Provoke and Run if it is not 19 to 1

Finland and Sweeden finally joined NATO.

It has happened. No Ukraine, that’s ok! Let them die! Provoke and run is the policy of brave democratic organisation based on never announced rules.

Then dementia and families pride worked and stubborn and delusional, ignorant and bankrupt, corrupted and blackmailed creatures decided to continue further for self and Earth catastrophe. We fooled you they think. If we can not rule the Earth will not exist.

The feeling they have is – we have made this system and we will destroy it taking all earth down with us. They omitted to say that they made the system as a tool to suck and loot so many continents and other geographical areas. Now looting stopped and the looters got so nervous! They are completely delusional irreversibly approaching insanity!

So, democratic, rule based geographical areas are again confirming what the Earth biggest geographical area was saying. “You are coming towards us, we are not coming towards you.”

So, is it worthwhile all this provocation and plans for destruction?Simple is the answer.

If it was “hard but worth” ( Here it is ) that half million Iraqi children died from that democratic, rule based geographical areas than the answer is obvious. Exeptionals in the rule based( they have the right to change the rules as they wish without announcements) geographical areas became delusional and further, unfortunately, they approach insanity.

But still they love to live while others die!

They use many proxies as they have from many to chose. However, somehow and by surprise these proxies are getting less and less.

The obvious and common sensed answer to all is that the truth will prevail. Propaganda of insidious looters is just not working in the scale they want.

So here is projection. Simple and short.

Russia will not do absolutely nothing about Finland and Sweden joining democratic and rule based organisation that fights wars only with 19 to 1 ratio as when bombing ex Yugoslavia. No need to do anything. No need to cure narcissistic morons. When your “partners ” start making mistakes let them continue…If they will be good nothing will happen. Maybe, even, they will sing the song “Johny be good!” And smile.

But if they do not listen and self dance slowly and humbly being good, than one is certain- God help us. Actually first God help them and if we are lucky God help us.

It is good to start asking forgiveness from GOD now, till we have time. Narcissist first.



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