The WWII Best kept secret

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Before going to history, the hidden, and not the one which is insidiously made by manipulation and propaganda and financed by the paper printed out of thin air, let me guide you to one of the best books I read about the whole system and so-called “rule-based” highly corrupted historians that made their careers writing and exclusively serving political interest instead the truth! They might say again, like they did before, “why we supported nazis?” No, no, no. Time has run out. Terrible but true.
As societies are going through significant changes that will be very painful, it is crucial for all those that still have common sense to investigate and get their own conclusions.
I am talking about the book by Jim Macgregor and Gerry Docherty: “Hidden History, The Secret Origins of the First World War, and Prolonging the Agony. How the Anglo-American Establishment Deliberately Extended WWI by Three-and-a Half Years.” That is one way you can get information not widely used, but you need concentration to read more than 1400 pages! If you want less, there is an essay called “Conspiracy Practitioners,” which you can find in this eBook-HERE IS THE LINK
Prolonging then, prolonging after, prolonging now! Prolonging should be the keyword in the fashion of wanderers, roamers, and all hostage takers! Not sustainable but prolonging! Prolonging with the cost of millions and millions of people’s lives with a few corrupted insane crazy inhuman psycho creatures orchestrating it for absolutely nothing! Few houses and billions? Or the revenge of Nazi and Khazar descendants who made hostage once the greatest country in the world USA? But that is just greed. They are all psychopaths! The standards of manipulators educated them, and as a result, their emotional intelligence is entirely crippled!
All of them. Methuselah, narcissists, insane psychopaths! They were not attending the lesson where Rumi stated: “Know that the voice that gives you greed is the voice of the wolf that tears men in pieces!” “The devil will get his due,” even with tremendous cost, as Cervantes said.
Unfortunately, the time has come to put the rats back in their hole as they are incapable of loving anything and anyone!
So, HOSTAGES OF WHOLE WORLD UNITE! If we do not set ourselves free noone will do it for us.

Jasenovac was the cruelest extermination camp in WWII, executing Serbs, Jews, and Gypsies. And to be even more interesting, no army freed Jasenovac at the end of WWII! The prisoners decided to free them selfs and protect their lives from the uncontrollable insanity and hatred-driven mass killings of Ustashe soldiers! It looks like the Partisans were waiting for Ustashe to finish their job to approach the camp! Serbia’s people were deprived of knowing the truth about it for many years! That is one of the main reasons why we as humanity are facing Nazis and Fascist again! Same insidious, sneaky hatred-driven creatures who achieve themselves through the suffering of others! That is the fighting till the last Ukrainian Slavs and Russian Slavs!
Those rats are to be brought to the court! The new clean court, not the western one! That is to be done before they grow old and disappear from this Earth.

Up to seven hundred thousand people( 700000), mostly Serbs, were tortured, raped, and exterminated in most vandal ways that even the Germans were concerned about atrocities! This is not from the happiness I wrote, but because of the truth!

Now we might come to the game of numbers! But before the numbers read the book of David Martin, “The Web of Disinformation.” It looks like it is difficult to find as the whole title also includes -” Churchill’s Yugoslav blunder.” It could inspire other writers to write, maybe, if we stay alive on this planet ” The web of Deception- Johnsons Ukraine existential blunder- the catastrophe!” Well, in the book of David Martin, you can also read about the fifth man- James Klugman. Never heard? Well, find out.
Ah, that numbers! If you want to dilute the truth, you have stupid Wikipedia that can be molded as per the wish of the same fascistoid creatures filled with primal hatred! It looks like those Serbs do not have the right to learn the real history! Srebrenica numbers inflated, Jasenovac numbers deflated! All product of devils, of rats.
Come on, world! In Srebrenica, soldiers terrorized and made mass killings of the Serbian population in the same area, with the man who was in charge still free and protected! At Jasenovac and Stara Gradiska, civilians, men, women, and children! Why compare? Because of the truth! The truth! Like it or not, that is what it is!
And still, what one can notice, Serbia is extending the hand of truth and peace, standing by its own principles. Condemning Russian aggression in Ukraine and not imposing the sanctions on Russia!
Devils united the same devils that bombed Serbia in 1999. The same devils that are noted to say that the Serbs are” illiterates and degenerates.” It looks like, and now is more than evident that many of those expressing their views were looking in the mirror.
Those are the same that said the following-
you can read and go deeper and further!

Do we need to suffer to be at the right side of history ? Yes, again yes.

Want more?
The truth and not deliberately propagated one?
Read more, listen more, feel more! Learn where the love is and where the hatred is!
Simple, the truth!

Do not forget that as Anton Gustav Matos said – “A man educated as school, without other literature, is not an educated man.”

More to come

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