest of the world is not enough to limit them.

Politicians we listen to are puppets without integrity. Without backbone. Without any pure, original, uniting idea! Only interests, commissions, laundering of any kind and blackops. Their minds are so shallow that they do not understand that by deceiving others they are deceiving themselves and their country, not anymore in the long run, as they wished, but in the short run that is becoming shorter every single day. No vision, no souls, no beliefs, no ideas, no integrity, nothing.

The only thing they understand is tribute! Money! Pay nothing to get it all. And robbing! That could work great some time ago, and it still works with corrupted personalities in Europe. But not anymore will all as the numbers are decreasing. The news say that the new currency is being prepared to be introduced by people and nations that are completely fed up by fast food and sugary drinks that in the long run are producing profits for another completely controlled pharmaceutical industry.

But, they do not care, as the only demand they have is for all of us to pay tribute to them with our sweat, our blood and our tears. That makes them happy.

This is comming to an end and there is no space anymore to say, sorry we were wrong! It looks like that the message about Russians sanctioning Biden, his business partner Blinken and so many of others of the same team is the message that point of no return has been reached. No more tributes and haha and hehe, or look how we fucked them up, or it will be OK, we were just joking. That came to an end.

Will we the people understand that no one wants to destroy Enpire, as it has produced so many positive things also, but on the contrary to see the place reformed? The place that will genuinely respect others and their rights to feel secure. Reforms are painful and by implementation they will cause tribute to dissappear, which is ok for ordinary people, actually great for all ordinary hard working family oriented people, but is a complete disaster for those that are running us.

They learned to get more and give less! What the America needs are people with the idea said by JFK: “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country,” That isnthe real power! Power of genuine, clean, human ideas that are inspiring people to practice it with smile and determination!

New vision, new air with integrity to be the most crucial virtue is needed immediately. Leave propaganda and those invertebrate creatures and start thinking with your own head. There is still time even that somehow the time is accelerated now. Will we manage to use time left to the benefit of us all? Awake and you will be amazed to see how many lies and manipulation you were the victims of! But do not be angry. Use that energy for goodness! That will piss off the others much more as they live from projecting hate and divide. So, we UNITE!


Darko Richard Lancelot

Connect and Respect


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