Philosophy of looting-“Russia is no longer a reliable partner.”

We are the masters of our fate!

When looting curve is flattening fast the looters will make as many as possible new statements. Like the title of this post. “Russia is no longer a reliable partner.” Of course. Looters learned to get cheap energy for toilet paper they print and force upon the world. Profits were enormous. Paid with millions of litters of innocent blood. Around the globe, and everywhere.

Now the looters are in dismay! How will they protect first themselves? How will they justify their disastrous policies that follow roamers instruction? It became so serious that there is no way back. Sober will take the right path of cooperation and progress. Did you noticed how narrative has changed. You can not hear anymore word sustainability! The so-called epidemic disappeared. The so-called scientists also. Especially those so-called scientists that called the common sensed ones morons. Those idiots so-called scientists must be looking themselves in the mirror when calling common sensed people morons. As they are Nazis and Morons big time! They are accountable for crimes against all of us! With or without jabs. They are going to be prosecuted. That is what is going on now and here on our Earth. We have usurpators sucking our everything! Our freedom, our sweat, our blood. We have minority that does not know how to proceed exept to make us to suffer more and more!

That is the time when one common sensed person can understand how they, the usurpers, are loosing mind and continue to present one lie after another!

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Unreliable partner, they say. Really? So, you send your weapons, you organise coups, bomb other countries and force your “rule based,” monster ideas to others as you are reliable partners? Really? Maybe to become a little just a little reliable is to offer YOUR PERSONAL WEALTH TO THE PEOPLE WHO DO HAVE TO PAY INCREASE IN THEIR ENERGY BILLS! ALL EU USA AND COMMONWEALTH “RULE BASED” ENTITIES.

You destroyed countless lifes of children and ordinary people and nothing is enough! You greedy, corrupted, sneaky, insidious looters!

You stayed without ideas, without vision. You have only one thing left. Lies! Lies! And more Lies!


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The poor people that you rule will be called to pay your bills! We are already called! As you are increasingly afraid for your own future you will start printing more money! Inflation will grow more and more. Helicopter money will become reality and our societies will be completely destroyed! Noooo! We will kindly ask you to donate ALL YOUR WEALTH TO PEOPLES FUND TO COVER THE COST OF THE INCREASES THAT HAPPENED UNDER YOUR WATCH!

We understand that you competently prepared our societies for GREAT RESET BY NEW LEADERS WITH ONE OF 60 DIFDERENT GRENDERS.

Again, it is not up to you and your enforcers. It is only up to us the common people. The laity! Only!

You sold your own people and their future! No courage,  boneless personalities, that some still call competent. Competent only in destroying previous generations achievements! For enslavement of US THE PEOPLE!

Everything is going to implode. From inside. That does not have to do with any “barbarians,” you would like us to believe. Someone said that we are Empire of Lies. Well Empire we used to be! We are supersonicaly becoming the TITANIC  OF LIES, with not as many as needed lifeboats!

Al Pacino had a beautiful speech in the 1992 drama “Scent of a Woman.”

As Colonel Slade he said: “Outta order? I’ll show you outta order! You don’t know what outta order is, Mr. Trask! I’d show you but I’m too old; I’m too tired; I’m too fuckin’ blind. If I were the man I was five years ago I’d take a FLAME-THROWER to this place! Outta order. Who the hell you think you’re talkin’ to? I’ve been around, you know? There was a time I could see. And I have seen boys like these, younger than these, their arms torn out, their legs ripped off. But there isn’t nothin’ like the sight of an amputated spirit; there is no prosthetic for that. You think you’re merely sendin’ this splendid foot-soldier back home to Oregon with his tail between his legs, but I say you are executin’ his SOUL!! And why?! Because he’s not a Baird man! Baird men, ya hurt this boy, you’re going to be Baird Bums, the lot of ya. And Harry, Jimmy, Trent, wherever you are out there, FUCK YOU, too!”

Do not let your spirit to be amputated by Nazis and collaborators, by morons and looters, by roamers and wanderers, by pedophiles and monsters! Stand still, show courage, and make family values great again!


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