While Drinking Beer

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While drinking beer, not for 100 euros (https://philosophyofgoodnews.wordpress.com/2022/06/19/beer-and-profits/ ), I got many messages from concerned people reading the above post sharing their thoughts about what we are passing now. They all share the same feelings. That of uncertainty, fear, anger, and despair. Few are positive. Increasing prices of all products became daily news, drastically affecting personal and family budgets. As we are brought by the system to think about everything and all only from a material perspective, many sounded lost. They can not see the light in the tunnel. Well, there might not be a light at all. Prepare candles? Maybe. Or just stop paying for increases? Did the leaders, unelected and elected, ask us when deciding about policies of cutting the energy supplies? Did they consider our well-being, our children’s future, and jobs? Or do they like being transported with last model cars as their petrol is being paid for by all of us? Golden Billion? What kind of Nazis are those? Again! Wake up!
So, what is to be done? The first important crucial thing is to refuse to pay for energy increases! No pay for increases. Get one envelope put a copy of your bill stating that you will pay the last year energy price humbly requesting for those that like to govern without responsibility to settle the difference! They all are at the positions because of us. We are not on this earth because of them! Wake up and act!

Someone before us said the following:
“Through suffering, humanity becomes wiser; the inability to see leads to despair and torment. In torment, the soul is purified and can be seen. Then, the gaze is clear and becomes a reliable source of wisdom-obviousness. But the first condition of wisdom is sincerity, sincerity towards the self and the object before God’s face.” (1)
The genuine values of God( not religion) and Homeland will appear once we start seeing clearly!
The first condition is- to be sincere! First to self and then to everything else!
The idiotic statements- “I am just doing my job”- are unacceptable. The message should change to ” I want to help you!” “My job is to help you!”
By changing the narative and practicing it, the evil inside us will decrease, freeing us as prisoners of the evil.
Continuing with what someone else said:
“As a result of a process that has matured for a long time, evil today has managed to get rid of all internal divisions and external obstacles, has managed to discover its true face, spread its wings, express its goals, gather its strengths, know its ways and means; besides, it openly legitimized itself, formulated its dogmas and canons, elevated its now undisguised nature and showed the world its spiritual being. Nothing so powerful and perverted human history has not seen or, in any case, does not remember. True evil was so openly given to the human spirit for the first time.”(2)

So, again, what is to be done, you might ask?
Oppose. To be stubborn, I will repeat that someone before us said that the man who does not oppose the evil becomes absorbed by it as the evil is a mental inclination of man! Inherent in each of us.
Discouragement leads to ruin as evil overwhelms our spirit!
Like that, ” They will crush us like ants!” and my reply- Well, “they” will stay without ants! Long before they managed to introduce sufficient AI. And without energy AI does not work! Hint, it is!
There is no surrender-NO PASARAN- to fear, to evil!
Encourage yourself, get angry at yourself, seek repentance, grunt, but do not sink!
Never become the weapon of villainous! Give up low passions and external influences. Cherish and pursue the feeling of shame and duty, awareness of the need for universal human norms, and share spiritual rejoicing with living beings!
Opposing is healthy. Not destroying, but opposing.
And be kind as all people continuously educate each other, whether we like it or not. We educate each other by our gestures, tone of voice, our smile or the absence of it, our comings and goings, our address or request, our communication or boycott!

We will prevail! But need less casualties in spite of the Methuselahs!

(1) and (2) and generally, the inspiration to address the current issue was Ivan Ilyin 1925 book “On Resistance to Evil by Force.”
That man was accused by Bolshevists, and as we learn more every day, their Western mentors that he is too much patriot to use diplomatic wordings!

Darko Richard Lancelot


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