Philosophy of looting-are we hostages till our extinction?

A little bit of the sea view opens the mind.
Looks like the truth is slowly finding its way toward us. But are we worthy of it, as Mark Twain remarked?

It is becoming evident that there are people(who that lost their minds or are highly corrupted) who want to enslave others, thinking that they are Gods. There are people who enjoy their enslavement(considering that they are more important, like poor Kapos in the Nazi regime or today’s governing echelon), and there are people who want nothing to do with enslavement.
However we take it, the sure thing is that the last two types of homo sapiens are “deplorables” for the first group full of narcissism filled with Nazi ideology! And the third group is the one that will awake the majority. That will make the fear disappear as the rising IDEA is pure, kind, human, genuine, and humble! THE IDEA CAN NOT BE KILLED! Whatever you do and whomever you support! That IDEA is the IDEA of the world free of NAZIS and THEIR SUPPORTERS that want to extinct us, like the ideologist of Nazism. Learn where Nazism originated from, and the light will shine on you! The IDEA that is innately in you in all of us will appear, will awake! The IDEA of TOGETHERNESS and COMPASSION, and SHARING!
Maybe you could try that possibility and decide to finally wake up and clear your thoughts and mind and not to be angry with the mirror if you are ugly, but to start seeing how propaganda and creative lies work!
The first group, overwhelmed by madness, with the help of the second group, is using Goebbels tactics, which are simple. Accuse others for that what you do yourself. It happens so often everywhere in the “rules-based” countries and societies.
However, even mad and out-of-mind creatures can be desperate. They are desperate and very dangerous because they serve the devil. Oh yes, it is not exaggerating! Devil! There is a long time now since they lost their touch with reality. The only reality they want is the reality they create! They managed to execute the now famous statement in 2014 of the lady with Odesa ancestors- “F**k Europe.” You can not find it on youtube anymore. That says that ignorance and arrogance are the overwhelming states of mind of all those who shape our destiny. Tragic but true.

They desperately need WAR. They blackmail humanity! Nothing to do with Russia! The only thing they want from Russia is simply not to exist. Or to be reduced to 50 million, as that idiot of dock worker said. Where 100 million will go, they do not care! Nazis! Those corrupted, full of hatred roamers! The west ceased to have an honest government ready to sacrifice for the common good!

It is unbelievable to listen to all those morons having an orgasm when seeing other innocent people’s blood. Especially Slav’s blood! But also other blood from India, China, Africa, Balkans, the Middle East, and the Mediterranean…. you name it. It is so unfortunate to see all these so-called western countries become slaves of the wanderers seeking revenge. Their headquarters are on the island that used to be a member of the EU. They plan all from there. They insidiously enslave the people there! When things go very wrong, they will escape from the island. That is not their country. It is just another place to use and abandon. What will be with commoners? They do not care.

Now we have the rule that is “f**k Europe.” Some weekly magazine from ex-EU member island mentions that the good thing about all this mess is that Germany is contained now! Yes! Europe, the one we know as the EU, is “fed.” It could be that the lady who became famous for that arrogant expression remembered how her grandmother in Odesa had a tradition of looking in the coffee cup, foreseeing the future. It is, to use another modern term, “highly likely,” that she remembers. Like that “highly likely” confirmed that Rostov on Don was not in Russia. That characters of “highly likely,” “deplorable,” and that “f**k Europe” are still pulling the strings. Madness! The one “it was worthed” passed away to God. Now her descendants want to cash in by investing at, as we can recall, coal mines in the Serbian province of Kosovo, not giving a damn about the UN resolution 1244. Or the “rules-based” system does not apply to UNSC resolution 1244?

We are run by the madness of insane people. They can not be trusted for anything!

Maybe you prefer to continue sleeping like nothing has happened, as long as it is far from your house. What about NOW, WHEN THE MADNESS-MADE EVENTS ARE APPROACHING YOUR HOUSE?
But, still, these events will not be forgotten. The arrogance of the administration members, whose leader preferred golf over governing, who declared that they are exceptional, while the lady running for the highest office called all the others not thinking like her “deplorables,” as her husband was having fun at the island.
It is that one who bombed Belgrade to ease the pressure caused by the simple but tasty cigar. Can you imagine? For one cigar to bomb the whole country! Who the hell do they think they are!? It is the same one who had team members saying that 500000 Iraqi children died was a difficult decision but worth it. INSANITY! ABSOLUTE CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY! This is how rules are made.
It is called à la carte rules. “It was worth it!” Worthy of what for God’s grace?!?! Or the statement ” we came, we saw, he died!” With a wide smile after. Mess everywhere! But gold is gone! Looting comes first. Clowns are there to serve the interest of looters.
Are we clowns?

Back to recent news!

Nuclear power plant Zaporozhye is being constantly bombed, and the same mad people are accusing Russians that are shelling Russians. NOW THEY MADE AN ATTACK ON THAT PLACE JUST NOT TO ALLOW THE INSPECTORS TO COME! Didn’t the order come from the island country meddling in other people’s business? With acting prime minister? Do you comprehend? Russians shelling Russians at Zaporozhye Nuclear plant.

There are rumors that at the Zaporozhye Nuclear Plant, there is nuclear fuel stocked by some American company and that its worth is tremendous! There is a massive story behind it, as Russians also do not comment.

We are approaching perilous times when those mad morons think that the only way to avoid being accountable to the whole world for what they have been doing for decades is to create more disasters! The worst, the better, as long as looting continues! Poor us that we allowed getting in their hands! We work to pay more and more bills while multinationals get richer! Do we comprehend? At last!
Are we clowns? They are laughing at us!

Reminds me of one lady commenting about Mr. President Trump and Mr. President Biden before the “highly democratic” elections and asking Mr. President Trump to be accountable. For what she did not specify. It would be nice to learn today about the reasons. The same lady, when talking, did not find it essential to establish Congo as a state and referred to that suffering country and people as “C.” She was coming from that attitude toward the apartheid behavior of South Africa. So, who will be accountable and to whom if we cease to exist? Maybe that is the plan.

Other highly problematic events are taking place.

Namely, like in the last two years’ events when all governments at the same time reacted the same, applying the exact measures of lockdown, social distancing, masks, and jabs, today we register the same pattern! For the time being, governments around Europe are switching off the public lighting in the cities under the pretext of saving energy! At the same time! It is the first step!
Are we clowns? Well, some of us are awaking!

But the people are reacting! Like in Scotland, where people are burning energy bills shouting that they will not pay.

Or in England, where the people organize themselves, and as of now, more than132000 people joined in refusing to pay energy bills increases. Here is the link-

Those in the position to make decisions affecting us all are, to say mildly, highly corrupted or blackmailed. What is the way out? Reform of the USA and its highly corrupted system. More about it you can find in this very revealing analysis HERE

The USA needs a leader with a vision like JFK and a leader willing to sacrifice himself for the country’s good. China is reforming, and Russia is also. Be ready for surprises with the rising popularity of MADE IN RUSSIA mark! You can read about it here-
They both are genuinely awaiting the changes in the USA for the world to proceed towards prosperity! It can still be done! Till the last second, there is hope and the need for that. For a Great NEW BEGINNING!

Those who financed GREAT RESET, NEW LEADERS, etc., will lose their investment and influence and just maybe continue to breathe fresh air.

Sacrifice pawns to protect the king till there is still a possibility and time.

Forgot to ask. Do you play chess? Or do you prefer blackjack?

If it is second, please forget all and start playing chess! Then we as a world have a chance. Otherwise, madness will prevail.


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