Always there is a way


Always there is a way! The way back that is actually the way forward.

Let’s play with statistics!

Zero states from Africa sanctioned Russia. One state from 49 in Asia sanctioned Russia. Three states from 26 in South America sanctioned Russia, and forty-six out 50 states in Europe sanctioned Russia. One whole continent also sanctioned Russia- Australia, and another one with USA and Canada.

The world majority in all segments of human life did not sanctioned Russia.

So, obvious is that there is a way forward. Those that think that represent the world, those who made their tremendous wealth from looting all the others should be left alone to cope with their private problems that are rising every single day. Let those visionary leaders explain to their citizens what they have done.

If they want more of wealth to continue looting and stealing, they should be warned not to even try to do anything stupid as they would feel the rage of the majority of the world nations! All those organisations called World or International would cease to exist! Including BIS. Bank for international settlements. Oh yes!

The Epoche of those looters is finished. They would need to reform or they will implode.

However, there is a way for humanity to proceed.

Even if those morons say in some time “sorry we made a mistake,” they shouldn’t be trusted. They might just wait another fifty years and than try again! Those are the real cancer of our planet. Those that think that they own life on OUR EARTH.


Those that apply double triple standards as long as it serves them!

Those minority looters are the leeches of humanity. Demons.

The rest of the world has work to do. To organise themselves, to protect themselves, to advance together. Those demonic, idiotic think-tanks filled with hatred, egoism and complete insanity, like some sect who are sucking our money selling us manipulation as a chocolate, are to be demolished and some new, uncompromised leaders should come infront. Those models and those methuselah do not have place in the reforms of that minority, that from its grandiose idea call themselves the world. What a tragic idiots.

Awaking will be difficult, but it is absolutely necessary if we are to stay alive.

Russia is not bluffing and it does not have where else to go exept to defend itself from looters and leeches! It is not that Russia came to NATO borders, it is NATO that has expanded to Russia borders! Common sense became not so common, as confusion and fear are projected by compromised propagandists!

Will minority find the strength to reform?

Unfortunately NO! They are in the state of a complete mess and those creatures are bribed and blackmailed by the groups of roamers, “straussians,” that there is no way back for them.

However, always there is a real hope that some new leader will surface from their part who will have the ability to save us and the earth from catastrophe! Real and present catastrophe! Maybe it will be Jack!

One interesting thing is happening. The British have calmed a little from Boris rhetoric and insidious manipulation.

New King is there and they might be that part which will again balance and make Germany to pay again for its idiotic decisions.

Ukraine is slowly ceasing to be of interest for those who know how to play this strategic game.

What I could predict is that the BIG THREE WILL BE FORMED, as all is awaiting for USA to join, or the time itself will take care of it.

At the place of USA I could see India in the next, maximum 10 years.

In the meantime we need to stay alive and posetive, to work every moment for the peace and awaking of us and our fellow human beings and the power of intention will do the job! We have that power inside of us. The same power that it is constantly attacked by the same demonic forces projecting confusion and fear!

We will prevail!


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