Black Jack, Cricket and Chess

There is always a way to enlightenment

Impression, confusion and the beauty of the strategy.

Impression, the way that once important news outlets work today is irreversibly tragic. They are all in a total dismay. When you start with lies and not repair it fast but continue with even bigger lies the expiry date instead to be prolonged is shortened and fast.

More of us the people are experiencing awaking. Awaking is a process that needs hard work and dedication. Less and less interest is to follow disgusting lies that produce instant impressions. Awaking is accelerating as we realize that in the news facts are left for after. Or for never. However the atmosphere is changing as insidiousness is being seen clearly. No chemtrails lately? It is not a theory as Conspiracy Practitioners covered it with Conspiracy theory. You can see it, if you start looking at the sky instead down where the rats are hiding.

Practitioners do like blackjack. That one played in casinos. It develops instant feelings. Winning or loosing. Instant! Like the 5 trillion sanctions against Russia. Wooow. You feel instantly great and powerful! Till you realize that all is just the surface covering sneaky ideas and terrible doings. Terrible doings by destroyers of humanity for the sake of few sick idiots with an idea of Golden Billion. Did we became such conformists to forget what is the way forward and change ? Do you still have doubts about BIG PHARMA? Nature article worthy looking . It is now obvious that, as one of my friends said, that jabs accelerate birth certificate and take you faster towards the end of the road.


No one sane could imagine that irresponsible sneaky wanderers from the tribe that is costing us our life and future would held us hostage without our consent and without our reaction! They are completely lost and irresponsible! All those that were for one against the other. Such short-sightedness and stupidity, and insanity is not registered for a long long time.

Now a little suspension. Blackjack!America has score of seventeen (17) and a chance to ask for another card hoping that it will be four(4) to get a blackjack. Or less than four(4) to, at least, stay in the game. Without realizing that even with ten blackjack nothing substantial will change the play is pushed and pushed and pushed as there is nothing better to do due to the sindrom of the “exceptionall.” That sindrom has been spread by that president who is nice looking and instead of running the country he played golf. Exeptional. No vision. Not Eurovision. Just vision. With all of the exeptionals working for higher exeptionals new ideas of cooperation can not be thought of and obviously implemented. When you have majority of”deplorables,” you as exeptional “intellectual yet idiot,” are afraid and want to get rid of the majority. The rest is history if you still can imagine. It is not a theory, it is practice infront of our eyes. That is how imploding of the society started. Society filled with corruption at the highest levels accelerates distruction. Every moment we are much closer to distruction! Not days or months or years or decades, but simple moments. They still play blackjack.

Every day we are bombarded by more and more unexplainable news lacking basic common sense, but providing to deeply sleeping conformists a false feeling of satisfaction. It is also noticeable that those who are manipulating people are themselves manipulated and educated to see only surface and follow lies and propaganda presented by instant impressions. It is what it is and there is no way out of it unfortunately. Many “lost cases,” have been created in the last two years.

WHO which is financed by private people, tries to impose the rules to the public. New fear is projected and slowly spread by the same sick and catastrophic malthusians! Malthusianism they follow and even that they represent one tenth of the earth population they want to reduce the population they control. This paper money printing will eventually stop and they will be brought to trial! It will be the trial for humanity future! Not a world government. No! The alliance of the World FREE NATIONS! But they still play blackjack and now they started to look at the poker… Are biolabs found in Ukraine part of poker game? Or those are also Conspiracy Theory done by Conspiracy Practitioners. You can read an essay about cricket Conspiracy Practitioners as a part of my book Quarantine Diaries and Beyond .

It looks like that Russia decided to abandon its membership there at WHO and India wants to sue Indian member of that same WHO. By the way, how many people India vaccinated and how many India treated by Ivermectin? Not to forget that President Trump stopped financing them at WHO. But the big democratic “exeptionals,” are continuing it. Will America stop with blackjack and not start with poker instead is still to be seen. Will America change? Highly unlikely, to use the expression that will “highly likely” be used again by the confused people from the cricket place.

What is cricket? Its a game not understandable to outsiders that “highly likely,” produces confusion and false confidence. Highly likely.

From Wikipedia: “The game proceeds when a player on the fielding team, called the bowler, “bowls” (propels) the ball from one end of the pitch towards the wicket at the other end, with an “over” being completed once they have legally done so six times.” Here the beautiful expression is “have LEGALLY done..” Beautiful to confuse and use the word LEGALLY giving the IMPRESSION of justice. Again impression, but this time mixed with more of confusion. There is always an opportunity to change what is legal if you see you are on the loosing side. That is exactly what we see now. If we want to see!

Will the cricket country find a way to stay united or it will be disintegrated is the question no one can answer, yet. They, as always , know better than others, peasants as they call us. Just peasants. 9.

However make no mistake that in both blackjack and cricket there are beautiful minds! The people who cherish peace, cooperation, togetherness and advance of the whole of humanity! So much wish for them, common sensed, to take the lead and save us all! So much!

Bobby Fisher

Do you remember Bobby Fisher and his destiny or maybe Nigel Short? Does name Chess rings the bell? Do you know how to play it?

Well those two persons are the only one from the “exeptionals” that not only knew and know how to play chess but also had success in playing against the majority of the best players of that game, coming from the country of Fyodor Dostoevsky, that one who is forbidden to be mentioned in the schools in the so called west,the country of Russia.

So, the special military operation started as one of those or many combined?

French Defence

Queen’s Gambit

Slav Defence

English Opening

Petrov’s Defence

Catalan Opening

Sicilian Defence ( no connection to General Paton)

Ruy Lopez

Caro-Kann Defence

King’s Indian Defence( this has to do with India the British colony and the great source of wealth for so many years- so human and democratic)

Italian Game

And many many more….

So, the obvious question is what happens after openings?

Well, having in mind the setup of the minds of today “exeptionals,” it is simple. Russia wins.

Is that good?

Yes if we stay alive No if we don’t.

Does Russia wants to win? No! Russia wants to survive. So the exeptionals yet idiots should understand that and stop immediately with provocations that will make you the malthusians and those insidious wanderers that say “ Europe,” have the same destiny like all the others. There is no exeptionality if we do not exist. Will you finally realise that and follow the wise words of Mr. Henry Kissinger who is at age where he does not have anything to lose.

So, stop inhaling the substances and stay sober and sane and save the world. We know that there are no shortages of anything exept the main shortage of vision in your brains. That shortage us curable if you stop inhaling substances and fight your narcissistic self only for one high reason! To become heros for saving the world from malthusians, robbers and wanderers. You can do it! Russia might still accept” Remi-Draw.”

But one is certain. Biolabs will be revealed and prosecution will take place. That has to do with all of us!


Darko Richard Lancelot

Connect and Respect

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