Quarantine Diaries and Beyond Extracts

Here are some of the extracts from the upcoming book Quarantine Diaries and Beyond to be published soon.

Day 33

Today I had in mind how I would describe myself in one photo.
The above photo, the photo I use in the philosophyofgoodnews Facebook page, was in front of me to help me reflect on the daily, 33rd day, state of mine!
I smiled for a while, looking at the picture I took some four years ago. It had a meaning. I did not recognize the uniqueness of it immediately as I got enchanted with the number 33. However, lockdown made my mind clearer, and I got an exciting vibration while looking at it, especially that it was day 33 of our quarantine! It looks like the picture was waiting for the right time to reveal its true meaning! I felt like a cat from the photo that comfortably and with great care and a sense of security, sits under the table, by the sea, breathing the air full of rare iodine, protected from possible wind or rain and, yes, extensive sun. The cat has a measure for everything! I need that measure also. All of us, don’t we?
Number 33
There are many different explanations about this double three number.
You have them presented, and you choose what suits you! That is also a game, I thought. Why are we left to choose from many explanations? Maybe to test ourselves unconsciously, or that there was a need for the real meaning to be hidden.
I took three from many explanations.
1)The word amen has a value of 33 in simple English gematria: (a=1)+(m=13)+(e=5)+(n=14) = 33
2)Arsenic, a.k.a. The Poison of Kings, has an atomic number of 33. Its alchemical symbol looks like a partially formed Star of David
3) And as I like anatomy, the human spine is made of 33 individual bones or vertebrae
The rest you can find on the internet, including Pythagoras and Newton 33s.
One table, one cat, and one number. What else do we need to spring our imagination and travel with our mind where ever we want, freely!

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Quarantine Diaries and Beyond

From Foreword: “To be or not to be….. I have been following Darko for many years and have followed the birth of his book step by step. Master in saying and not saying, hitting and hiding the hand, Darko has done a remarkable job in terms of content and research. His audience needs great attention and curiosity in following the logical thread of his writings. The most striking thing is the positivity of his message to all of us, his generosity in sharing passion, love, knowledge and intuition. Like a patient spider weaves its web every day, Darko writes his thoughts, his discoveries and his message is clear: better be! A gift of great value in a time where everything seems to be worse but in reality it does not go, we will not allow it. Thanks Darko! Adriano Davidoni”


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