Provoke and Run if it is not 19 to 1

Finland and Sweeden finally joined NATO. It has happened. No Ukraine, that’s ok! Let them die! Provoke and run is the policy of brave democratic organisation based on never announced rules. Then dementia and families pride worked and stubborn and delusional, ignorant and bankrupt, corrupted and blackmailed creatures decided to continue further for self andContinue reading “Provoke and Run if it is not 19 to 1”

Table of Content for eBook Quarantine Diaries and Beyond

Complete Table of Contents for you to get informed. You can purchase this 236 pages eBook at For euro payments please click below link For USD use this link For GBP use this link TABLE OF CONTENT Introduction Page 3Foreword Page 6Before the Diary Page 8Just near the start Page 9QuarantineContinue reading “Table of Content for eBook Quarantine Diaries and Beyond”

Manipulation of Lomechusoides strumos

Nature has it all! By studying the species and their relations, behavior, manipulations, and organization of their lives, we can learn more about us!We can observe that by some magic stick, the system is made, built in the way that we get inoculated with the increasing needs, and through these needs, we are programmed toContinue reading “Manipulation of Lomechusoides strumos”

Thank you

As of now philosophyofgoodnews Facebook page has 7007 followers and 223000 unique visitors. From as many as 35 countries in all continents. Excuse if I omitted some! Be positive and love humans. No need, pure, genuine, human need without the greed to attach the strains on universal values by complicating them. Posetivity, creativity. Interests ofContinue reading “Thank you”