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As Oscars are approaching it is a pleasure to remember one of the most entertaining movies which permeates history, love, secret mines, secret plans of taking someone else land and life, lies incorporated to insidious plans, corruption, blackmail, jealousy, revenge, common sense and zeal for justice. Universal justice. The justice of ZORO.

Antony Hopkins the original old, and Antonio Banderas, the new educated ZORO together with marvellous Catherine Zeta-Jones with their great personalities and amazing performance are still inspiring viewers to forgive but never forget what has been done many years ago and to seek clearing any and all account balances.

The premiere of this exiting movie was on July 17, 1998, eight months before a brave 19 countries of NATO bombarded then Yugoslavia and its capital Belgrade with enriched uranium, cluster and grafit bombs killing thousands of civilians, without asking, never, for forgiveness. On the contrary! They blackmail all the time without any scruples.

Many people in the world saw the movie THE MASK OF ZORO Z, and as many had in mind the quote of Mikhail Bulgakov from his immortal novel Master and Margarita: “Everything will turn right, the world is built on that.” That will happen again whatever the wishes of methuselah are.

Even if you have a nervous, out of touch and dangerous people who, apart from being narcissistic have taken the case as a personal injury of family business interests, instead of seeing it as a serious issue to determine destiny of whole earth, and because of that demanded for the public prosecutor of foreign country to be replaced for the approval of 1 bln USD loan, even than, the things will go right! That is how universe works! Sooner the others realize it will be better for them. However difficult it is and whatever they are blackmailed for! But, there are always exceptions.

Like when German services found out that Merkel mobile phone was intercepted so many times by USA agencies but still Madame Merkel had her integrity in tact! That is called stateswoman! Or Mr.Prime minister of Hungary! Or learning that India refused to have a parlamentarian delegation from a country former coloniser, to visit India in order to teach them how to deal with Russia. But that is not in the news? Many crucial things that are happening are not in the news and are suppressed from the main stream media. Those that master manipulation and brainwash. Did they saw the movie “THE MASK OF Zoro?”

At the same time Mikhail Bulgakov left with us another important quote: “Nobody should be whipped. Remember that, once and for all. Neither man nor animal can be influenced by anything but suggestion.”

Mask of Zoro suggested that whenever we make mistake and whenever we do atrocity that the same we should expect to find us and affect out lives. Like this whatbhas happened in Odesa-

Mask of Zoro is an inspirational movie. Movie about justice. To mention that creature who pushed for and organised bombing of Yugoslavia and its capital Belgrade in 1999 by brave 19 counties of NATO died on 23/3/2022 one day before the bombing of 19 NATO countries started in 1999. Did not know that Mask of Zoro has the power to make universal statements. It is that same creature who said some of the most terrible words humanity have heard. You can see it in this video from “60 minutes”:

It is the same creature that was saved by those people she organised to bomb in 1999. She was a descendant of Roamers, Wanderers with no moral or respect or just human love for the people that save her and her family from Nazis in 1940s! Saved from Nazis to help them! That is a tragedy.

We are witnessing a total manipulation! Implemented are the techniques that inculcate dependency on the means who insidiously implant unscrupoulos suggestions.  Those techniques developed many decades ago are improved and used to increase fear and force majority to cooperate with manipulators and Conspiracy Practitioners as the only way, so it looks on the surface, to be left in “peace.” It is the continuation of forcefully required injections of problematic jabs! What kind of “peace,” is very questionable?!Peace with washed brain is not peace. It is Zombie peace! Zombie against Zoro with organisers behind. So they wished for! To stay behind! Organisers! Organisers are so well known that as the time passes and whichever technologies are applied the majority will comprehend and will demand accountability. Who ever and what ever is, as life of all of us IS at stake!


However as humanity does not cease to exist the wish for reconciliation is still in play.

Zoro is a human being. Hopefully there are cool heads at the serious places.


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