Provoke and Run if it is not 19 to 1

Finland and Sweeden finally joined NATO. It has happened. No Ukraine, that’s ok! Let them die! Provoke and run is the policy of brave democratic organisation based on never announced rules. Then dementia and families pride worked and stubborn and delusional, ignorant and bankrupt, corrupted and blackmailed creatures decided to continue further for self andContinue reading “Provoke and Run if it is not 19 to 1”

While Drinking Beer

While drinking beer, not for 100 euros ( ), I got many messages from concerned people reading the above post sharing their thoughts about what we are passing now. They all share the same feelings. That of uncertainty, fear, anger, and despair. Few are positive. Increasing prices of all products became daily news, drastically affectingContinue reading “While Drinking Beer”

Sorry we made a mistake

It looks like some not widely visible forces pushed and highly managed to destroy all the  communication bridges between Russia and the so-called Western world. Just to state the obvious. So-called Western world has around a billion( 1,000,000,000) inhabitants while the projected world population on Jan. 1, 2022 is 7,868,872,451. However minority learned to rule majorityContinue reading “Sorry we made a mistake”

The worst is better

Who do you think you are to pressure and corrupt people of foreign lands to commit their economic suicide? You have more than 800 hundred military bases around OUR planet, EARTH! You destroyed numerous countries to make military bases. You are not the owner of OUR EARTH! You are just a small, SMALL member ofContinue reading “The worst is better”

Black Jack, Cricket and Chess

Impression, confusion and the beauty of the strategy. Impression, the way that once important news outlets work today is irreversibly tragic. They are all in a total dismay. When you start with lies and not repair it fast but continue with even bigger lies the expiry date instead to be prolonged is shortened and fast.Continue reading “Black Jack, Cricket and Chess”