Idemo Brate- Novak the Character

This will definitely be “the beginning of a wonderful friendship!”

The year started with the Austrailan government hatred towards Novak Djokovic. If it was not for one gentleman Nick Kyrgios who supported Novak and thus saving the greatness of Australia tournament and Australia as continent AO would be forgotten fast and furious. These people allowed tennis players to participate without following the rules they announced, but for Nole no! It was not only forbidden but they made a trap to destroy him!

The hatred that exploded against Nole was completely unexpected and very very unfair and unhuman. The good thing is that the true face of so called great player was revealed. Bla bla bla of that creature degraded all the tournaments won. So pitiful. No one had anything good to say for Novak exept Nick! Nick the great! That made Nick immortal! However it looked “crazy” then, with the time passing it became obvious how human and immortal Nick reaction was.

“The beginning of the wonderful friendship!”

However, even with that orchestrated and insidiously organised treatment they could not break him! Nole showed once again that it can overcome difficulties and become better! It looks like that every difficulty is and always will be the opportunity. Like the times we are passing now! It is the time to reform and humanity will reform!

Seventh Wimbledon won and against Nick the man! The best possible outcome for both of them. Who won? Yes Novak won but the real winner is Wimbledon organisers and TENIS game as a whole! They all fit in that we can call HUMANITY!

Salute to the Tennis game, Wimbledon tournament and NICK AND NOLE!

We Love Wimbledon, we love Tennis and Nick and Nole.

What will definitely be done next time is that all players will be allowed to participate regardless of their nationality! I am sure that it is duly noted and that it will happen!

Bravo to Nole, bravo to his team and family! Bravo to late Jelena Genčić who, I am so sure, as angel, still and forever protects Nole!

The stars absolutely have a say in human existence! Tonight, maybe, just maybe, you can look at the stars and counting them find out that someone dear is winking you while his star passes by! That’s the beauty of life!

Idemoooooooo BRATE!


Darko Richard Lancelot


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