Philosophy of looting-QE is magical

15/12/2022 Extended article, due to more paper plus crypto fairytale atmosphere.


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Still, below article is of great importance as it is followed by many other actions that are happening since August of 2022 when this post is first published.

In light of this highly important article, it was with absolute astonishment but still with an understanding to read the Bank of England News Release about ” its financial stability objective.” More of the same will follow from others!

So, for many of us there a crucial question is arising from this statement. What this has to do with us, the commoners, that sometimes make mistakes in writing “than,” instead of “then.” Tststs. Terrible.

Well, there is one common denominator for all. For those that have money, and are in the money business and for those that don’t. Both have headaches. Of course for different reasons, but still, they do experience pain.

That brought to my mind a book “Lords of Finance” by Liaquat Ahamed published in 2009( what has happened with the “Lords of Finance” in 2008?) by my favorite publisher Penguin Press.

It is a remarkable book reminiscing the situations from the beginning of the First World War and the atmosphere in between the two world wars, Germany, France, the USA, and the financial system in those days. It reminded me of chapter 6. I found my 2010 notes and here are the quotes. New York Times reporter noted that” there would not be the sort of “unlimited issue of the paper(money) and its depreciation,” which wrought such inflationary havoc in previous wars.”

At the beginning of chapter 6, the author used the following Cicero quote from Philippies: “Endless money forms the sinews of war.”

It is by simple summation one can conclude that we are in the war situation now for 3 years and that we did not felt its culmination yet. QE has happened in tremendous numbers and it is continuing to happen! Two letters QE correspond to two sexy words. Quantitative Easing is a “scientific” way to prolong the disaster till a new way for looting is found. When they realize that the new way of looting is not possible because of the 6500 stock of flying objects that will send all of us away, and those who would send them to us, to the angels, as they stated, the game becomes very dangerous. However, the highly specialized and visionary policy could be described with three words “hide till it passes.” The point is, no one, would be able to hide exept the insane few that provoked armageddon.

Another difficulty in the above statement is that those on the losing side playing God with us, does not want you, the creatures they made, to hide! You the creatures they made are obliged to follow their instructions and to destroy all and everything. Even if God would offer you to resurrect your dead Donkey, you would refuse it, demanding from God to take the life of the neighbor Donkey! That is why you will be paying for the consequences of your inaction. But, you say- who cares! I am good! Oh, really? Thats good that you are good. Respect. But, are you?

I then was thinking about what Mr. Mayer Amschel would think, and more importantly, do. As curious as they say he was, he would try to get under the skin of some important, wealthy person, with the ticket to the shelter, and use it for his personal benefit, giving some advice from his learned specialty-old coins, let’s say. So, we could say that Mr.Mayer Amschel had also a headache. And his descendants definitely have! Headache is contagious for generations!

To cut the story short, Mr.Mayer got into the skin of Mr. William who had enormous wealth for those days, and believe it, not only. History says that he inherited one of the largest fortunes in Europe. He used Mr.Mayer to hide that fortune from the advancing army and that was the beginning. However, bad luck for Mr. Mayer descendants is the overwhelming greed of today’s advisors! They do not have the price! Their price is explained in one word- unlimited. However the descendants try very hard. They know, or at least, they think that they know how everything works with changing governments and installing new creatures that at least have limits. 10% could be the limit. However is 100% increase from 5% some others were getting before. That is why inflation is rising more. It is not about Russia or President Putin. It is about greed in the west. Autocatastrophic greed!

The technique of “advice” and the technique of “investment,” toward spoiled psychologically crippled creatures, are open for manipulation. When that was not enough, the London Stock exchange machinations came, and when that was not enough the issuance of paper money appeared. When that was not enough, Sephardi needed to be reorganized, Jesuits also, and when that was not enough, Opium wars and Rhodes business came. Then Russia’s petroleum then J.P. then all the other ventures, businesses, suffering of the people, and watching neighbor Donkey dying. Then from being the agent, they employed agents. When your roots are provincial you will always be provincial, no matter what wealth you have. That is in the essence of all those characters presented to us as untouchable financial gurus. They are simple peasants. DNA can not be changed. At least not yet. Maybe the so-called and proclaimed 4th industrial revolution will achieve it as that bold moron says, by implanting chips in the human brain. Did they already started with an experiment? Up to you to figure it out. We are all deplorable! Remember that! The genocidal idiots are funded by narcissists money seeking immortality!

That brings us to today where looting became extremely difficult. But what to do when they learned the game “find the queen.” Now they are forced to do something real, and really they do not know what real is. That is why they introduced bonds, derivatives, and futures. The greed of provincial narcissists.

At the very end, QE is introduced as a tombstone for the whole virtual financial system that is one huge lottery where all losses except the one who is organizing the game. Now their time has come and they became insane!

Enough said. Think for yourself and see how we all should influence our banks and our representatives to start, finally, to work for our interests and not for the interests of leeches, and bloodsuckers.

Maybe they need our help to break the chains they are in! Let’s help them!

First published on 28/9/2022 and extended 15/12/2022

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