“Endless money forms the sinews of war.”

During WWI, money circulation doubled in the UK, tripled in France, and it went fourfold in Germany. Another sign that we are already AT WAR! Not announced yet, but we are!

The above title is a quote of Cicero from the book Lords of Finance by Liaquat Ahmed. I am extending it, following the idea of Cicero and stating that endless lie forms the sinews of humanity’s destruction. As the Chinese Foreign Minister recently pointed out: “There seems to be an invisible hand pushing for the protraction and escalation of the conflict and using the Ukraine crisis to serve a certain geopolitical agenda.”
Exactly a day after, you had further degradation of another institution with the prefix “international,” confirming once more that the whole system is approaching collapse. Blackmailed officials are issuing statements for which they will be personally accountable. There are no signs of stopping anywhere till the total destruction. Greed and arogance is governing. That will cost us all if we do not instantly awake and defend our freedom and future. We can not allow being the sheep used by that invisible hand and pushed to go towards the abyss.

However, some are waking up, especially when they lose money. Saudis and Iranians made a peace deal, and the Saudis are back in Syria, also. Losing money to looters is painful. (https://www.cnbc.com/2023/03/20/saudi-national-bank-loses-over-1-billion-on-credit-suisse-investment.html) Just for the history, Credit Swiss was the first European Bank which was listed in the New York stock exchange by buying First Boston Bank. One of the vice presidents was the late Richard Holbrooke.

At the same time, Russia is promoting the use of the Chinese currency in dealings with African nations and not only.

One is the common denominator of all these countries. Natural resources. So one could say that the countries with natural resources do not want anymore to have anything to do with looters except to sell them their products for sound money. Not the money of QE and “Swap lines.” That is making looters, popularly called investors, panic. This time they did not choose Jekyll Island but Omaha. HERE IT IS.

The 1913 Jekyll Island establishment found a new expression- “Swap lines.” It’s the other name for an already inflated term of QE. All these terms with short words are made to further brainwash and force you to stay on the surface. Surface only! Going deeper is not allowed. Scratching more can be lethal for Conspiracy Practitioners (you can find out more in the book Quarantine Diaries and Beyond), so all the methods are to make you, us, continuously on the surface only. So new fruit is “Swap lines.” Both QE and “Swap lines” are other words for inflation. Inflation is like diabetes. It starts slowly and insidiously affects your body till the moment when you realize that the damage is irreversible. This is what is happening now, and it is accelerating every single day. Just these days, it was announced that UK inflation in February raised “unexpectedly” to 10.4%. That unexpectedly is what made me worried more! Brainwash continues as more “unexpected” events will take place, and people will believe that they are actually “unexpected.” That is combined with the statement that the UK will send ammunition with depleted uranium to Ukraine. Another confirmation of the quote from the title.

How are the lies projected? What is the method that lies follow? You might think that it is something scientific or something complicated. Something that only a few know the answer to. Those few like calling themselves, or worst, like being called intellectuals or elite. That kind of creature was explained in the article by Nicholas Taleb, “The Intellectual yet Idiot.”
That is what the practitioners of lies and conspiracies want and push you to think! They desire for you to be afraid to express your own view, to be a hostage of the matrix they formed to confuse and destroy you, us. They do not want us to concentrate, structure thoughts and to look deeper! That is what the methods of the “invisible hand” are.

There is an invisible hand. There is a catastrophic invisible hand. There is an insane and uncontrolled invisible hand. What should be our aim is to make that hand visible and accountable! Accountable to all humanity! That hand is involved in all the confusion, pain, and calamity of the world and us, the citizens. The time has come for that hand to be degraded and thrown in the history garbage forever. Not easy as it is interwoven in all segments of life, but very possible.

I know it is not possible to eat books! But give a chance to your brain to become alive again! As the process we start passing through will be tragic and terrible due to the greed and narcissism of that “invisible hand” coming from the “powerhouse,” we really need to be prepared and aware! To use a quote from this remarkable book originally published around 1923! “And yet knowledge is the only power-now as ever. A little mechanical device will wreck your navies. A new chemical combination will upset every rule of war. It is the same with our commerce. One or two minutes changes might sink Britain to the level of Ecuador or give China the key to the world’s wealth. And yet we never dream that these things are possible. We think our castles of sand are the rampant of the universe.” So it was, and it will always be, crucial to get the knowledge, increase, and revive our human emotions to become increasingly compassionate and have a chance to save humanity! And never to stop observing. But deeply!


Instead of extra money, print meaningful books. Let books with human ideas and wise, deep knowledge become the new means of exchange! Exactly what money has been made for! Means of exchange! Books that do not confuse but clear the mind of humans. Books that promote common sense, subtle feelings of love and togetherness, inspiring minds, and sharpening instincts. One good idea can extend and promote and advance humanity more than anything! That is why the same “invisible hand,” being afraid of new ideas for the advance of humanity, promotes writers who are confusing by selling shallow inspirational concepts! How to distinguish one from another? You feel it when you read the book and think you want to continue not only reading it but to further deepen your knowledge by investigating more. You also feel that something is missing if you do not continue reading it. If you feel that it touches your soul and sentiments, then that is the book! But please keep in mind that the right book is not the one that is written by highly exaggerated white hair writers who are used to confuse you more by taking you towards the path of disorientation, introducing and implying false rules. Like the statements – “forget your past,” “live for today,” “life is too short,” and other expressions that do not expand but limit your ability to fly, to enjoy, and to actually live life and breathe with full lungs! That is where the introduction to compulsory mask-wearing came from! To limit you! To distract you! Not to help you! So, one could say the more promoted and marketed so-called bestsellers, the less we should be looking into it! Make your own best-selling list! That it best “sells” to your heart and soul, but beware of the insidiousness that the forces of “rule-based” lies use to deceive you! That is why your mind needs to be clear. One way to become clear is to stop watching TV. Instead, read books and investigate the notes. Somewhere there, a piece of secret knowledge is hidden. And that is the truth!

We need to start understanding things that we think are not understandable by changing our concept terms! That can be done only by continuous learning, curiosity, instincts, and a lot of patience.

In these above words, everything is connected, but intentionally it is not said in the order. Maybe you can make your order and go deeper. Somewhere there, as stated above, maybe, a piece of hidden truth or knowledge is awaiting to be discovered. By you!


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