Alliance of the World’s Nations

Will the “Alliance of the World Nations,” become the new organisation of all independent nations? If yes than its headquarters should be in London as UK is a civilised country and the real owner of the USA.

That new organisation will be global in the best way, propagating togetherness and universal love. London will be the centre of the world and the place where all nations will work together to achieve the new way of progress and especially education. Russia and China, India and Pakistan will definitely accept that and honour the idea of London being the centre of this new beginning of the world!

For that to happen, people with the high morale and ideas that UK have should work together with all the other nations of the world being honest, human and with especially high morale! There are many like that! Let them come infront and start to develop the idea of ALIANCE OF THE WORLD NATIONS, the soonest.

If that idea comes out and practical steps are taken the world will see such a progress, not in manufacturing goods only but in the spiritual advancement as well, that will make our planet a real paradise. The paradise for all!

That kind of stance will show once more that UK can be the leader for the world advancement as it will control the forces in America that are currently making troubles by blackmail and corruption.

In that way America will not be destroyed, on the contrary, it will be reformed and Britain’s role will be highly recognised!

Is this a fairytale?

You decide!


Darko Richard Lancelot

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4 thoughts on “Alliance of the World’s Nations

  1. why need alliance when we can just be friends to every country..i mean, we don’t need alliance to get help i case we need one, we can help each other for just being “friends”, UNITY is what we need..


    1. Thanks for comment! True! We need unity! That unity is difficult to achieve with UN of today as it became more corrupted. The idea is to make new organisation which will be more genuine than the apparatus we have in the place now. Thus the suggestion of London as the place where the headquarters should be. Let’s see.


  2. alliance of all nation must be…not just from selected countries coz thats what disputes sprouted coz every “big” nations wants to be the ruler, the powerful….well, lets hope for the best as its just what we can do now 🙏


    1. Exactly! All nations alliance based on equality of all towards all. We can do something! We can start from us and our environment. That will gradually influence societies, nations and whole world! And yes we pray!


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