Queen Elizabeth II dies today 8/9/2022

God bless Queen Elizabeth, exeptional lady and leader that regin for more than 70 years. Deep Respect and Sincere Condolences!

Queen Elizabeth died today 8/9/2022. Her reign of 70 years and 214 days was the longest of any other British monarch.

We wish God Speed and God Bless to the Royal Family.

Today is 8/9/2022. As numbers always have a symbolic story to tell the sum of todays date is 5. Number 5 can be seen as the sum of the below events also.

The sum of all above dates is 5.

Number 5 ,as per tabula smaragdina represents, “Pater omnis thelesmi totius mundi est hic.” Or in English “It is Thelesma, the father of the whole world.”Arab version- It is the father and protector of magic, its strenght is perfect and wakes all lights.”

To be continued.



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