Awaking is happening

Absolutely true! Let our decisions change the destiny others want to force on us!

Rulers are in dismay. Rulers know that they ARE EXPENDABLE. They want to present that they fight for democracy, their type of democracy, BUT THEY PLAINLY AND ONLY FIGHT FOR THEMSELVES AND THEIR SURVIVAL! THEY ARE COMPETENT ONLY FOR THAT. THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU! Those behind them know that also. One is showing incompetence, irony, and arrogance by asking the laity to buy a new kettle. Inflation is galloping, and those fraudsters continue laughing at our faces!

But! People are reacting! Fearlessly! Fearlessly!

The fraudsters will try to occupy us with another projection of fear. However, awaking is a process that can not be stopped! Worldwide awaking!

Look HERE at what has happened in Prague.

And it is the beginning of September.

Now you will hear from fraudsters more new “ideas,” from G7 more new instructions. Those low characters do not realize that they are destroying one industry after the other. The one industry made by colonial powers is INSURANCE. The West insurance industry is going towards an abyss, now with accelerated speed. So little brain everywhere. That is happening when you have corrupted, blackmailed, insane, cruel pedophiles running the show.

Whatever they will say and the ideas they will present is just rubbish. They are losing the last bunch of supporters as those pitiable fellow human beings start to understand also what will be the end result.

Those fraudsters have managed to place a tombstone to our societies!

So, let’s repeat! On February 22nd, 2022, statements were made at Munich about abandoning Budapest Memorandum of 1994 and about NATO EXPANSION.

The second one is a nice piece of selling rubbish till the time when the inferior west gets supersonic missiles. They tried so much and still are trying to steal it, as their education system can not provide the solutions for new physics! That NIKOLA TESLA -based physics. Those idiots are spending billions of our money for CERN particle accelerators where idiotism is being promoted. Nothing to do with science! Science is simple, and the material mind educated in the west can not achieve that level. That is why even Boris Johnson sent direct invitations for Russian scientists to sell their country and pass their highly valued knowledge to those idiots. How will those people join “rules-based” countries where even Russian cats were not allowed to participate in the fair. An amazing amount of hatred was projected on everything Russian.


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What a tragedy! Complete decadence of human values.

What for?

For reducing Russia to 50 millions people as, it is important to repeat it many times, that dock worker made president said. He did not say where other 100 million would go!

That is why people, sober, human, common sensed, humble, genuine, free of blackmail and corruption will come infront and make our societies great again! That will be great achievement for us and for the whole world!



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