Following the obituary

At the place where seeds were planted

Today could be baptised as sandy day where I spend my time in life. Sand covered the sky and dispersed into the atmosphere creating mixed feelings. Sometimes, I thought, it is necessary to have the weather like today as it gives the opportunity to reflect deeper into self than when sun and clear skies overwhelm us. Clear sky makes all things clear, but can we live with all things being clear? We definitely need “barbarians,” of Constantine P. Cavafy to find the reason to exist. Without them we are lost? At least we are lost, if we take last 2000 years. But what is 2000 years in the terms of human existence? Or we do not know that also? We say existence but we do not know what existence really means, what it really develops in us and around us.

And then with this dull weather on the top of me and around me I came through the real meaning of life! It has been expressed by few words that mean all and everything! That left me to dream of the present and to try to answer the question how far I am from those deep, simple, loving, respectful words? Then I realize that I still exist and have the opportunity to work and achieve the fulfilment, that state of being when merely staying alive would not matter any more. What a great opportunity we have, all of us,  and we just throw it away by malicious hypocrisy.

Instead to cherish life our life and the life of others and the purpose of it, we get lost in vicious circle of nothing! Nothing! As all material is nothing compared to those few words a dear friend of mine wrote to her friend who died today! The obituary goes

“A very dear friend has left. A discreet but steady friend. God rest his soul.”

How many of you, of us would like to be characterised like that? Wasn’t that enough? Was that more than all greed and insidiousness and villas, and last model cars, and the biggest yacht in the world, and all billions of millions of trillions? Because when you have all that and lose yourself, who will be left to write to your soul, your self fulfilling obituary?

You might say, who cares! I want to live till the end as hedonistic creature without thinking about such “trivialities” as friendship, ethics, discretion…

To all having those thoughts and attitude let me say that at the end



Darko Richard Lancelot

Connect and Respect


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