Sorry we made a mistake

Will it be repeated?

It looks like some not widely visible forces pushed and highly managed to destroy all the  communication bridges between Russia and the so-called Western world. Just to state the obvious. So-called Western world has around a billion( 1,000,000,000) inhabitants while the projected world population on Jan. 1, 2022 is 7,868,872,451. However minority learned to rule majority and suck them dry, insidiously propagating material values, hedonism and everything else that is contrary to universal law. That is why Dostoyevski is forbidden. He was not at the LGBT world. Weak, and fearful personalities do not seek publicity. They organise terrible doings behind the scenes, while presenting themselves in public as humble, dear, sympathetic creatures, that manipulate other human beings behind their back with vigorous zeal and unimaginable hatred! They managed to corrupt, black mail , manipulate and use all those officials who are now burning all the bridges without thinking about what future will bring and where will that future position them.

Ivo Andric, the Nobel Prize for Literature winner has one poem worth presenting you with. I found it translated by Ljiljana Parović whom I thank very much!

“Do not burn all the bridges, you may return.
You’re no bird or butterfly flying along the shore,
When there are no bridges, it is futile to yearn,
It is futile to comprehend, it is futile to wish for.
Do not burn all the bridges, you may return.
Leave at least one between your heart and me.
In solitude, the unfathomed is easier to discern,
You may be driven back by your memory…”

Will we survive those that are at the wheel now it has to be seen in the coming weeks, months, and ,gosh, years…

With no capacity left for change towards better they can not be trusted and thus will not be accepted to negotiate anything. They can change the wording but the attitude is unchangeable. If we comprehend that, we the people could change them, or we the people could continue sleeping, lulled by the manipulators delivering different kinds of sugar to sweeting for a while all the sour they have prepared to reveal. Further, officials who called their counterparts killers should be accountable for their words and insidious deeds including biolabs and fighting at foreign lands thousands of kilometers far from their domicile country. That will stop but as always with a huge cost in pain and human lives.

New humans will be arising from the disaster. They will build new bridges. They will connect people again. They will project their vision, the truth, enlightening and awaking those that were at the sleep. Same process as many thousands of years ago, just this one will be crucial for the existence of us as humans. People will learn about lies promoted as the truth for so many centuries. Values will be educated in the schools before any other subjects.

People will learn, as stated by one her, the person who fought wars and learned that


So, let me say again

“TO BE HUMAN IS TO PROTECT OTHERS FROM SELF.” FULL STOP! No need to elaborate! There is a need to practice!

Better to start practicing it fast and now!

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Darko Richard Lancelot

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