Contribution to the Great Reset Manifest

COMMON SENSED PEOPLE OF THE WORLD UNITE!THE REAL POWER IS WITHIN!Great Reset! Yes, ENLIGHTENED Great Reset!FROM INDIVIDUALITY TO TOGETHERNESS!Great Reset in Family values! Great Reset in the meaning of Love!Great Reset for Human Relations! Great Reset for AWAKENING OF THE SOUL!Or “just” Great Reset of OURSELVES and our way we practice TOGETHERNESS! IT is possible,Continue reading “Contribution to the Great Reset Manifest”

“Great Reset” Manifest

COMMON SENSE PEOPLE OF ALL COUNTRIES UNITEThere are words made to measure like perfectly tailored suits.One like that, exclusive shop, atelier, exists just opposite the Bilderberg Hotel in Amsterdam.I do respect the people connecting the tailored words, sending them to occupy our minds slowly. Those sayings are well-tailored, made to measure, and lay down toContinue reading ““Great Reset” Manifest”


Live life instead of life living you!“In the age of criticism, on the other hand, ideals are degraded. Reverence, awe, adoration, and wonder are replaced by other feelings-they are pushed more and more into the background. As a result, everyday life offers very few opportunities for their development. Anyone seeking higher knowledge must create theseContinue reading “Inspire”

The damned=excluded

This is a part from the story to be published in the next two weeks in the eBook: “Quarantine diaries and beyond.” In 1919 “Book of Damned,” Charles Fort shared his thoughts with us long before the “deplorables” expression. He explained that the word “damned” he used means excluded! Continuing further, saying that “ByContinue reading “The damned=excluded”

Mind transmutation,”Great Reset” and Society of “Do-gooders”

From eBook “Quarantine Diaries and Beyond” by Darko Richard Lancelot 1947 it was. Nuremberg trials. Verdict in so-called “Doctors trial” resulted in Nuernberg Code. The code has ten points, and you can read it below, courtesy of “British Medical Journal No 7070 Volume 313: page 1448, 7 December 1996. Many 7’s are here.  JustContinue reading “Mind transmutation,”Great Reset” and Society of “Do-gooders””