Beer and Profits

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Recently I came across below anecdote.

“A German walks into a bar and orders a beer. The bartender tells him:

“That’ll be 100 euros.”

The German is in shock.

“What do you mean, 100 euros? Yesterday it was only 10!”

“Well today it’s 100.”

“But why 100, dammit?!”

“I’ll explain it to you now”, the bartender says. “10 euros is for the beer. 10 more – to help Ukraine. 20 – assistance to the European countries which have imposed sanctions and are not members of the EU. Another 10 – to help the UK for the successful implementation of its sanctions against Russia. Another 10 go to the Balkan countries to help them to buy heating coal. And the remaining 40 euros – they’re for the gas subsidy to the EU and the fund to help maintain sanctions.”
The German silently took out a hundred-euro bill and handed it to the bartender. The bartender took the money, put it into his cash register, and then took out a 10-euro note and gave it back.
The German is confused.

“Wait, you said 100 – I gave you 100. Why are you giving me back 10 euros?”

“There’s no beer.”

You can find the anecdote here.

The bar tender was not informed that new price of the beer coming soon will be 150 euro with extra 50 EU going for increased oil cost, that same oil being bought from Russia now and in a couple of months will be coming to EU from India through British companies. Who cares if Europeans pay more! “ Europe,” has been declared in 2014 somewhere on the “edge of Europe.” “The edge of Europe” that has actors, short actors, long sleeves, and no gold. That gold was transported to US, more here. Collective manipulation has been in place there for so many decades making the awaking a painful and tragic process.

How long it will take for the citizens of beer loving, wine loving, ouzo loving, whiskey loving etc.. loving countries to realize that they, us all, are being played by corrupted and blackmailed creatures we see at the news every day selling us more of the more to more manipulations and lies? They do not care when they learn that less and less of us are listening what they have to say! Being so corrupted and blackmailed, they try to sell their narrative to as many as possible. They might want to be set free but with their private behavior used against them they are stuck and glued so deep that moving free is not an option anymore. To confirm the above you can just see the tweet here! Wake up! Otherwise 150 EU beer is just the beginning! The appetite increases with eating and beer drinking.

European Union leaders went to see an actor. They were greeted with some noise. But still they passed the message that the situation must be resolved and fast! Immediately after a man with white disheveled hair came to the “edge of Europe,” saw the actor, just to make sure that investment is secured( Sleepers by BBC) and that everything continues as it is. For now! Too much profits are in the game from oil. And beer? Europeans, with the so called leadership, will pay 150 EU for a beer without getting the beer. Than they, or some at least could go to Turkey and actually drink tasteful Efes beer. Many beers for 150 EU. Still it is possible there.

And the energy bills? With no beer to drink, no wine to taste, no ouzo to offer, only to pay, it will be difficult for the inhabitants of great EU to swallow more than double cost for electricity, gas and petrol.

Changing the leadership and getting some fresh air could be good, if still possible.

Thanks to Dances With Bears for an inspirational joke.



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