All the scoundrels of this world, united!

“All scoundrels of this world unite,” reminds you of something? See further.

They are now united! All scoundrels are united! They are united and they are the real and present danger for the Earth! They are not controllable and they will do anything to start World War III! Nuclear War!
So, why and how and what and if and everything is important to learn. As those rats, all of them are out of their protective holes. They want the war. The masters, grand looters see it as the only way out! Out of what? Out of the ponzi scheme that was applied for centuries! Now this is coming to an end. Printing of worthless paper can not continue forever! Below you have some hints and the rest is up to you, and you only!

John Reeves, in his authorized biography, The Rothschilds, the Financial Rulers of Nations, noted that the family met in London in 1857 at the marriage of Lionel’s daughter Leonora to her cousin Alphonse, son of James Rothschild of Paris. Then, as per John Reeves, in his authorized biography, “The Rothschilds, the Financial Rulers of Nations,” Disraeli the Prime Minister of England declared: “Under this roof are the heads of the family of Rothschild – a name famous in every capital of Europe and every division of the globe. If you like, we shall divide the United States into two parts, one for you, James, and one for you, Lionel. Napoleon will do exactly and all that I shall advise him.” WAKE UP!!!!! PEOPLE!!!!
That was the first hint and “political origin” of the American Civil War! So, dear Americans, you were played big time! Like you continue being played even bigger time now! It is not by mistake that Trump did not shake hands with the late Queen.
Further, the family of looters and bloodsuckers robbed all the wealth of the Russian Tsar Nikolai when their agents organized a whole family assassination in 1917! That explains why King George of England could not offer his cousin safe passage to the UK! Nikolai II was the last tsar of Russia that was assassinated by the agents of the same conspirators.
When the symbol, a pyramid with an eye on the top, and the quote “Novus ordo seclorum”( New world order) at the bottom was introduced in 1776 by Adam Weishaupt presented his aims. They were:
“Abolition of all monarchies and all ordered governments.
Abolition of private property and inheritances.
Abolition of patriotism and nationalism.
Abolition of family life and the institution of marriage, and the establishment of communal education for children.
Abolition of all religion.”

It became a flywheel for conspirators, looters, and highly dangerous creatures that started from Frankfurth with stolen funds of one of the wealthiest personalities in Europe!
Now they needed a program, and it was not at all accidental that they found Karl Marx in London and hired him together with the “League of Just Men” to draw up the program for the new world order. What they received in 1848 is now the famous Communist Manifest that contained the same Weishaupt ideas! It starts with “Workers of the world, unite!” That is why Marx has such a huge grave in London. Millions died, and huge profits made! That is why the word “workers” could be changed to “sheep” as scoundrels got united already! But it was kept as top secret!

Like the secret that they wanted to transfer their businesses to China and destroy America which they look at as dominion, the place of cowboys and waste! They have America as a hostage and wanted to abandon it! America has the dept of 31000000000000 USD. That is 31 trillion. It can not be recovered. Just see in which situation is the infrastructure in America today and you will get the answer.

“For whom the bells 🔔 ring?”

However, when China decided to choose her own path, understanding that it was next in line to be destroyed, or better sucked by the same conspirators, even videos against President Xi presented by Soros, another agent of the same family, appeared on youtube and somehow epidemic in Wuhan started in the month when President Xi wanted to deal with liberals.
However, they still count on liberals in China to destroy President Xi. Did the Chinese forget the opium wars, or not, we will find out very soon!

In the meantime, as we are dealing with sadomasochistic, narcissistic, inhuman, greedy, insane, incest-made uncontrollable creatures, we need to be prepared for the worst!
Watch yourself and your loved ones! Cherish your family and follow family values, and believe in God! You do not need to be religious to believe! God is inside of you! Find it!

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