Antologie de Poezie Romana Moderna

KINDLE EDITION The anthology is a real gem! I got it when visiting Iasi in 2017. The time when I “met” Mihai Eminescu and Ioan Creanga at Casa Bolta Rece restaurant. It is called Testament, that what we leave behind, but I can call it an introduction to Romanian language and mentality as it isContinue reading “Antologie de Poezie Romana Moderna”

Corona and us-The opportunity

Viruses are everywhere. They are with us from the beginning of time. Extra small and dangerous accompanying every living organism! At his immortal book, “Rabies” Borislav Pekic stated that virus has no less right to kill to live than humans have to kill to rule! Or at “The Plague” Albert Camus remarked perfectly: “But whatContinue reading “Corona and us-The opportunity”

Cyprus- The Super Power of Mediteranean

The superpower of Mediterranean-Island of Cyprus Expression from the title, as far as I remember, has been used to attract the attention of important person some years ago, and of course to extend the time of first, brief, courtesy meeting between two personalities. It stayed in my mind as an example of a beautiful way toContinue reading “Cyprus- The Super Power of Mediteranean”

Bank for International Settlements-The Opinion

For many people, the Bank for International Settlements, or short BIS, is unknown, and for as many, it is covered by the veil of secrecy, allowing procreation of many conspiracy theories.So what is the Bank of International Settlements, who created it, and how does it operate?Many publications inform us that BIS has been created, likeContinue reading “Bank for International Settlements-The Opinion”