Everyone raised their hands on us! What a magnificent surrender!

The title is taken from Student newspaper of Belgrade during 1968 students demonstrations

Throughout recent years, attempts have been made to stifle human initiative and kill the interest in further research by burying us with nonsense and meaningless information and idiotic rules presented as the only truth. Especially the rules about history research! Not knowing the real history makes you vulnerable to the present and absolutely unprotected from the future!
And everything is based on a plain lie.
The lie is conveyed through bombastic headlines and ridiculous content wrapped in wafers of sweet and agreeable, “clever” words. Conformism at its best!
Lie one and Lie two are dropped as the bones between us.
We spend time, so precious time, discussing Lie 1 and Lie 2, never coming to a conclusion that can help our understanding!
Thus we become nervous, confused, and in the end fearful and suspicious of all and everything coming from other sources! We are so hard to convince ourselves that we believe in lies as those lies are interwoven in all segments of our lives.
A growing number of us stopped believing in ourselves. We are being easily manipulated, and our thoughts and perceptions are shaped by those vile people who are paid and overpaid, to do so.
Spreading confusion became a very profitable job!
Time is the ingredient that is attacked stealthily. As a result, we are deprived of quality time. Quality time equals understanding the method’s time! Once you understand the methods you understand everything!

The methods for brainwashing and introduction of stupid rules that serve no purpose if we had a clear consciousness are vigorously, and forcefully applied! Those that are behind it, idiots, and evil people can’t go back to reverse the process. They can’t because, poor souls, are recruited by those who know how to take advantage of human weaknesses. And the greatest human weakness is fear! Fear of anything and everything. It goes hand in hand with conformism. Fear from mosquitoes to the virus. From losing our job and income to becoming sick. Instead of using lifetime to make deeds that will outlive us, we consume it for treating our, unfortunately, never-ending fears!
And what you can not see makes the fear grow exponentially!
That’s how they came up with the idea of ​​viruses that are living with us for thousands of years. And they didn’t have enough of harassing them with their genocidal experiments, but they advance it by developing the technology to unnaturally change them. And everything takes place under the guise of advancing science for the benefit of man. I wrote about it in my 238 pages eBook Quarantine Diaries and Beyond.
However, those forces, all forces, will have to answer for their deadly experiments! Mengele was doing the same, isn’t he? Doctors’ trial at Nuremberg says it all! Did you know? Then connect it with many Biolabs that were present in Ukraina doing experiments with birds etc, financed by the US of A. That was confirmed, but the mainstream Blah Blahs are not allowed to report it further!
Everyone who wants to see and hear about the truth behind this can do it as long as it takes some time to reflect and clear their mind! Of course and to concentrate!
That could be the beginning of a new feeling of freedom. Freedom from fear and the metamorphosis of man from a man of fear into a man who uses his naturally given common sense!
Instead of changing nature we then get closer to her by understanding its processes. Not those imposed by sick, idiotic, insidious ideas about warming and the so-called green energy, but the simple common sense natural processes.
Not so-called and imposed “green” this and “green” that!
Curious question: what materials are solar panels made of, and how much harmful energy or gases are released in the production process? Or windmills with propellers! Did it ever occur to you that windmills can be more natural without propellers? Think! So if yes, you investigate, why aren’t they here with us? So that the sparrows would not think that there is something better. Like in all of the human technology that is being kept away from us! Greed and again greed!
In the meantime, we are all “taught” that we don’t have time and that all kinds of information will be digested by someone else to “help” us understand the events, etc… That is because they look at us as sheep that are not capable of going deep and concentrating on our own. They propagate that to find our own peace we should meditate instead of concentrate. Well, it’s not the same. Meditation and pacification serve to relax you with the message – Sleep! And do not wake up! We want you to sleep, to be in the state of sleepwalking. We will tell you what to eat, we will instruct you whom to vote for, we will make rules for you to strictly obey, etc.. You will not need self-control as “we will control everything that has to do with your existence!” “Till we make you nonexistent!” “Till you become biological waste!”
But, you still do not believe it? Maybe when you start believing because you start feeling it in your own skin it will be too late.

And in the end, instead of fulfillment, comes what? – where have you been? Nowhere! And what were you doing? Nothing! And you were everywhere, and you did everything. What is that everywhere and everything without finding yourself? It is unfortunately nothing! So you remain unfulfilled looking outward instead of inward. The sooner we all get it the sooner we will experience awaking and real happiness.
Life, my dears, is just a preparation for death. And what is death? Well, it is life if your deeds outlive you!
Be the characters the people will talk about and use as their inspiration!
And if your soul leads to it all this can be done without fear.
Without fear of showing that you are different, that you can love truly, and that you spread kindness and attention, togetherness, respect, and humanity.
And what is being humane? To be humane is to accept and practice the life motto – To protect others from yourself! To balance your interest with others people’s interests!
There is a solution! Never stop being active! Our activity is bothering them, but maybe, just maybe, it can become so contagious and inspirational that will spread throughout the whole planet Earth. Our planet Earth that just recently reached the number of 8th billion human beings!
If the number is right, as I have my humble doubts, it shows that we have a place for at least another 8 billion people! What we need to take care most, is not about the number of people but about their education!
The education that will be based on humanity, and to repeat as it is crucial, to educate all that to be human is to PROTECT OTHERS FROM YOURSELF!

Maybe words can kill us, but they can also change the world!

Be kind and ridiculously good!
We will definitely prevail!

Darko Richard Lancelot
Connect with Respect

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