Insanity Rules, or it is just corruption and greed, stupid

We are all egal! All!

So, the so-called democratic west part of the part of the western hemisphere thinks that creating chaos is a brilliant way to keep Russia busy and in the corner. The U.K., or better England, is the one that always had and have an obsession with Russia and wanted to “decolonize it,” or shrink it to a country of 50 million, as the unfortunate Polish port worker, ex-Solidarnost leader, and ex-Polish President L.W. said recently. What will happen to the other 100 million, the L.W. did not say. Genocide is ok if 100 million Russians disappear? It looks like that western part of the western hemisphere is in panic! Huge panic! They need an immediate FALSE FLAG!

A friend of mine, an Italian patriot, told me that the American leadership is franted. Well Europeans are in too! Panic is the best way to produce more imbeciles. Or, to be fashionable, it is “highly likely” for absolute franted imbeciles to rule us. It is symptomatic that bringing this port worker from naphthalene to make the statement he made. It is a colossal message to all the rats to come out and try to repay the investment of those insidious, sneaky, amoral, and cunning members of the western intelligence services. It looks like they stayed without ideas and originality when they asked those morons to make comments! Is it possible that their brain became dysfunctional with all these jabs?

The world should make solidarity with L.W. and his brain. Pity the country that made that creature become its first citizen. And they think that they are original. But their roots are from today’s Ukraine and roamers living there.
Russia is cleaning its garden, and all anti-Russian fifth, sixth, etc…columns are being dismantled and sent out of Russia.
It is like when in the early 20th century, Nobels and Rothschilds sold their oil business in Russia to Royal Dutch Shell. At least they profited!
So many countries make huge mistakes, and the bill is being prepared to be presented for payment when the time is right. It is a real tragedy to see how so-called leaders are selling the future of their people!
That brings a story that Kemal Mustafa Ataturk helped make the Turkish Communist Party and organized to get financed by Lenin to buy modern weapons for the new Turkish Army, who then won the fight against Greeks and sent them back to Greece from Asia Minor in the 1920s.
Why did Lenin give loans and weapons to Ataturk’s newly formed Army? Everything started with Greece sending a cavalry regiment to fight Bolsheviks after the 1917 revolution, an event Bolsheviks never forgot! It was Lenin’s way of settling the open account. Just imagine what could happen in the future regarding the Greco-Turkish unsettled rivalry in Aegean and Cyprus, having in mind the practical stance of Greece being among the first to send weapons to Ukraine. Some never learn from history! Never! Some do! Watch Hungary.
Not to mention that Turkey and Egypt are accepting the Russian MIR credit cards, allowing millions of Russian tourists to visit those two countries. It is with complete astonishment to learn that even the E.U. delegation chief in Cairo went to demand that Egypt do not receive Russian tourists and received a beautiful answer. Since Russian tourists are leaving 3 billion euros for Egypt, we will accept your request as soon as you transfer to us 3 billion euros! Of course, nothing has happened! Europe is in a complete mess making such imbecile demands towards sovereign countries! European officials are there to work FOR EUROPEAN citizens! As far as we know, Ukraine is not a member of the E.U. yet. Except if corruption has made its magic! Like at the Eurovision song contest.
Brainwashing has so many customers that it is becoming increasingly difficult to explain that white is really white!
The citizens of Europe should be informed about diplomats representing them when making such huge mistakes with strategically important countries like Egypt. It will not be surprising to learn that many nations outside Europe do not take Europeans seriously.
Like someone wants Europe wholly strategically destroyed!
If there are still European patriots, they must act now and make Europe for Europeans! Not Americans, Not Russians, Not Chinese, Not British!
Europe for Europeans only!
European Army is a must! Independent from all!
Cheap energy supplies are a must also as the industry needs them!

How many E.U. citizens know that under the Lisbon Agreement, the European Commission is an independent legal subject with the right to conduct its own money borrowing? Then they distribute money to the member states, payable by all the European Citizens! So lovely to distribute the money that is not yours! So Europeans have to repay their own debt, the debt of their municipalities, counties, towns, cities, countries, and in the end, the European Commission!
So, what is the need of the European Commission? More dept? When you have your new currency marketed so fashionably to make magic not only to your people but to other countries and people, you are positioned to exercise the utmost responsibility towards all! However, we can see that corruption and some hidden forces took hostage all consumers of that particular currency that you, who should be the guardians of it, in the end, usurped and printed without restrictions! That is how inflation is born, slowly spreading like the worst cancer to all E.U. societies. In the USA too!
Europeans will react and not go to war with outsiders but will demand their rights from inside! Europeans WILL make those in charge ACCOUNTABLE!
Who is responsible for this happening in the heart of Europe?
Who is responsible for Europeans becoming the hostages of other interests? The time is to act and SAVE EUROPE!
Did you know that this has happened?

Or this:

Rats do not want us to learn more, as they split the profits from human disasters, but the events are running by themselves as the existence of the people, and their wellbeing is insidiously attacked!

As one of the rare statesmen of Europe said, recently-we are driving with all four tires flat!

WE, THE PEOPLE, are responsible for repairing it when we have incapable people representing us.

Better sooner than later.


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