2022-The year passed while many slept through it

At the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022, we were still following repression measures instructed by all those corrupted morons that were having private parties or visiting their girlfriends when the lockdown was in place!
And that was just the end of 2021!
2022 was around the corner, waiting to “highly likely” surprise us more!
However, surprises are only for “one-eyed following the blind.”
Unfortunately, two years of the so-called epidemic dulled most of our instincts, keeping us in the dark even when light, a lot of it was around!
Like we were living in the cave that immortally and to the detail Paton described in his “Allegory of the cave!”
Now as 2022 is gone with the wind, and as time passes, many would like to forget it. Don’t!
2022 will be remembered as one of the important if not crucial stepping stones in human history! From all sides! That of destroying and that of building, that of fear and sleepwalking and that of awaking!
From discussing the narrative control(crucial for brainwashing and manipulation) in that remote village in Switzerland with private security
from where you are informed that many of us need to die and as many to have a chip implanted, till Merkel and Holland who confirmed, revealed that the real plan of the so-called west was to buy time for Ukraine with the Minsk agreement and enable it to wage war instead to find peace, reform, and live peacefully with its neighbor! It showed that all plan was, again, to destroy Russia and yes China! It would not be of surprise, that we will learn in the future, that all countries involved have been promised parts of the spoils after conquering Russia, like in WWII.
In between, you had Mr.President XI manifesting a vision for a better world without blackmailing and pressuring, building ties with every nation including India and Vietnam! Just imagine the axis of Germany, China, and Russia with India, Iran, Brasil, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and all of Africa! What will be the principle of that cooperation? As another leader stated- it is simply a balance of interest for mutual advancement and sustainable progress! No pressure and blackmail and bribes! Instead, to serve few to the detriment of many, it will be that few will serve many for mutual development! Those few will be visionary, uncorrupted statesmen ready to sacrifice their egos for the good of the society and people they represent!
To go towards that idea and achieve results, the security of the planet should be safeguarded from the hitchhikers of the western world so as not to come to the idea to destroy us all! They are the minority, extremely organized and dangerous but a minority!
Some are called “Straussians.” What and who and why and how is up to you to find out. But please find out! It’s a bunch of fanatics usurping our freedom and projecting fear while protecting their existence! The lives of other people do not matter to them! They do not have a country. They suck countries!
That is why it is of high importance to let them think more than twice about the result of their destructive policies, and enlighten them to learn about the existence of the weapons of deterrence!
Let me take only one example before continuing further.
2022 will be remembered for the resurrection of the Sarmatians, the tribe that lived in today’s territory of Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan from the 4th century BC to the 2nd Century AC. Sarmat-ians were war-like, freedom-loving, and ferocious people with powerful cavalry that used bows with poisonous arrows. Sarmat missiles deployed for the first time for combat duty in Russia somehow perpetuated Sarmatians and their legacy.
So, the year 2022 could be easily and “highly likely” called the year of disaster preparation.
However, the year did not start in January 2022! It began in December 2021 when Russia asked NATO for written security guarantees and negotiations to start “without delays and without stalling” in “any place and any time, even tomorrow.” *( Guardian 17th December 2021)
Russia wanted a “legally binding guarantee that NATO would give up any military activity in Eastern Europe and Ukraine.” * Reuters 17/12/2021

For history, here is the link to the Russian draft proposed
“Treaty between The United States of America and the Russian Federation on security guarantees.” * mid.ru 17/12/2021 13.30


Then a lot of blah blah blah started with the highly ignorant so-called collective west about the worries Russia presented in detail! They thought that they dig the hole for Russia’s existence.
The immature and bribed leaders of that part of the world who learned not to accept to negotiate with anybody but to dictate their conditions to everyone simply ignored all the demands of Russia.
It was very depressing to the common sense people to listen to the explanation of the different low-quality characters representing NATO and all “collective west” countries. Those personalities, the product of the same masters could not and it looks “highly likely” can not distinguish what is diplomacy all about and what is war all about! Narcissism and utter stupidity, as well as fear of their corruption being uncovered, govern them over common sense, ethics, and the progress of whole humanity! They are used by the same forces that promoted them to positions of authority to execute their plans and then to be abandoned! You could see the biography of Lord Balfour. The forces choose him and used his feelings of superiority to implement their strategic plans.

When those that like to be called intellectuals, but are idiots squared, face the truth presented by a serious and powerful opponent they become completely imbalanced. You sometimes can not distinguish if they are human or not! Definitely, psychiatrists have a lot of work as their era, the whole era is coming to an end! The era of lies and looting, and using people. That was predicted by many highly ethical human brains one being Carroll Quigley the professor of Georgetown University and the author of “Tragedy and Hope,” and “Anglo-American Establishment.”
Finally, they have in front a very, very serious opponent that has the truth as the main ally! Apart from Poseidon and Sarmat of course.
Many of those destroyers of humanity, and Malthusians, ignorantly commented about the request Russia officially proposed! Morons that now cost us all more lives and it looks like they”highly likely” want more lives to be taken! They are pushing us towards a world war to cover up their genocidal crimes against humanity! Remember the late Madeleine Albright and her reply about the loss of Iraqi children. Its HERE! Or the advocate with Odesa roots who famously stated “F**k Europe,” and confirmed the existence of Biolabs in Ukraine border areas with Russia.
February 2022 was a month of many developments in preparing for March. March is liked by devils who organized many blood-spiting events around the world throughout human history! Devils like March! The first important event was the statement, the “Joint Statement of the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China on the International Relations Entering a New Era and the Global Sustainable Development.”
It was February 4th! you can still find it here: http://www.en.kremlin.ru/supplement/5770!
There was a story that circulated that Dragon and Bear were walking and talking. Bear was thoughtful and concerned. The Dragon asked Bera what is going on and why is he so concerned. The Bear said that he needs to react to protect people that are experiencing genocide and that he wants to ask Dragon for one serious loan to sustain that action! Dragon asked how much Bear needed. Bear said the equivalent of 1000 billion USD. The Dragon replied immediately! “I can not grant you the loan.” The Bear disappointed but with relief said: “It’s ok! I appreciate your honesty, dear friend!” Dragon continued! I said I can not grant you a loan but I can transfer to you 1500 billion USD equivalent and you will give me back when you can! Dragon and Bear agreed to upgrade their partnership to strategic! That is happening now, and it will continue happening!
However, they both want the Eagle reformed, freed from insidious destroyers, and roamers to become a full member of the “BALANCE OF INTEREST,” world! That is the truth!

Then, I can say from some distance that a beautiful meeting with a lot of laughs was held on the 10th of February in Moscow between legendary Madame Liz Truss “highly likely” and “its done” lady, and Sergei Lavrov*.
Here is the Youtube link from a joint press conference- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7AWau7tIs4
In that meeting, one with a cool head and just a little experience could understand that the so-called collective ignorant west of today, did not want anything but just and only WAR! The idea was to follow and implement Sir Winston’s old plan of the 1st of July 1945 named “Operation Unthinkable,” and to attack Russia, this time through a proxy, using poor Ukrainian people that were taken as hostages. From the very top to the very bottom!
Sergei Lavrov said that the meeting with Liz Truss was ‘like talking to a deaf person.’



But before that, the gold of the people of Ukraine held at the Central Bank was shipped to the mother USA. Devils like to steal gold! Not only souls.

Could be that all the money Russia held abroad would be used to save one of the major banks in the western world that is busted but it is not announced yet. Maybe they wait for the month of March 2023 to announce that. “Devils do not like only Prada,” they like the month of March also!

Seeing that Russia did not have enough troops around the border with Ukraine the devils wanted to make sure they provoke more! More! More!
So February 2022 has been used for provocations! Nice, insidious, but when you see it deeper extremely stupid provocations!
Why stupid? Because all this was planned in Russia many many many years ago! Andropov who was looking from his grave smiled as he saw the stupid collective west falling into the trap they dig for Russia!
Andropov Vision could be found here-https://philosophyofgoodnews.com/2022/12/22/yuri-andropov-vision/ The first of many parts that will become a book.

As stupidity and greed and ignorance has no limits, unfortunately, they forced the actor to announce on the 19th of February that he is seeking the cancelation of the Budapest Memorandum on security assurances signed on the 5th of December 1994.
What does that mean? It meant that the actor’s handlers wanted to provoke Russia further by showing that the actor wants to go nuclear.
The thick red line has been passed, and forever! This forever we all should remember. Forever will finish not with the reform of Russia but with the reform or ousting of those corrupted, bribed, and blackmailed, ferocious, greedy, insidious morons who hitchhiked the so-called collective west!
To put salt in the wound the tragic, but sympathetic, ex-prime minister of the country that suffered more tragic Nazi Anders Behring Breivik( coincidence that all those have two names? like Lee Harvey Osvald etc..) attack of 2011 that killed 77 innocent people announced that Russia will not have less but more NATO around(paraphrase). Always accompanied with ” we are ready to talk about security issues..”

Russia moved 24th of February and began the military operation that lasts till today. It needs to last long as it will be painful more for the initiators than for the truth seekers. That was the plan of Yuri! Which Yuri? Yuri Andropov and his friend which we will call “Ш.” Who is “Ш?” Or if it is only one, will be revealed in the next sequels of the STORY!
The “game” tragic “game” started and blood-sucking bastards, where ever they were situated, were happy! To see the Slavs fighting Slavs with an actor acting as Karagoz was an achievement of the Empire of Lies! Just it will be temporary!
Slavs should never forget how they have been played by the group of people that are the minority! Again, as in the October Revolution of 1917.
The time has come for the sealed files to be opened and implemented with minor changes! That has happened and now we are witnesses to many developments that will define the future of the world!
Those in part of the “collective west” began to comprehend that they can not hide anywhere and maybe they are so nervous now, that might even come to their senses.
2022 saw Nord Stream blown away by “someone” that all know who it was but no one from the democratic west is brave enough to say. It was confirmed by the legendary Lizz sms message -“it’s done.”

War was the only way to proceed as the epidemic story was fading and the system started to be seriously affected which will irrevocably result in collapse.

We had many revelations about the so-called epidemic, that was forced upon us as the jab’s effectiveness! Here is the story as a reminder THE EART IS OURS !

Both stories were going on simultaneously. The story of the epidemic and, the story of the war are connected with, of course, PROFITS and BRIBERY! It was amazing to see the nervousness of the organizers that provoke the war how they promoted hatred for Russia who had the nerve to demand to negotiate!
Someone stood up and said enough!

Another small country with great people stood up and showed the balanced view and the integrity to both, to the USA, EU and Russia and the whole world! That country is Serbia! Herebelow is the link of the Conclusions of National Security Council of Serbia dated 25th of February 2022 which will stay in the history as brave, universal and balanced statement that is still valid!

Connected with the story about vaccination and the epidemic that started to fade away it was obvious that manipulation was losing strength! People got fed up with all the lies that were forced upon them as the only truth!
Science became dogma long ago but now it was filled with modern inquisitors!
The reports of counter-indications those liquids caused began to appear in multiple publications, alarming humanity.
If people were muddled, these pieces of information that started to flow as Niagara falls made them even more confused than a mouse at the burlesque show.
Someone sick in mind and low in human emotions wanted us all not to have a clear mind and sharp common sense! Someone planned to subdue us by spreading fear and the lies presented as the only truth! Propaganda is carried to divide us! It continued in the whole of 2022 and it will be intensified in 2023!
Those inventors and executors of that insidious propaganda will, be sure, bear responsibility for their actions.
Ask yourself: is my immune system better or worst with or without foreign liquids untested for the transmission of a so-called infectious agent injected into the body? And do not blame anyone for the lies you believed in! Rise above the blame and unite with all humanity to demand full responsibility from all involved! All!

In July 2022 Shinzo Abe former Japanese Primeminister was assassinated.

On the 1st of September, there was an attempt to assassinate Mrs. Cristina Fernández de Kirchner former president of Argentina. It was coincidentally connected with the first visit of the team headed by Mr. Rafael Mariano Grossi Director General of IAEA to the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant.

BRICS conference was held, Mr. Sholtz visited Mr. Xi, Mr. Xi visited Saudi Arabia, Mr. Xi and Mr. Putin held a video conference and the list goes on and on.
The war started and is waiting for some event in 2023 to be announced to the ignorant human beings that will affect all of us.

The end of November 2022 was left to Mr. Fauci and his memory which was all well and going till the day he testified. On the day of hearing his memory vanished! Poor Mr. Fauci. However, it is good that he did not use the syntagm- “I was only doing my job.” https://nypost.com/2022/11/25/all-knowing-dr-faucis-memory-suddenly-vanishes-when-he-has-to-testify/
Now, when one thinks of last year, it could come to our mind that 2022 was also the year of unveiling the real agenda of many people that were and still are holding positions of authority that can influence destiny for many of us.

Welcome to 2023.

Truly hope that it will be without the World War of no return!



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