Rabies of Blindness

This morning, with the usual coffee company, I wanted to get info about the news happening in the world. It was the first time after a long time that I did not know where to go and which site to use. Somehow the pattern of the sites I was reading, alternatives, and “trojan horse” onceContinue reading “Rabies of Blindness”

“If God is for us, who can be against us?” (Rom 8:31)

Ah, these Sundays! I wanted to write in the diary about tasting and smelling abilities while drinking wine, whiskey, cognac, plum brandy, or just vodka and how that can help you discover if you are free of this virus.I mean the second, third, and other coming waves of virus mutations. Now is the second wave,Continue reading ““If God is for us, who can be against us?” (Rom 8:31)”

Believe in yourself

As a continuation of “Quarantine Diaries” there is a simple yet important, crucial thought shared with you!! “Believe in Yourself” and “Do not believe in anything based on fear!” Before starting, one thing is significant! To get our common sense back!To connect with respect! Those they cause our fear and pain, let them pause, andContinue reading “Believe in yourself”

Thank you

As of now philosophyofgoodnews Facebook page has 7007 followers and 223000 unique visitors. From as many as 35 countries in all continents. Excuse if I omitted some! Be positive and love humans. No need, pure, genuine, human need without the greed to attach the strains on universal values by complicating them. Posetivity, creativity. Interests ofContinue reading “Thank you”

Always”There is a way” Great Barrington Declaration 4/10/2020

An article below” Great Barrington declaration” came to the attention of Philosophyofgoodnews 7/10/2020 and it was a pleasant positive surprise, worth mentioning! At the same time Philosophyofgoodnews posted a comment through DISQUS, which was removed. You can find it below. It was a reply to the beautiful statement from a nurse living in New Zealand,Continue reading “Always”There is a way” Great Barrington Declaration 4/10/2020″