Philosophy of looting

First Opium war-Edward Duncan(public domain)

Philosophy of looting

I did not know which title to use, as many came to mind. Like Nuclear blackmail, or Conspiracy in the open, or something else. However, the common denominator behind all events is looting! Looting of souls, of countries, of people! Done for that 1% thinking that they are Gods. So Philosophy of Looting is here, and it will be continued.

The times are approaching when those who think clearly will be forbidden to express their thoughts because of those who sleep! But still!
There are no more conspiracy theories! Now you see it in practice done by “conspiracy practitioners!” (1)

Maybe you do not see it clearly as you are on holiday, but it is being prepared to welcome you back!
After the revelation about the US organizations that were financing Biolabs [not to forget the recent Jeffery Sacks statement referring to “another neocons disaster,” and about the virus and where, how, and by whom it came from, (2)] and what they were practically doing in Ukraine by sending Ukrainian people’s blood and DNA to the US for analysis and who knows what, we are facing another possible disaster!
Zaporozhye nuclear power plant!
Done by the same people! By the neocons that usurped and took hostage the people and government of the US of A! Plus allies! It is essential not to forget the allies who are ruling the US of A invisibly, as still a colony! They are trying desperately to raise the stakes, hoping that, at least, it might help not to be prosecuted for the highest crimes humanity knows!
Crimes against humanity! HUMANITY!
The trial will happen, but not in their courts!
Those are the same people that forced lockdowns and then organized private closed parties while promoting and forcing social distancing and jabs to our societies and made rules for the profits to be private and losses public!
They think of all of us as “deplorables,” as one of their sick and the enormously tragic candidate said. That is the plain and painful truth! Even you, who blindly support whatever the idiotic and wholly corrupted mainstream news is saying, should understand!
They do not care about the lives of us they call “deplorable!” The same people that are”suiciding” all that could talk and reveal disastrous information against them! The same people are killing people just because their ideas do not fit their agenda! The same people that are using girls and boys for sexual sick games! The same people kidnapping and using innocent people’s organs to be transplanted to the bodies of morons and idiots! And much more! Much more!
Those are the same that want the great reset where 1% will rule over another 99%.
When they, the nazis of our time, realized that it was impossible to control 7 billion people, they came to an idea to cut that number to the “Golden Billion.” Then they discovered that, due to their stupidity, greed, insanity, and narcissism, they could not control even 1 billion; they came to an idea to cut it to 500 million!
Plus, to organize assassinations of women by planting bombs at their cars!
We are facing destroyers of humanity who do not love anyone and anything! Even themselves! Useless and insane! But with the power to still organize small disasters around!
However, those are the signs of defeat! Complete defeat! Unconditional defeat!
However, these creatures found other countries and people to use! Always they do! Chocolate maker and actor are just some of them. At least the Chocholate one thought he could be independent of the VP of the US of A. When he was forced to dismiss the prosecutor general investigating the company where the son was working, he understood that his country was not his! His land became the slave and the polygon for so many dirty activities of the roamers, filled with insane hatred toward Russia. For the actor, it is not worth saying anything.
Looting their country’s gold and oil( if any) was and always would be their first policy! That is called “democracy!”
For those insane morons, democracy equals looting!
Rules are always based on looting! And still, it is not enough! Not enough for them, but enough for humanity!
Otherwise, the world based on that should not exist!
Those noble will go to the angels! The others will be obliterated—even those working in the extra small groups planting bombs under the cars and organizing different traffic accidents, inside and outside tunnels.
But they do not stop! They will never stop till they are discontinued!
Now they bomb the Nuclear Power plant of Zaporozhye plus killing women in Russia.
It would be for a laugh to listen to their logic if it is not enormously tragic! They have used the same techniques worldwide throughout the last couple of centuries. Read history not written by their slaves who get grants and depend on what they will write!
Then we come to popular rules-based order!
Rules of planting the bombs under the cars that suit them, rules of killing the Princess as it served them, rules of organizing the slaughter of the whole royal family as planned for a long time, you name it!
Rules are made according to the instant needs of those Nazis!
Nazis! Nazis!
All the available sheep will accept it as, unfortunately, the cancer is implanted in their conscience!
Suppose you, just for the moment, stop, take a deep breath, and recall recent events like “flattening the curve,” Djokovic case in Australia, the cow story in Holland, the Gas story in Germany, France, etc…energy cost in this unfortunate UK and USA. In that case, you might, finally, stop reacting as sheep!
The technique is the same!
Accusing others what they do by themselves! It was the policy of the UK in WWI that Goebels raised on another level during WWII.

Listening to the tragic character of NATO SC when talking with the Serbian President about the situation in Kosovo and Metohija, where he first mentioned the Zaporozhye Nuclear plant issue, one who learned how to listen could not have any other feeling for that creature except deep pity and rage, as common sense disappeared. Russians are there, and Russians are bombing Russians! GOD!
Otherwise a decent man, it is obvious that those who are blackmailing him and all the others are THE MONSTERS!
It became tragic, but it is a prevailing opinion. We depend on Russia. We rely on Russia not overreacting to provocations and sending us all to our only sure destination!
So, what would be the way to deal with all these sick minds, roamers, and insane destroyers of humanity?
Eye for an eye? NOOOOOOOO!


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