You are what you are and they are what they are

Is there,still, the light at the end of the tunnel?

West plays AS IF game! AS IF all is well in the state of Denmark, AS IF all of us will be well, till it implodes without warning. It looks like again the Germany will be paying the most for its deep weakness. Or UK? Less likely France. Many messages, important for those connecting puzzle and reading between the lines are sent as the way to communicate in public without public! Lavrov recent statement during his interview on 1/5/2022 to Italian Mediaset television had a message. He talked about Greenspan*( Zelen is Green in Slav languages) questioning the idea of denazification. Lavrov said: “His( Green-Zelen) argument was: How can there be Nazism in Ukraine if he is a Jew? I may be mistaken but Adolf Hitler had Jewish blood, too. This means absolutely nothing. The wise Jewish people say that the most ardent anti-Semites are usually Jews. “Every family has its black sheep,” as we say.” When todays Prime minister of Israel went to see Putin, then Sholtz and Zelenski, there was a report that fact finding was difficult as in Nazi battalions there were people that are coming from that part of religion. Very difficult and so extremely embarrassing. That is why all this attack to Lavrov. But maybe they forgot about Russian plane insidiously provoked to be shot down

For full Lavrov interview in English please visit “thesaker” here Lavrov interview 1/5/2022

Well nothing is forgotten. But, from the bottom of the heart, the wish is that wise people are on both sides and they will calm it down, to our relief.

Let’s continue. So, what you are? It is rhetorical question you can answer to your self. That is the freedom you still have. How amazing is to feel free and answer to yourself the simple question- What am I?

At the very same time you might start thinking about them. Than you answer the question – Who are they? The answer could be influenced by many simple things. The things of plain interest. Your reply can be I’m the light of blackmail someone is using against you demanding to behave by their own selfish aims. Usually, if not every time, the reason is blackmail. Than, if you do have any courage left, if you had any at the beginning, you start to behave as a slave of insidious interests of those blackmailing you. That is what those leading us should know from the beginning! But, they thought other things. They thought that Blitzkrieg of sanctions and new sanctions and robbery of more than 300 bln USD of Russia assets is ok!?! All that is showing only one thing! Russia anticipated what was prepared and forestall the actions against her and Donbas and Lugansk, to prevent the real and present danger to Russia mainland! Russia temporarily sacrificed some of the assets knowing that those intellectuals are so arrogant and materialistic that will never get a clue that it was not a bluff. They were playing poker while Russians are playing chess.

But whatever! It is a real tragedy!

There are moments when your consciousness reacts before your logic and injected patterns of behaviour, as in Manchurian_Candidate movie. To save what is left from your soul you reply- “They are what they are!’ Poor, so poor. The person who would be remembered, if it would be remembered, will be just one tragic figure for so many families and so many people in an out of the place that person inhabit. Tragedy!

That person will produce tears in the end, when he will be sobber and his soul awake as the Manchurian Candidate did before he sacrificed himself for the future of all of us. There Manchurian_Candidate showed how humanity wins over any lies and ideas to conquer and destroy the world.

Every single day we have new developments. Germans are preparing their people for war. British also. Like in the eve of the WWII! What is the difference? Well then you had an uncontrolable moron and now you have better controlled actor. He lost the opportunity to become a real statesman.

Well dear governing, elected and positioned you could better think five, ten times before robbing Russian assets and before you show all those nice ironical smiles and laugh when Russian president mentions genocide that have happened to Russian people last eight years. The address you need to call to and talk to is different. First within. How coincidentally was to announce the result of German elections a day before elections? But it was “constructive.” Always the first call is within! So, it is not too late( maybe it is!) but it shows that prolonged war is the strategy Russia is pursuing, contrary to so clever Western analytical mind. Prolonged war is the strategy! Will you awake or you will just continue destroying our beautiful Europe? Is there any statesman who will have the courage to firmly say the truth and come against all those forces of darkness! Those that were let to be free and imported from Nazi Germany after the WWII and organised revenge against the people who liberated Europe in 1945! 9th of May is the Victory Day you insidious, sneaky morons! Such a deep misunderstanding and idiotic behaviour is not seen for a long long long time! Maybe the Queen can be of help with her wisdom! We need personalities with wisdom! Not acting but doing! Saving all of us!

Unfortunately or fortunately, depending of the angle you look at it, they are what they are but if we know what they are and they are in the position to decide our fate than dear citizens WAKE UP! RECOGNISE NAZIS AND STOP PROMOTING THEM, AS THEY ARE WHAT THEY ARE! And we need peace!


Darko Richard Lancelot

All rights reserved

Connect and Respect

* Greenspan- coincidence that this is the surname of Alain Greenspan Federal Reserve Chairman that introduced many new ways for the stock exchange to become what it is now! Huge bubble. Warren Buffett rips Wall Street for turning the stock market into ‘a gambling parlor’

All is connected! Observe as Bob Dylan said!

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