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It is now evident that tiny, little, insidious characters do not have any capacity to proceed. They just dance and make different show in the circus while the ship is sinking. Once, on the surface stable economies based on pure greed that destroyed all manners and virtues in communication between people are facing disaster. Politicians in todays EU and beyond are lost. Corrupted, blackmailed and lost. Bankers also. Banking stopped being banking now long ago and became casino. Printing became lucrative and necessary business. Laundering also. Just from prohibition in 1920s and Churchill then Chancelor of Exchequer, vist to Musolini in January 1927, the operation widen and became more covered between the families involved. Before the Italians did the job, today in that place are others Just look who visits whom and connect by your self.

The others are taken to the state of deep sleep and are snoring. All are buying time, consciously and unconsciously, but the point is that they do not have a clue for what they buy that time. Without any idea how to continue the so called elites that are lulled by their own thoughts of being “special,” are trying to postpone the inevitable by conditioning fear and hate, thinking that it will also cover their complete failure! Even the BALCKROCK CEO acknowledged that “Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is reversing the long running trend of globalisation.” 10 trillions worth is stable when there is a strong, solid idea that moves societies. When idea is based only in accusing by raw conditioning of fear and hate, than 10 trillion, even as a BIG,HUGE NUMBER, becomes just a number. It is a real tragedy for our society that has contributed to numerous advances of humanity is irrevocably changing from progress towards the new normal, new vocabulary, sustainability. To sustain is to limit. To define is to limit, as Oscar Wylde said. To limit all, our freedom, our ability to proceed, even our wish to substantially communicate, concentrate and comprehend the events that are happening around us. Sustainability- to sustain is to degrade, and the history of that term and how it entered our lives you can find in the eBook Quarantine Diaries and Beyond .

The RESET is approaching, but not the reset that those “so-called” elites had in mind to project to “deplorables,” but the real reset. That of values. Will it work? No one knows, but we are heading there. If one thing is taken and thrown in the trash can, we will have a real better future! Greed! To diminish, to destroy, completely destroy the greed, it looks like that unfortunately the system needs to collapse. Exporting inflation projects has come to an end. Inflation is happening there, from where it was exported all those years. What is to be done? For anything new to succeed, to develop the IDEA AND TRUST are the main ingredients! That will come, as the time passes. In the meantime we all will suffer, yes, but at least we would find the pure, human aim for living the life! Simple it is, again, but still, for all of us, difficult to practice – TOGETHERNESS! Further, instead of learning how to protect ourselves from others we should learn, and fast, HOW TO PROTECT OTHERS FROM OUR SELF! That is the GREAT RESET! Everything else propagated is just manipulation of human consciousness, increasing intrigues to make the masses to refuse to acknowledge or maintain any connection with reality. Sleepwalking is the state of consciousness that those insidious, and now disoriented, elite wants, somehow awaiting miracle or worst complete destruction.

In my book Quarantine Diaries and Beyond(For details click here) there is a part where I shortly described my participation some years ago(January 2018) in Berlin Volksbuehne theatre discussion event by Peter Eckermann hosting Jean Luc Nancy with the title: “Democracy to be reclaimed by the people?”

Apart from philosophical points about democracy and the state of the human mind in our days at one point, Jean-Luc Nancy stopped for the moment and mentioned Lenin ( Vladimir Ilic Ulianov) and his quote: “Communism is Soviet power plus the electrification of the whole country.” Then he said calmly: “Now that we all enjoy the electricity, imqgine what will happen if we switch off the light?” There was dead silence in the auditorium. Did he knew anything we did not even think about those days?

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Well, we will restart it. We might even awake! But it might not be the same thing we will see after. That is what is happening now, with the music still playing, to, again, blind us from reality. What is the cost? Will lessons be learned finally? What I see is that all of the countries involved in todays events want to assure their place in the world. That is because those that were thinking that are ruling the world thought thatbthey are exceptional. Exceptional! That is the word the president of that country used in his UN speech. After that it came the turn of another president of another country to ask in his speech at UN – “Do you realize what have you done?” It was 2015. Was anyone listening? Maybe, but definitely not with care! Deplorables, they thought!

As the change IS constant, the democracy will be regained by the people and for the people! The rest of those who will still be exercising their non curable narcissistic behaviour will just go to the history trash. And change is inevitable and the only way as “When you are nished changing, you are nished!” Benjamin Franklin.

Definitely we have a problem. And it is not in the outer space. It is here and now! As long as you see our fellow human beings wearing a mask while driving alone in the car you understand how deep manipulation and conditioning of the fear have gone. No smiles, just suspicion, sneaking suspicion, mistrust, qualm.

All that is now rooted deep in the psyche of so many of us as conformism of the sofa rules over the higher idea of practicing humanity by PROTECTING OTHERS FROM YOURSELF! And the last but not the least, again from the ebook a short story paraphrased – Namely when Nazis took the power in Germany they started to banish different races sending them to concentration camps. So, one who was a protestant said- first they came for gypsies and took them. As I was not a gypsy they did not take me. Than they came for Jews and Slavs. They did not take me as I was protestant. Then they came and took Catholics. I was Protestant so they left me alone. Than they came and took me! Then I realise that there was no one to protect me! Dear all, practice TOGETHERNESS till we still have some chance! Otherwise there will be noone left to protect YOU and ME and US!



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