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In the meantime, NordStream pipelines were blown up, and four parts of Ukraine became parts of Russia. Russians decided, like many times before, to step out of the game prepared and executed by those shadow forces which pursue the idea that “politicians can even be brought to yield, either to the glitter of material reward(perhaps in the shape of votes)or, if that fails, to the threat of agitation and overthrow. Such is the conspirator’s road to power, on high and higher to the highest levels!”(1) The laity are kept blind, even if the information is there in open! Indoctrinated, manipulated to the point of confusion, and complete disorientation the majority of laity follows their programmers instead their conscience, and instincts, as the system castrated it. If we agree that politicians are selected by those who can control them, then one question arises. How we can protect ourselves from all those creatures that have the way to become “old and valued friends”(2)of the highest level personalities who decide our destiny? Simply! Abandon the system and do not believe in any savior! We have the warning from 1900 in “A story of Anti-Christ” by Vladimir Sergaevitch Soloviev! Happy reading! He felt that wish of the different creatures that do not have their own land and are indoctrinated by hatred and demonic instincts of destruction will try and try to form one World Government and subdue us, all of us, making us a simple biological waste! The great hope is that their corrupted system based on blackmail and, as it is now evident, on printing money out of thin air is imploding! That is why we hear insidious news about nuclear Russia and other complete nonsense! Accuse others of what you will do to them! Further, produce antagonism like ‘Capitalism’ against ‘Communism,’ America or Russia etc.

Did that bell ring? If not let me quote B.Pekic- “Democracy statistically equates stupidity with reasonableness, and lets idiots rule the world only if there are enough of them.”

Did now that bell ring?

If yes, the idiots will lose their grip on making our destiny and we can finally get it back! We could take from the system what is good and the rest throw in the never recyclable waste to be burned forever!

Did that bell ring?

31000000000000 $ is the dept of the USA. That number reads Thirtyone trillion US dollars! The World dept is 305 trillion US dollars against the World GDP which is 104 trillion US dollars. So, stop having the headache of how to return your loans! Just say NO, or DEMAND THAT ALL THOSE THAT ARE EXPOSED AS SOMETHING LIKE LEADERS OR BILLIONAIRES CURRING THEIR NARCISSISM AND PLAYING LIKE THE LITTLE KIDS WITH THE LIVES OF OUR PLANET, DONATE ALL THEIR WEALTH TO THE WORLD FUND! OR! OR!


(1) Douglas Reed – Far and Wide 1951

(2)”President Roosevelt’s near-deathbed admission that he signed the fatal order to bisect Germany” that we still today do not know who he/she/they were. Douglas Reed-Far and Wide 1951


22/9/2022-Before you read below, another piece of news just came. Namely, the President of Russia refused to talk with the President of France. At the same time, the French ambassador to Russia was summoned to the Russian Federation foreign ministry where he received a note following the transfer of the french howitzer to Ukraine. We are approaching a no-return point.

Surprised by partial mobilization in Russia? Do not be. China and Russian presidents have met, talked, exchanged views, guarantees have been reconfirmed, and here you have the first result. Plus, American goes with Russian together to ISS! From Kazakstan. It looks like the major three are forming slowly slowly. The UK is out. The idiots who wanted Russia reduced to 50 million are better to shut up. The reaction of Germans shows that they will again be the main victims! They really need a new Bizmark! Fast!

Courtesy of

When all this started, I had a phone call from a friend of mine who wanted to provoke by saying that he wanted “Putin to lose.” So, I asked him if he still remembers that he is of Slav origin and if he really supports any part of Slavs that are fighting any other part of Slavs? No answer. Nothing. We said goodbye, and since then, no conversation has happened. My friend is Slav. Not ex-Soviet Union Slav. Just Slav. It is that Slav who has sold his soul to the “democratic,” organized, and visionary nothings. It is that Slav who has investments in his country of origin, Office in the Arab city-state, and he wanted to exterminate all that is not like him and even make lists of the people that are of a different opinion. Just to make things clear, these lists have been in motion long before February 2022. That shows how everything was prepared and tested from the same devil’s kitchen. That is how he got blind, ignoring the history and could not contemplate that the Bear, which once started, would not stop. Earth to change position, the bear will not stop. Do all those have the stomach for that. Do they all have the stomach for seeing their own blood instead of the blood of all those innocent Slavs from all sides? That was what I pointed out. Still feel the same. Slavs fighting against the Slavs is not acceptable. Those rats other than Slavs should come and fight. Those Nazis and those making lists of innocent people. Come out of your rat hole and fight. Not Slavs. All those Slavs that are blackmailed and bribed should pack their things and depart. Leave the people to really decide for their future. Not NATO, not anyone outside! For sure, you still have time.

However, such hatred is so usual for those that have sold their souls to something that is so destructive, utterly bad, and highly insidious. God help him, and all the souls that have hatred overwhelmed their poor souls. He is still my friend. Will always be.

Now when partial mobilization is announced in Russia, the brave and visionary western leaders will again employ their public propaganda to try to show how right they are when they called us to suffer, when they prepared the atmosphere, while they have trips around spending our money! Those that will make shower 10 times a day just to feel important and exceptional again. Those that think that something can be made out of nothing. With alchemists, yes. With them, no way. Nothing stays nothing.

That nothing is our destiny as long as we have them at the decision-making places. That nothing is going towards catastrophe as nothing doesn’t have anything to lose. Insanity and hatred rule!

Shall we remember that peace was near after the negotiation in Turkey? Who was the one to destroy it? Those who destroyed it are accountable for all the blood spit after that! Those will never be forgotten as much as they might like to be forgotten, and fast, and forever. Well, you will not. Let’s start with quotes. First is HERE and HERE.

According to multiple former senior U.S. officials we spoke with, in April 2022, Russian and Ukrainian negotiators appeared to have tentatively agreed on the outlines of a negotiated interim settlement: Russia would withdraw to its position on February 23, when it controlled part of the Donbas region and all of Crimea, and in exchange, Ukraine would promise not to seek NATO membership and instead receive security guarantees from a number of countries. But as Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stated in a July interview with his country’s state media, this compromise is no longer an option.

Want more?

Here you can read more

Simple “nothings” are going to sabotage human lives! Great democracies that had colonies and exterminated whole tribes. Those that propagate “rules-based” societies not saying that rules are changeable according to the interest and greed of those “nothings.” Those “nothings” have material power. So they will show their kindness and donate ALL their wealth to the Earth development fund.

Moreover, you have this what is called UN and its agencies that are usurped, made hostage by the same characters of Nothing.

You could get more by reading THIS HERE. It is a contribution towards the mosaic being constructed for a real, unbiased world, international non-corrupted Court.

Those roamers and their slaves want to destroy all and everything, as they feel, see, that the end is near. They need to stop and to stop NOW.

We urgently need to change that nothing to something!

That something which is not suicidal but human, genuine, and with a clean soul. That cooperates with the interest of all instead of the greed of a few.

That is something that is not compromised or bribed by roamers, nazis, and all possible and impossible collaborators. That is something that is clear and not confusing!

Can we do it?

The warning is given, stakes are up, and now is up to us to clean the air and introduce something of real human value to our societies!

In the meantime, reality hits

In the meantime, NATO SG issued the statement: ‘We are not looking for a conflict with Russia, our member countries are not a party to the conflict in Ukraine, but we are ready to protect our members.” ( courtesy

So, why did you reject Russia’s offer to make Ukraine a neutral country but instead encouraged that actor to ask to become a nuclear power? Are you sane? Are you normal? Do you understand what have you done? You “exceptional” idiots.


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