Peace-Peace means War-War – The Pandemic of Lies

Documentaries by Boris Malagurski

“The truth you know has all been a lie,” said A.D. Aliwat

Do not believe? Get some two hours of your time and see part 3 of The Weight of Chains documentary. Find out about the 15 tons- 15000kg of depleted uranium being dropped from the planes of the “brave” 19 NATO member states to one country of 8 million people. They used, as they now say, the term “Operation Noble Anvil.” It is certainly so noble to drop 15000 kg of depleted uranium.

In this extraordinary documentary The Weight of Chains 3 ( youtube link is free) the author, Boris Malagurski presented us, all of us, those with and without common sense included, with astonishing, truthful facts about the treatment of us humans by others also called humans that act completely and with unimaginable zeal against their fellow human beings. Maybe after watching part 3 you will be more curious to see other parts of his The Weight of Chains documentaries.

His work and his documentaries are presented in a way that leaves no one pococurante, indifferent, or apathetic. The truth is always stored somewhere awaiting some bell ringer to reveal it and get our attention to awaken us from stereotypes, manipulation, and lies. Boris is doing exactly that. He is our bell ringer! He communicates with us, the viewers, in the frequencies that are awaking suppressed common sense and understanding. The pieces of information he conveys are documented, and truthful. Surprisingly truthful. It is where you realize that the “truth” you knew has all been a lie. Exactly as A.D.Aliwat have said. Then you start questioning all the narratives imposed upon us all these years! You see how “noble” is the mind of insidious looters! Better ever than never!

At the same time, it shows the beauty of the human mind as “Dr.Nele” points out in the documentary that “The threshold of tolerance of the human race is always lowered, so people say that something is not radioactive, but only a little radioactive.” It is like saying that we are not dead, but only, just slightly dead, or that we are not manipulated and used but just a little used and played like sheep. That is what is always happening to us humans. Including so-called and presented to us as a pandemic. The pandemic which definition has been changed prior tonthos so-called we are still passing through as the genocidal organisers like it so much. They live their achievements that by using the word health they do exactly the oposite Like the word PEACE. However, one could be the truth! That we are living in a pandemic of lies! For that kind of “pandemic” o e is the cure, one is the jab! That one of awaking!

By unraveling the truth connected with the tragedy of so many people of different nationalities Boris Malagurski tickles our curiosity and enables us to proceed with our investigation further, taking it to the next, universal level. That of the millennium struggle between the truth and lie. Looters lie to continue their lucrative business and we the people are stuck between our innate goodness and the manipulation imposed on us. That of PEACE and PEACE, URANIUM WITH PEACE. Like the jabs with health.

He raises many questions, one being in the core! Did the debilitation process take so much upon us that we became egotistical, narcissistic idiots? Do we comprehend that we are all deplorable for that small group of scoundrels? Even those working for their insidious methuselah plans of depopulation of the planet! Including law-enforcing poor human beings who serve as executioners to the organizers of the most genocidal plans ever! WAKE UP!

If someone could characterize THE WEIGHT OF CHAINS with two words it would be a WAKE-UP CALL! WAKE UP CALL FOR EVERYTHING AND ALL! Connect and you will awake if you are in sleepwalking mode!

WAKE UP! People are dying suddenly and from causes that are all connected with “PEACE,” “HEALTH,”

The weekend is approaching so this documentary would be an inspirational addition to your schedule.

You can find this documentary also here on Vimeo and help the author.


Darko Richard Lancelot


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