It is finishing, however…

We will prevail

Projection number 1

The west is abandoning its stupidity and stubbornness…

Projection 2

The deal will be made, if it is not already made

Projection 3

Nuclear World War III is avoided, for now…

Projection 4

Nord Stream job will be paid in full. Plus interest. The details might be known after couple of decades, or earlier.

Projection 5

Sect and Wonderers are to be demolished but it will be hard to diminish their influence. However humanity will prevail! Those like FTX and conference companions are to be dealt with.

Projection 6

Different families will face the rage of the world. Which are those you figure out by yourself.

Projection 7

World will not be safer place but at least business will try to function again!

Projection 8

Biolabs will be destroyed and scapegoats will be found to be accused. Usualy they will be old enough that are becoming unusable. Comprehend? Capici?

Projection 9

This all is just a pause. Hopefully it will last for a long time. Not so optimistic!

There is no number 10. We finish with 9 as 9 is an interesting number! Not like number 5. There might be a cancellation of number 5 ! Complete cancellation as it is involved in many terrible doings.

We do “smell” the hand of one sovereign who helped the situation to deescalate and would like to THANK HIS MAJESTY VERY MUCH. The voice of reason, common sense, vision and nobility is crucial.

How does that come? Well dear readers, there are numerous messages that are interweaved around us and what we need us just to look, listen and learn…

Finally, are those projections good? They are the best one can get from the public domains and between the lines messaging they all use. Symbols included! Very much included!

So the blackmail from the forces that are non governmental did not work out and we avoided WWIII. For now. If we do not get rid of the Sect and insane Russian and Slav haters positioned everywhere and corrupting as many as possible idiots we will be in even worse situation in the future. Now we can say that Russia special military operation is special not because of Ukraine but because of all those forces that thought and still think that they can rule us by lockdowns, social distancing and constant fear! It is not easy to fight confusion that is the product of continuous manipulation and huge lies!

When we say non governmental we think also about various advisors and non elected officials at important posts.

Igor made the deal with the family and went aside as George and his family. George and son will slowly transform their activities… Klaus and his morons will go bye bye! Bill will finaly shut-up and find his peace, maybe. Jeff continued not to appear. Maybe he will join Elon in making the world clearer place.

Those insidius, insane forces are “kindly” requested to give away and await for their destiny to be decided elsewhere. Maybe it is already decided but it is not announced yet. Fauci is also bye bye! Russia won and will continue winning, together with all those that are the oposite of the sect and wonderers. Western part will try to go through major shake up without tremendous loses as western basket of currencies will face severe issues that could lead to the complete collapse of the system as we know it. Just imagine if the government stop paying the police and the army. Will you be safe? Of course YES! That would be golden opportunity to show that WE THE PEOPLE are not only the dead letters on the paper but alive and ready to act!

That brings the idea of PROGRESS! It will be done if we all follow that to BE HUMAN IS TO PROTECT OTHERS FROM OURSELVES than we will not face any issues that can not be resolved and solved.

Love, not in corrupted but in the real meaning will prevail.

Project love, and love will surprise you! In all and everything!


Darko Richard Lancelot

Connect and Respect

To be continued…

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