Seven minutes of eternity

Once upon the time, there was you and I. Moments to remember as ,at least I thought, they will not again be able to assemble. Not in a couple of reincarnations!

Those moments you wanted to last forever having also fear that they would dissappear. That is why you arrange to make above photo. Work of art is always coming from a beautiful soul. Beautiful and authentic soul like yours. And love! Love! Naked love!

Years have passed. We tried to suppress feelings, to proceed with lives and new experiences.

Explanations are very unnecessary. You understand that after some time. It is like obtaining experience by long circle walk. No need to explain anything to anyone. But it is nice to remember. Pain or no pain remembarance is a healer. Absolutely it is. Energy is there. Reflects,as eye rays show if clean is the soul.

And after some years that moments were reborn. Just for a few minutes. That seven minutes and three songs. Seven minutes of eternity! Oh yes! Even that we are mistaken to measure fellings that last for eternity! To measure them in minutes!? Well no! I did not measure it till it lasted! But after when it was finished.

Usually that happens when the magic is gone. Than we go back to time to see if it was long enough or good enough or just enough. Thinking and judging. By doing so, we lose momentum and magic dissappears. This is why I write these words. To stay as a remainder of those seven minutes of eternity. It can happen again. Eternity does have the tendency to repeat it self!

All is in the stars as some wiser ancestors were saying. Look at stars! There might be me from another part of the world, still alive flying and passing by and winking to you. It is a thought from imortal poem of Serbian poet Mika Antic but here in this, our story, we are all alive! Very alive and breathing.

Ordinary is that breathing?! Or it is very special?

One is learned! Should not bother with the time. Instead we should live making every period of time eternity. Eternity of creativity leaving deeds to generations to come, eternity of goodness, humanity, love, passion, respect and anything else which makes us and people arround us deeply happy and healthy. Like those three songs letting magic to dance. As magic is timeless. Magic makes time, not viseversa.

So three songs with words, describing state of the souls. Our souls. Dreams and reality and sorrow and decisiveness. Conected we were again…

There are words which lose its power when actually pronounced, said one poet, Magic words. Those were in the air, in the ethar, embracing every part of our being.

Even that we communicate not, even that you are, for someone else hot, even that I have another person in my life we have managed to stay quiet. And to stay! To stand still! And be quiet. Quietness does let us to feel more intense and deep. And we have done all in that seven minutes of eternity.

As usual you turned your back at me and I could not see your face. But I could feel the soul, the heart and the brain. All of it.You gave some time to us, to you. You gave seven minutes and three songs. Eternity emanated suddenly ,we found out, like in the game “blinds man buff” where you do not see but you are in a way forced to feel. Than choice is yours to stay or to go! And you stayed and I stayed.

For seven minutes of eternity. …



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