Sane or insane-Awaking will continue

Thin air products, not convertible with ideas and humanity

Florida surgeon general advises against the COVID-19 vaccine for young men. Here is the link

In the memorable movie Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Bill Haydon confess to George Smiley continuing with his observation about the western society. He says: “Do you know what is killing western society, George? Greed and constipation. Moral, political, aesthetic.”

All true all correct that is confirmed every single moment we live now! Every single moment! You see the catastrophe the west is experiencing because of complete idiotism and greed of politicians. CONSTIPATION! Very scientific word.

Our society is being destroyed, and we are accomplices! We participate in the rape of our societies, moral, political, aesthetic. We are abettors as majority of us are conformists. We became conformists because we do not trust togetherness, we do not trust anyone and so many of us do not want to share anything with anyone! We are afraid of all and everything that is being presented to us by the same creatures with big titles, but idiots, overwhelmed with narcissism, exeptionality, egoism and low moral. Crippled creatures that can not love anyone, even themselves.

That sickness rules us. From psychopathic creatures that are made popular primary to confuse as many people as possible, like Freud Sigmund, to all those like the plagiarist Pasteur and so many other modern ones.

Not because we are stupid, but because our soul is created from universal instilled goodness. Those monsters found fertile ground to disturb and destroy the soul using insidious tactics made by scoundrels!

That is why they attack our soul from the moment we are born. That is why they introduce satanic laws under the guise of freedom, equality and fraternity. Seems familiar? Oh yes. French revolution 1789 from where all started! What does it mean to be free, to be equal and to exercise fraternity? It is simple! It means to practice togetherness! But, then the so called “science” comes to force you to use something that is, to be calm, very questionable. They manipulated, they forced it on you to be free, to be equal and to eat cakes? Oh, sorry to exercise brotherhood. To flatten the curve. However they dud not let you know that the idea is to flatten humanity and introduce AI to do the work of you, stupid. They want you confused. They play your conformism making it fashionable. Making you feel important by stating ” Trust science not morons,” without being able to contemplate that you are those morons. Tragic, but morons.

How did it start? By protecting YOU! I will be flatten protecting you! Really? So we protect each other till we are both flattened?! That is “the science.” Surgeon General of the state of Florida knows something from the statistics many others were warning about. Surgeon general of the state of Florida can not be compromised. That is why he is dangerous. But there are more that are becoming aware. Those that lost their perfectly healthy family members that allowed to be penetrated by some liquid, God knows what severe indications could have.

That situation shows how shallow we are. That situation shows how stupid we are. Tragically stupid.

How you can trust the establishment that has sales 214 billion USD and it force you to use their products? Do not forget-force!

They employed officials, governments, law enforcement agencies to force you to stay inside and not approach the sea or rivers and to be afraid to talk with your neighbours.

They counted money, but mostly they will use all that money to compromise more of the officials that do not want us ordinary people to be flattened.

Do you remember personalities that were discussing “flattening the curve”? Well remember them and never trust them. They are called influencers? Those are like kapos in concentration camps.

Will we awake and just stop those dangerous satanic creatures to flatten us?

Flatten or be flattened? That is the question.

If you have not noticed yet then start noticing NOW! To help you here is one article in Italian. You can translated using Google translate. Here is the link.


Darko Richard Lancelot

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