Even if the word collapse from the title was in small letters, it would be enough as the collapse is the collapse is collapse however you write it!
When you have the one who was presented as some example of holiness to the confused, gullible, and highly pliable masses to ask a boy, “suck my tongue,” while the other who represents the only world democracy based on the rules that are invented every time they are needed, to convey to the public “let’s lick the world,” one can not escape the impression that the values and with them the whole system of that part of the world is collapsing. But people continue to applaud and follow the path towards the catastrophe. Collapse is collapse is collapse as the sheep are the sheep are the sheep.

So, what is collapse?
The definition of collapse is:
” to fall or cave in; crumble suddenly.”
“to be made so that sections or parts can be folded up, as for convenient storage.”
“to break down, some to nothing; fall.”
“to fall unconscious or as if unconscious or physically depleted, as from a stroke, heart attack, disease, or exhaustion.”
“to sink into extreme weakness.”
“to come into the airless state.”
If you combine all these explanations and multiply them by ten, you will find a result that reflects where we are now.
And it is not enough!
The multiplying number is rising every day. The most serious of all is the collapse of values that is not of today. It was prepared hundreds of years ago and slowly implemented to reach the peak at our time!

We, the people, are fragile merchandise.
We, the people, want to believe, even satan, just to be left alone and not get involved in anything disturbing. To share a couple of moments more in peace with loved ones.
But dear fellow human beings, that is just not possible.
Just not possible.
We have entirely disastrous creatures furnished with narcissism and destruction ideas that arise from imbalanced severe psychological issues they carry, that, unfortunately, made them become psychopaths from mere sociopaths. As there is no cure for that kind of severe state they are in, one can obviously conclude that we live in extremely dangerous times that can cost us ALL our existence!
The only way out is for the TRUTH to be told and the bandits to be revealed to the whole world. Bandits and looters who think that they are the ones that all of the world should follow. Those that learned to love by stealing and killing other nations, and even being so open to say that the price for killing 500000 five hundred thousand Iraqi children “was worth at.”
The bandits are looters that have innate hatred for all Slavs, and all other authentic human beings that are thinking independently using common sense. They will not hesitate to get us all into conflict to satisfy their personal interests that, at least they think, could cure their psychological state. It would be worth at for them! They are trying all and nearly everything. Like the Nord Stream blowing and things that were some years ago impossible to imagine.
But everything is possible, like the new Earthquakes without epicenters and recent volcano eruptions like the Shiveluch Volcano in the Kamchatka Peninsula. Many of us still can not believe that among us there are people who are provoking these terrible events!
But, if true, the mathematics of those earth destroyers is very wrong. So wrong that they all will be called to answer for their crimes at the new tribunal that will be formed extremely very soon. Those who organized coups like the now famous “f**k Europe” those who financed Biolabs, and those that blackmailed presidents and pushed governments.
Not to mention different Secretary Generals, Chairman or Chairwoman of various organizations with the prefix “international” and “world” in them.
Panic has started and will widen as many of those we saw in the news will be indicted for crimes against humanity.
The same morons, with so much panic that is overwhelming them, wanted to accuse people who were fighting against satanic plans for the whole of humanity, but as the universal natural law says that the truth always wins are now faced with their own misdoings that caused and are still driving the death of so many people.
We are witnessing in front of our eyes how good prevails over evil in this eschatological fight!
So, the message for those who think they still can influence the disasters and tragedy for humanity by repeating the events in Hiroshima and Nagasaki is simple; you are losing, and you will ALL be held accountable!
To conclude, the collapse of those evil ones will be the rise not of the forces of the rule-based order coming from some idiotic remote villages that serve only one but the balance of interest order that serves the whole of humanity!

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