Conspiracy Practitioners II

Kindly Google the term “Conspiracy Practitioners,” and you will see that the term does not exists. Interesting, isn’t it? Philosophyofgoodnews is announcing the start of the series of essays about Conspiracy Practitioners. The term Conspiracy Practitioners has been used first time ever by us with the first essay titled Conspiracy Practitioners published February 26th 2021Continue reading “Conspiracy Practitioners II”

Entrapped by own cunning-Tragedy of the system

“Democracy statistically equates stupidity with reason, and to idiots, only if they are enough, allows to rule the world! ” These wise words are from the novel “Rabies” written by Borislav Pekic, a Serbian writer who was living in exile in London during Tito regime. He knew something we the masses are comprehending now. ItContinue reading “Entrapped by own cunning-Tragedy of the system”

Novak Djokovic-“Gde si Brate!?”

Twenty times Grand Slam winner with six Wimbledon titles, Novak Djokovic is writing the unique history of tennis!Before going further, it is good to give it a try and translate the expression “Gde si brate,” from Serbian to the English language.So “Gde Si Brate!?” can be translated as1) Hey, bro2) What’s up, Brother?3) How yaContinue reading “Novak Djokovic-“Gde si Brate!?””