Moscow 20/8/2022, Manchurian Canditate 27/4/1959


Or vise versa: Manchurian Candidate 27/4/1959, Moscow 20/8/2022

Have you heard or maybe seen the film The Manchurian Candidate produced by the adaptation of the 1959 novel by Richard Condon? Two adaptations have been made. In 1962( with Frank Sinatra) a year before the elimination of JFK 22/11/1963 in Dallas Texas, and in 2004( with Denzel Washington).
Warmly recommend both movies and the book! Brain penetration was in the minds of monster scientists for a long, long, looooooong time. Could read and inform yourself about Nurenberg Doctor Trials also. Whatever Nazis were and are doing, there is much hope in all of us that human consciousness will prevail and the truth will rise like the Sun overcoming clouds!

So, what does this has to do with 20/8/2022 and the killing of not-yet 30-year-old lady Daria Dugina?

Listening to the suspect Natalia Shaban Vovk’s father, it was surprising to learn that Natalia was a “normal” person who was recruited to Ukrainian Army at Mariupol and was going to polygon to train herself.
The real astonishment came after the person, said to be her father, and presented to us with fog on his face told us that Natalia changed after she was treated for brain cancer! He said she had brain surgery and that the surgeons planted a metal plate in her head. After that, the man presented as her father said that she behaved strangely and acted harshly, like she was constantly on fire. As of now, we can only imagine if they planted anything else in her brain.
Mind control? Will we know? Let’s see.
Another interesting point was that she passed through from Russia and crossed the border with Estonia. Why Estonia when there is a quicker road to avoid Estonia and proceed to Poland and then further…
That is the Road from Moscow to Latvia. See the map

Natalia, who could be the continuation of “Manchurian Candidate” executor, chose to go to Estonia.
How interesting curiosity. Going further to come closer…

That is bringing Estonia to the play of coincidences.
You could read in the news that Estonia treats Great Britain as the “second most trusted ally of the Baltic States. It was confirmed by distinguished Mr. Boris Jhonson, who visited the military base in Tapa, Estonia.” That was December 31st, 2021. Here is the LINK.
On March 1st, 2022, was another visit to the same base by the same distinguished gentleman. Follow the THIS LINK

Encouraged by that visit and who knows what Madame Kallas said on March 16th, “The West should not say it will not intervene in Ukraine.” Link available HERE

To go further with coincidences, the same distinguished gentleman visits the foreign capital as acting Prime Minister just four days from the day Daria Dugin was killed in the car blast. No condemnation, no nothing, except the push for the war to continue. It is so exciting to see the continuation for Slavs to kill Slavs. As some report: “The unannounced appearance shocked, but it did not really surprise.” Follow this LINK

What to say, to comment and to stay normal human being. Is it possible that all those who think with common sense being their first guidance will have the destiny of Alfred Harmsworth, later Lord Northcliffe. What destiny? Find out by your self. Investigation helps personal development.

How to define the behavior of people that want Slavs to kill the Slavs? It can not be defined as to define is to limit by Oscar Wilde. Unfortunately there are no limits in hatred towards Russia and Russians. Maybe, in order to satisfy narcissistic needs, they are still doing closed private parties, hiding their lack of masculinity, as they have vast experience organizing it.

However they are concerned with the state of the science in the region they call west. They are tragically behind and desparately trying to steal secrets. They do not wish to invite Russian cats but Russian scientists they want, as the same distinguished gentleman and today’s acting Prime Minister said during the last G7 meeting. Where all this “superiority ” has gone that it became more personal now?
Again, what can one who knows that humanity IS to protect others from self, say?
“A coincidence will always be a coincidence until its significance is realized.” (Angie Corbett-Kuiper)
For that to happen, the plate needs to cool down, and mind needs to be cleared.

So unfortunate is that Frederick Lewis Donaldson was right then and continues to be right now. He said in 1925:
“The Seven Social Sins are:
Wealth without work.
Pleasure without conscience.
Knowledge without character.
Commerce without morality.
Worship without sacrifice.
Politics without principle.”

Does this ring any bells? Or just one would be great!

Number 7 meaning can reveal more after some time passes.

Who ever organised this execution of young lady Daria Dugina omitted to execute one person who has influenced many Russians!

It’s not the one you think! Think deeper!

That is one called Ivan with the surname Ilyin the”ideologue of the Russian All-Military Union…” Oh, how did you forgot about him? Any new Natalia is available? He influences many and will influence as many! He, surprisingly for many great western exeptionals said:

“We are nor pupils neither teachers for the West. We are disciples of God and teachers for ourselves.”

So, just a little addition. Ivan Ilyin was born 9/4/1883 and died 21/12/1954.


Maybe to be continued


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