“Endless money forms the sinews of war.”

During WWI, money circulation doubled in the UK, tripled in France, and it went fourfold in Germany. Another sign that we are already AT WAR! Not announced yet, but we are! The above title is a quote of Cicero from the book Lords of Finance by Liaquat Ahmed. I am extending it, following the ideaContinue reading ““Endless money forms the sinews of war.””

Let the kids play

Today is that 8th of March. International women’s day that has not been organised by feminist groups but by socialist international, world government lovers people. So, who are they? They are the ones who organised many different international days, organisations that are aiming in diminishing governments that are voted by the people. What ever theyContinue reading “Let the kids play”

Big in small, it is near at the door or already inside the house

Update 18/3/2023 Below is the Chinese foreign minister statement after his talk with Ukraine counterpart. “There seems to be an invisible hand pushing for the protraction and escalation of the conflict and using the Ukraine crisis to serve a certain geopolitical agenda,”   This is exactly what it is. From the beginning. The invisible hand thatContinue reading “Big in small, it is near at the door or already inside the house”

Deja vu- Boris in April 2022 Joe in February 2023

Boris unannounced visit to Ukraine, April 9th, 2022. Joe surprised visit to Ukraine , February 20th, 2023. As dear Boris is gone and leaders of Germany and France are not reliable for the cabinet trio Joe needed to go. Leaders of Germany and France understood finally thatbthey are robbed by their atlantic partners and theyContinue reading “Deja vu- Boris in April 2022 Joe in February 2023”

Geopolitics of hatred and looting

The Germany, France, America axis is dismantled, and the United Kingdom, Poland and America axis is formed. Poor French and Germans as British are already projected to become poor. Also the Turkey was planned to participate in that neoslavery project of Intermarium, but since it is not possible under Erdogan, coincidences like terrorist attacks inContinue reading “Geopolitics of hatred and looting”

Environmental Justice Officer

Equity Initiative and Environmental Justice Officer are happening. The excellent equity initiative is taking shape, and there will be a need for more expenses employing MANY AND MANY MANY MANY ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE OFFICERS! Aplications will follow for sure!WOOOW! When we fail, let’s fall in style and take as many many many with us! Who caresContinue reading “Environmental Justice Officer”

“The wound is the place where the light enters you” Rumi

When recently visiting the great city of Istanbul, I did not know that besides I would write about my memorable experiences and encounters I had with Turkey’s beautiful people who were not only hospitable but were sharing their vibrant energy and genuine human curiosity, there would be other events that will make me deeply shaken,Continue reading ““The wound is the place where the light enters you” Rumi”

Mother and Father, Son and Daughter, Sister and Brother

The title could be different. In a word it can be called just and simple FAMILY. So, welcome to the family. Did you have a family? Do you have a family? Do you have a mother? Do you have a father? You know, the mother is the person that had you for nine months inContinue reading “Mother and Father, Son and Daughter, Sister and Brother”

Elections-To sacrifice or to be sarcificed

Elections are held every now and again worldwide as Democracy is spread everywhere. No need to explain Democracy except to give you the root of the word, which we all should remember from school. DEMOS-KRATOS- The connection between the people and the state. The connection is meant to contribute to the well-being of the peopleContinue reading “Elections-To sacrifice or to be sarcificed”

“Per me reges regnant”

The above quote in english means:”Through me the sovereigns reign.” Looks familiar? Feels familiar? 20th of January 2023 addition As meetings are being held at that remote village where they use army helicopters to transport foreign dignitaries one interesting interview took place. Link IS HERE. OPEN IT AND SEE IT. IT IS THE NEWS FROMContinue reading ““Per me reges regnant””

It was at the door

July 2, 1878. Berlin Congress. Congress delegate Baron Joseph von Schwegel said when he learned that an assassination attempt had been made on the German Emperor Wilhelm. “To me it looks like the first crowing of a rooster at the dawn of a new day, full of blood that will bring deep sorrow to humanity.Continue reading “It was at the door”