Swarm Buzzling(or how to degrade a human) No.1

Do you remember the still circulating pattern that dogs are more valuable than humans? How many of us are still accepting it? How many of us were or still are “infected” with the same status?
Instead of the innate feeling that humans are good, we, THE HUMANS, consolidate the opposite feeling that humans are bad, but never include ourselves! Strange?!
So, humans are bad?! And what are we? AI? Or humans? Do we comprehend what are we talking about and from which kitchen this is served? Did we analyze why we or some of us are more or less bad? Why did we let compassion dry? Why do we react fast, shallowly making assumptions and conclusions without matured, concentrated, structured, more profound thoughts? How and why have we reduced our interest in books and increased mobile phone usage by reading short, brief titles that make us swarm buzzing as it influences our behavior? Let’s say Twitter! It could be that Elon Musk purchased it because the tendency will be reversed in the coming time! This purchase looks to me as trbute tribe paying! Everything else is acting! Let’s see.

Well, we became highly pliable! Same techniques are used, but now they have an instant result to most of the world due to the web. In 1870 an article in “The New England Farmer” said: “In these fast days of steam and electricity, mankind, particularly Young America, have become electrified, and they must get up and get, or there is no enjoyment. Live fast, die young is the principle.” Long before James Dean, who died in a car crash in 1955.
Well, in 1870, they could not even dream of the World Wide Web! For that to happen, a Serb from Lika, then Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, named Nikola Tesla, appeared and left with us so many inventions and shared dreams, including the world wide web! Plus, some four patents registered in the Soviet Union, which still today, are not in the public domain!
You can find an essay in my eBook Quarantine Diaries and Beyond with some not widely known facts about him, about the uncle of President Trump, and about President Putin’s speech in 2018 presenting new weapons… The particular eBook is a low-cost, significant return investment!

All is simple! Create money! Create Needs and Wants! Distribute it! Increase wants to become greed! Cherish jealousy and fear to make Division! Then make more Division!
That creates DEPT! That dept is now in the range of the NEW BABEL TOWER! The independence of the states is non-existent! Elections in so-called democracies of “WE THE PEOPLE” became a circus.

Painting by Alexander Mikhalchyk

And still, there is not enough money! More sucking is needed, and that is why new ideas are being sold to us! Hopefully, only to the part of us, so-called “exceptional,” to use President Obama’s words when describing the US of A in his UN speech some years ago! Exceptional!
At least he was not shaking hands with the air.
Hopefully, those sneaky ideas covered with the “human” touch can not be sold to those of us who are labeled “deplorables,” by another interesting character and a bolsterer of Saul Alinsky! ( word bolster is used in Masonry as a timber or the like connecting two ribs of a centering)

In her anticipating book “The silent takeover,” I read two decades ago, Norena Hertz said: ” From solar to electric cars, from geothermal to reconfiguring the grid, the scale of investment needed in green technologies in order to meet whatever agreements on emissions reductions are finally agreed will be immense.” IMMENSE is the word usurers like it as long as they pay with their own printed paper, or electronic whatever!
Now, when Ruble is in the game and printed elsewhere, they got ballistic, losing balance! How will they continue to control the DEPT? Well, the dept created is coming back to them! So interesting. Who digs the trap…..

To continue, the debt is paid with interest, which is not at all of the value! Peanut butter!
The real profit is elsewhere!
When you create paper money out of thin air and find out that the 100 USD bill costs 14.0 cents a note, maybe you will open one eye by counting the profits, please! PLUS THE DEPT CREATED! THE DEPT is OF TREMENDOUS VALUE AS IT IS CONTINUED BY USURY! The sucking of people’s lives, souls, and spirituality continues till we humans are of any interest to those sneaky, so-called humans! When we reach, if we reach, the retirement, we are just a cost and of no interest for usurers!
Nuclear war was not an option, but the infection was! Now when the infection is somehow behind us but still awaiting a second chance, the story about nuclear war is placed in front of us! NOOOOOO! You can not awake! Stay where you are, they say! Fear is covered by more fear! All is conditioned as we do live in a WORLD of LIES!

Here is one of the TRUTHS!
When Price Svyatoslav, by the end of IX and the beginning of the X century, destroyed parasitic growth on the Middle Volga river and the North Caucasus that bore the name of Khazaria, he did not know that this would not be the end of that tribe; but the beginning of revenge that lasts till today! That tribe practiced usury and charged tribute for ALL trade between East and West!
Will, the BELLs, start ringing is the question!
Maybe, and it is our genuine wish, that all will come on terms to share the profits of future trade and thus save the planet, or the part of the West that is corrupted and blackmailed will wake up and save the world from that minority with the massive power over the majority!
In the meantime, more of the Swarm Buzzing tactic will be used to raise the stakes in the secret negotiations that are taking place now!
To quote Norena Hertz again- I left it for the end of the beginning of more essays to try to keep wakefulness on high levels!
” The problem lies with us: we’ve become addicted to their certainty, their assuredness, their definitiveness, and in the process, we have ceded our responsibility, substituting our intellect and our intelligence for their supposed words of wisdom.”

She said it before Nicholas Taleb confirmed it in his essay “The Intellectual Yet Idiot.”

Darko Richard Lancelot


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