Meanness reigns. However, humanity will prevail! For those who have doubts there are many stories to be shared and here is one of them! That is called mentality and that is why all scoundrels are doomed!

“February 3, 1942, Daniil Kyutinen died of starvation in besieged Leningrad. A man of amazing fate, tens of thousands of loaves of bread passed through his hands, with which he and his colleagues in besieged Leningrad fed the inhabitants of the city. Daniil Kyutinen, suffering from an illness and not allowing himself to take a single extra crumb, died right at his workplace from hunger – in a Leningrad bakery. The death certificate dated February 4, 1942, indicates the cause – dystrophy. He died saving others.”

Baker Daniil Kyutinen

“Truth is suppressed, not to protect the country from enemy agents but to protect the Government against the people” (Roy Hattersley).- When the times become unbearable for liars they present themselves in public! Now it is up to the public to stand.

All of those Nazis decided to throw their numerous sheep clothes and show their authentic self. Now it is becoming more obvious why this operation is prolonged and why Russia gives to the “boys and girls” that think they are something to play a little while it gets all the necessary strategic advances. This war is not about land. It is about souls and values. Pure, human, irrevocable family values! It is not about lies and insidious practices! It is about men! Not boys!
In the west, we can see that there are too many boys and too few men!
That is why they react as they do! No love, no humanity! Just pedophilia, sex without feelings, opiates, parent number one and parent number two standards, genders increase, etc. Complete decadence of all confused fellow human beings! Biolabs and genocidal experiments!

Joseph Mengele would love what he would see! Scoundrel to scoundrel!

Seeing the bombing of the Nord Stream pipeline and narcissistic statements of crucial officials that it will never become operational if Russia reacts to Ukraine’s genocide of the Russian people there, continuing with the idiot MP of the EU Parliament saying openly, so sure about the power of idiotism and the Nazi ideology, “Thank you USA,” and further the officials talking about the immense opportunity for American FIVE TIMES MORE EXPENSIVE LNG TO BE SUPPLIED TO EUROPE, one needs to be a real masochist not to understand that the current government of the USA WANTS NUCLEAR WAR!
They need a fast excuse to start the NUCLEAR WAR to save them from bankruptcy! FALSE FLAG!
They all are losing and losing substantially! Even the people they command have their doubts! Do not be surprised while waiting for Russians to react against Mr.Putin to learn that the high-ranking opponents of the disastrous USA creatures react to protect us all!
The insanity rules! Those non-elected creatures have got all of us as their hostages.
When they understood that Russia would sustain losses and would not react to the provocations, they organized more!
They bombed the Crimea bridge! However!
However, when idiots react with hate as the primary emotion that guides them, they always omit to do anything substantial! Then soldiers from the Atlantic start calling soldiers in Russia saying-“We did not do this” It was not us! We said to those NAzis not to do it, but they did it without our permission!” They did so as the Russian Army helped them from getting embarrassed in Syria and not only!
However, out of four legs of the pipeline, one is still operational, while the rail, car, and truck transport over the 19 kilometers Crimea bridge is starting now!
Strategically Russia is proceeding steadily as the kids on the other side play their ” high-politics” hoping that we all will follow them in the disaster they organized!
Their stupidity is so profound, their misjudgment is tremendous, their insanity uncurable! Their geography knowledge is low, their humanity knowledge is below zero, and their knowledge of the Russian mentality, simply can not be measured!

I am sure that we all who want peace and prosperity are profoundly awaiting an army of the new Edward Snowden and Julian Assange who will come out and uncover all misdeeds of these rascal creatures!

We do need to wake up!

Otherwise, “we are either complicit or cowards or too stupid to even understand what’s happening.” 

However and whatever, the country that has personalities like Baker Daniil Kyutinen will prevail!


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