Sane or Insane-The Prize that Vandalize-OIL

Berlin at the time

As Daniel Yergin said at the beginning of his (another Prize to Utilize) 1991 book “The Prize-The epic quest for oil, money, and power:” “IT WAS A MATTER of the missing $526.08.” That was 1854!

But before that, there was a curiosity of some businessmen, the predecessors of todays popularly called “startups,” that heard and saw somewhere in Pennsylvania a substance they named “rock oil,” that was burning and was used in the 1850s to make medicine called “Seneca Oil”! These people, which Daniel Yergin reveals to us, were one New York lawyer and one New Haven banker. They did not settle the fee with Mr. Sillman Jr., a chemist, the professor of chemistry at Yale University, who has done the analysis of the “rock oil” sample!
Ah, that curiosity! Life without it would not be called life, but a state of infinite sleep!
The name of that lawyer and businessman was George Henry Bissell!
He is considered the father of the oil industry in America and the founder and president of the Pennsylvania Rock Oil Company. Mr. Bisell was the first to recognize petroleum as a valuable commerce article and was the first one to refine it to the state for general use!
Noble aims are always driving people at the beginning but many times are converted through greed to cause suffering and torture of so many human beings!

With history always being a vital tool to understand today’s happenings and project the future, let’s see what is behind these terrible current events.
After Nixon disconnected the dollar from the gold standard and connected it with petroleum, the US dollar became the world’s primary reserve currency. All oil purchases from all countries were invoiced and paid by using USD.
When Sadam Husein started to sell Oil accepting other currencies, he got removed, and Iraq was destroyed using lies and a theatre play in the UN! Very convenient is that UN headquarters are in New York.
To fast forward, Rand Corporation in May 2019 published following document “Overextending and Unbalancing Russia,” Than in July of 2021, the new National Security Strategy of the Russian Federation, under the number 400, is approved.
Just to mention 3 out of 106 points. The first is very indicative!

“18. reduction in the use of the US dollar in the implementation of foreign economic activity.” Rings the bell? 15 words only. BREAKING NEWS OF TODAY 23/3/2022! RUSSIA TO ACCEPT PAYMENTS FOR GAS IN RUSSIAN RUBLES!

“76.(19) ensuring the transfer of knowledge and technology between the defense and civil sectors of the economy.”
In my eBook Quarantine Diaries and Beyond( available to purchase here:Quarantine Diaries and Beyond eBook,),you will find a hint connecting V.Putin speech about new weapon systems and transferring that technology for civilian use. Keep in mind that Russia deployed the newest “Kinzhal”(Dagger) hypersonic missile two times in Ukraine.

The below point enlightens further why all the west went ballistic after Russia forestalled the eminent attack on Donbas by starting its “special operation.”

95.”Countries that are losing their undisputed leadership are trying to dictate their own rules to other members of the international community, use the means of unfair competition, apply restrictive measures(sanctions) unilaterally, and openly interfere in the internal affairs of sovereign states. Such actions lead to the loosening of the universally recognized principles and norms of international law, the weakening and destruction of existing institutions and regimes of international legal regulation, the aggravation of the military-political situation, the decrease in predictability and the weakening of trust in relations between states.”

The time has passed when French President George’s Pompidou bluntly told to Kissinger :” You only barely depend on the Arabs for about a tenth of your consumption. We are entirely dependent upon them”( page 627 of Daniel Yergin book THE PRIZE). Now, the question of why Middle Eastern countries do not increase the oil output can be answered with one common sensed answer! THERE IS NO MORE OIL THERE! Actually, to put it mildly, the increase in oil extraction will destroy sources and block those underground reserves that can be still extracted, but only under a lower regime of exploitation. Otherwise, it could happen that Middle Eastern Oil fields will have the same destiny as Romanian oil fields that were destroyed by Hitler’s regime of extreme exploitation, which created the vacuum that it is no longer possible to extract that Oil, although there are huge reserves!

The only place to find Oil in excess with absolutely stunning oil reserves is Russia. And it is not propaganda. It is a plain fact that those they need to know know, as the majority is put in the state of hatred and depression. Or sleepwalking.

Famous Piri Re’is Map from the Smithsonian book of Great Maps

Russia developes her part, huge vastness of the Arctic Ocean routes. By the way, oil reserves are in the Russian territorial waters and not Canadian ones. Explains another puzzle. Explains the U.N RESOLUTION AGAINST NAZISM and against votes of the USA and Ukraine and abstentions votes of dominions including Canada!

Is the real reason oil? Degradation of human principles and sacrificing people for oil? For greed? It is not a first time but this time is extremely dangerous!

We will all learn that all these insidious stories about green energy were placed as a bluff to get cheap Russian Oil in the same way as the west was getting Middle Eastern Oil. Paying in freshly printed dollars and than taking those same dollars back to the USA banks! Those USD reserves of Saudi Arabia does not exist! That is going to change, as sustainability of the current system of the USD domination is drooping as house of cards! As the change is rapid and will continue to accelerate, there is a complete disaster in the western reaction towards Russia! West wanted to use poor Ukraine to become a thorn causing pain in the Russian ass. That is now under surgery. Tragically, so tragically, but under surgery!

How many of dominions will stay sobber and not play useful idiots to the interests of roamers and wanderers is to be seen. We will also see how all those blackmailed, corrupted, insidious, and looks like lost narcissist creatures that like to say they represent us explain all the lies and hatred they are pumping and pumping to manipulate whole societies!
Will this be enough to awake?

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