Philosophy of looting II-time to awake

It’s not from the movie Awakenings. It is from archive

“There are no rules. Just follow your heart,” Robin Williams said. But make it clean and healthy before you start following!

The world would be healthier with the unbridled passion for plunder and the insatiable thirst for the blood of other people and nations. Especially when those who are provoking peaceful people to react and defend their family, their tribe, their country, and their nation’s security understand that it will become fatal first and foremost for themselves! You know, “who digs the hole for others… ” Always. It is inevitable! 

Insanity, hatred, greed, and corruption rule, all covered by “geopolitics” made famous in Mackinder’s “The Geographical Pivot of History,” with the sole idea of looting! Looting is covered with the words “democracy,””science,” “free elections,” and “democratic process,” or any other concept serving the same purpose! That of looting and enslaving!    

That is where the thirst for reducing Russia to 50 million people comes from, confirmed by that creature of a dock worker, made president, who flew out because he always wanted to pretend to be smart. Of course, it wasn’t his idea; he has no capacity for any ideas, he heard it, and that’s how he barked! Poor people, especially as they are Slavs and they allowed to become unprecedently indoctrinated! 

Why? How? Because we are brought up by the system of values that promote precisely that. The system is insidiously built on a “divide and rule” basis, plus twisting of Darwin and anything else that could serve as an eye, soul, and mind opener! It is so obvious and so easy, yet it happens all the time! It happens because we are lulled to be the best, unique, special, exceptional, and, at the same time, do not have real leaders to represent us. To lead us! The selection is made carefully to prevent real independent leaders, ready to sacrifice themselves, from taking command. If somehow that happens”by mistake,” other methods are applied. To be a leader is to be ready to sacrifice self. To lead by example. Those that are reminding us to think about what first we can do for our country and then for ourselves. Not the opposite. Those that do not exchange their son as a war prisoner as they respect the sacrifice of millions of compatriots. Does the world have such people? Yes! Absolutely yes! To paraphrase the quote of Jerry Maguire from the same name 1996 movie- “help me to help you,” let’s help them to help us! 

Who said about the Empire of Lies? Well, recently, as I could recall, it was Mr. Vladimir Vladimirovic, but as it looks now, he only used what others were saying. Like Mr. Pompeo, here:

Lies were first planted in history. And it formed generations of manipulated people, who always follow the line of least resistance as being a conformist has its short-term benefits. Unfortunately for them and us, and everyone, long-term results lead to what we face today and what we will face in the midterm future! 

The history papers were created, aged, and placed in archives. And then those with grants were invited to research AND write, making new nations, new languages, new religions, all for the same purpose! Divide to rule and loot!  

But again, all that will be revealed. No matter how vile archives and archivists are. And it is impossible to hide everything, just like the history of the Slavs. Time is needed for the truth to come out, but it will happen! 

Recently I read “Die Abkunft Der Slawen-Nach Lorenz Surowiecki, von PAUL JOSEPH SCHAFFARIK- 1823 book. (The origin of the Slavs…) with fantastic references that have mentioned all authors that wrote about it. Remarkable! ” Life cannot suffocate and tire a person if he learns to understand the world…” Learn! No matter what circumstances! Learn as that is precisely what is our purpose of existence! 

Learning is the process that increases the appetite for more learning. The above book reminded me of another excellent book by Jim Macgregor and Gerry Docherty, “Hidden History: The Secret Origins of the First World War.” Conclusion? The vast majority of highly advertised books are made by specific “rules-based” methods. Want a grant- obey the rules. What are the rules? Those that “scientifically” suit particular interests. Follow the rules and get beautifully designed diplomas and status. Get nice white hair for people to think that you are wise, and that’s it! Till the moment, you need to face YOURSELF and your conscience the actual status of the sold soul and a burden to all your coming descendants. That is the PRICE!   

Another amazing book that, as it says in the introduction, was printed by mistake is “Tragedy and Hope” by Carroll Quigley, a unique mind and professor at Georgetown University. Explains all! That book is by itself a source of genuine and honest history of recent mankind! 

Both books are more than 1200 pages and need time and concentration.

It is nearly certain that both books were printed precisely because of their size as those behind publishers were counting on our minds not being able to substantially concentrate! Confute them! Read both! 

About them and about Conspiracy Practitioners, Nikola Tesla’s patents in the Soviet Union, and about Leonardo Da Vinci and his visit to Cyprus, after which he became famous, and many other, so readers say, inspirational essays you can read in the eBook Quarantine Diaries and Beyond which is for ready to be delivered to your inbox.  

Do not stop! Do not get discouraged. Every day we learn that we do not know nothing or at least that what we think we know is a product of that nothing molded to become something. The first subject is history as the basis for forming opinions, legends, and myths that drive the people to, tragically, think that they know something as someone somewhere has been programming the past to manipulate the present and shape the future. 

By continuing the read, one word would come to mind- lies. Plain, continuous, everlasting lies. 

To overcome that and seek the truth, one needs concentration and time, the two ingredients taken from us humans most insidiously. Enough said. 

But still! Rebut them! It is, absolutely, up to each of us. Or sleep, pass through this earth, and continue sleeping, or awake and become curious, again and again. That might be the process of regaining common sense also. In his pamphlet “Common Sense,” Great Thomas Paine realized that.  

What do you want to do it is entirely up to you!

Benjamin Franklin said that “we are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.”


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