Philosophy of looting-unpredictable cleanliness

Power always comes from within

He/ she is clean, honest, and visionary. Does not have anything that could compromise her/him. No lovers, mistress, no bribe money, no”presents” in cash, no other passions. Family man/woman. Is that possible? Oh yes! But not for the system. The system we experience today that exists from Romans does not accept uncompromised people! They are seen with fear by the system built from the people seeing men/women as false, weak, and easy to compromise and control. That is why uncompromising personalities are dangerous for them, as they are unpredictable when are in a position of power. To be predictable, one needs to be compromised, which is the message of the conceptual power that made the concept to rob and control all the others.

We live in predictable times, as all of those creatures are predictable. So micro and so predictable. So corrupted and educated to limit and destroy those better than them. Those clean visionary people want to see the advancement of all instead of few.

One tale was circulating in February 2022. Namely Dragon and Bear were walking and talking. Bear was somehow absent, deep in his thoughts. Dragon noticed it and ask-dear friend what is bothering you? Is there anything I can help? The Bear looked strate into the eyes of Dragon to figure out if Dragons intention and feeling were genuine. He saw calmness and determination. He was not sure if it was right to ask but still he said:” I need to borrow the money. I need loan.” Dragon instantly, yet respectfully replied:” I can not give you loan.” Bear nodded his head and said: “It’s ok. I understand completely, dear friend.” Dragon smiled with his eyes radiating compassion and above all trust towards Bear. He said:”I did not finish my thoughts yet. What I want to add is that yes I can not give you loan but I can provide you with the equivalent of 1.5 trillion $, and you can pay it back when you can. This behaviour is dangerous for compromised creatures that run the rotten system of values. But it is the enlightenment for uncompromised visionary people

So, who are those?

That is changing now. As much as those behind think that they have control and show us, warn us about their power, organizing “coincidences,” the game is coming to an end. The “balance” that they made for their interest will be thrown and new balance, not the one projected by monsters from that Swiss village, but the balance made by those uncompromised men and women who have only one idea that guides them. The idea of prosperity for all. The right to life for all. The freedom to breathe and think and walk and talk and advance the Earth!

We all see what we want to see, and we comprehend what we wish to comprehend. That is where the process of awaking comes. It helps to distinguish what is the purpose of life! And the purpose is simple! To create memories that will stay behind us and be used for further advancement of our common home, the planet EARTH.

So, banks and banksters out, a system of credit and enslavement out, the printing of worthless enslavement paper out, Methuselah out, eugenics out, all inhumane out, and we THE PEOPLE IN! IN CONTROL OF OUR DESTINY!


Their convulsions of despair show how insane they have become. Their wish to reduce us to some “golden” number and their organization of that process that did not succeed becomes so obvious with every passing day. Symbolism is important to their satanic hatred-filled mind.

Matarese Circle is an interesting book! With a good end.

Here below, you can see more of the symbolism.

Queen Elizabeth II died on 8/9/2022 = 8+9+2+2+2= 23=2+3=5

Number 5 -“Pater omnis thelesmi totius mundi est hic.” Or, in English, “It is Thelesma, the father of the whole world.”Arab version- It is the father and protector of magic; its strength is perfect and wakes all lights.”

They wanted to warn us that even the death they control. Plus, that Queen’s death needed to happen on a particular date. It is their source of energy to “play” with numbers and symbols. Insanity rules monsters, those disordered eugenics, full of satanic hatred towards all of us. All of us. Remember that. Go back and watch the London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony. Awake! Especially you that are acting as Kapos and servants awaiting some crumbs from their table. They laugh at you; they do not care about you and will replace you with AI robots as soon as that becomes possible. They will call it the 4th Industrial Revolution, as still, the 4th Reich is not popular, making you scared to react against or making you crazy if you react against it.


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They used you, they compromised you when you accepted to propagate “flattening the curve,” when you called morons those free human beings rejecting the jab when you accepted lockdowns and masks and social distancing. They made you compromised as they are deadly afraid of those uncompromised! Yes, YOU!

Think! What will you leave behind? Does not matter if you will live 30, 50, or 100 years. Chopin lived 39 years, Mozart 35, Yesenin 30, Wallace 35, and the list can go on and on. All of them ARE IMMORTAL! As all of them left with us works and deeds that are unique and memorable. And we, or the majority of us, remember them for what they left behind! Uncompromised!

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