Biolabs-Insanity of Mengele continues

Blacksmith National Museum of Serbia- late 8th, early 7th century BC

Being racist is not by declaration. It is by practice. The practice of experimenting on various viruses in order to make new pathogens to affect particular race. Like Slavs. Both Ukraine, New Russia and Russia people. And all other Slavs now nurtured by hatred towards other Slavs! Like sympathetic Polish, Czech and Slovakia people. Wake up! Wake up all as we are being manipulated by infiltrated wanderers in all segments of our societies. East, West, South and North. Everywhere. No one is safe! No one, remember that! At the of this essay there is a story for reminder. (1)

Are Germans so stupid? Do those comprehend that they are used again? Do they realize that they will, again, pay the price for their huge narcissism and deep stupidity?

Germany WILL BE AGAIN DIVIDED! With undeclared publicly but with strict lines. The people living there, who ever they are, will be working to pay taxes to others! To Khazars and Russia if they come to the terms. Want to trade? You will have to pay taxes, modern tribute, to Russia and Khazarian west. Or it is only a fairytale? You decide before the circumstances decide for you.

In one of the essays in the series of ‘Sane or Insane, I mentioned following-

“It is confirmed another time that manipulation of consciousness has far-reaching effects. It became so substantial and is taking those incapacitated so-called politicians like the centripetal force down towards the abyss! Their existence and survival are based on lies, combined with insidious stupidity!
What was the German chief of intelligence BND looking for in Ukraina prior to the Russian Special operation? Well he did not receive the files of Ukrainian fascists killings of civilians and mass graves. That was given, as some say, to the new German Chancelor by diplomatic post. However, the BND boss was not in Kyiv, as reports say. He was somewhere else and did not reach Kyiv to be evacuated with others, but the special team needed to be sent to pick him up and evacuate him by road.” (2) You can see the link below

Now when we learned that German institutes were involved in the Biolabs experiments things became more clear. To take it mildly, it might be that he wanted to enjoy the sea climate and was at Mariupol visiting up and down facilities….

So, insidiously stupid, again! Those are the crimes against humanity! Against all of us, including those involved!

The price will need to be paid, again.

Then, the Germans will be used again to develop the army and to try , again, to absorb Russia. 100 bn paper money of the west will be invested in the modernisation of German Army. Are they with the normal senses? It confirms once again that narcissism is not curable!

In the meantime, as Afghanistan is gone, Boris goes to Vlad like Winston went to Benito in 1927 as Chancellor of Exchequer during prohibition(3). Business is business. Something like Ukraina, UK, Turkey connections…. Why Turkey? Well new Stewart Menzies is also a Turkish speaker. Just we do not know yet who is the new TRICYCLE(4). Peaky Blinders in the real time are being made. So exiting! Or frightening? You decide.

To make things even more obvious UK is sending weapons to crippled territory of Kosovo. Just in case to protect people? Nooooo! Business is first and the only interest of those. Again substituting Afghanistan.

And Germans? They are just tragic. Did you know my dear readers that in 1871 Otto von Bismarck came back to Prussia with the mastermind idea to unite what we call Germany today? Coincidence or not he was at Saint Petersburg. Definitely not for tourism, like the BND boss was not in Ukraine for tourism. Just read his thoughts about the relations Germany and Russia should have.

That is how the world works and it looks like that we are a couple of months away from the deal about tributes. West awaits Russia to finish, but also to suffer, and Russia waits for the West to show to their public its irrevocable systemic issues. The winner is?

Well, the losers are- all of us as humanity! Firstly those losing lives, secondly those who continue living with face masks in the car while driving alone. And not only…

And everything started, history will say, because of the refusal of the NATO and US to give simple non-expansion guarantees to Russia. Remember the SG of NATO saying at Munich Security Conference from 18-20 of February 2022 that if Russia seeks less NATO will get more NATO. I leave characterization to you.

By the way, “if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.”

Otherwise “Huston we have a problem,” a huge comprehension problem.




4-TRYCYCLE is the code name for Duško Popov who gave the inspiration to Ian Fleming for James the Bond.

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