Dragon strike-2021 instead of 2001

It is a part of quarantine diaries as it originated in quarantine we all are in still. I will baptize it Day X=26 ! Twenty-three years ago, the book “Dragon Strike” The Millennium War published by Humphrey Hawksley and Simon Holberton tried to make future history and predict the coming war with China in 2001.Continue reading “Dragon strike-2021 instead of 2001”

Quarantine diaries-Day 24

Here is the link for eBook- https://philosophyofgoodnews.com/subscription-page/ Day 24With lockdown and quarantine going on and as various Governments are looking for ways to introduce new grants to the economy concerned about the reaction of the people when this situation is allowed to be behind us quarantine diaries are a way to go back reflect andContinue reading “Quarantine diaries-Day 24”

Quarantine diaries-Day 20

Quarantine day 20To conform or to confront? That is the question!That is the question for all our activities as humans!Trump stops financing WHO. Trump confronting deep state. To conform or to confront!? But before that, just some short history hints.Medici bank was established in 1397. In 1531 New Exchange opens in Antwerp. Bank of AmsterdamContinue reading “Quarantine diaries-Day 20”

Quarantine diaries-Day 18

Day 18It is regrettable to realize that complex is not curable.That one we could call the superiority complex. If we accept that Alfred Adler was right, then the superiority complex is arising from the inferiority complex.Inferiority to accept other people’s thoughts, writings, poems. It goes to the point of not allowing the people to breatheContinue reading “Quarantine diaries-Day 18”