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Totalitarianism Diaries-Decolonization and Recolonization(recognizing the process)


So, NordStream pipelines were blown up, and four parts of Ukraine became parts of Russia. Russians decided, like many times before, to step out of the game prepared and executed by those shadow forces which pursue the idea that “politicians can even be brought to yield, either to the glitter of material reward(perhaps in the shape of votes)or, if that fails, to the threat of agitation and overthrow. Such is the conspirator’s road to power, on high and higher to the highest levels!”(1) The laity are kept blind, even if the information is there in open! Indoctrinated, manipulated to the point of confusion, and complete disorientation the majority of laity follows their programmers instead their conscience, and instincts, as the system castrated it. If we agree that politicians are selected by those who can control them, then one question arises. How we can protect ourselves from all those creatures that have the way to become “old and valued friends”(2)of the highest level personalities who decide our destiny? Simply! Abandon the system and do not believe in any savior! We have the warning from 1900 in “A story of Anti-Christ” by Vladimir Sergaevitch Soloviev! Happy reading! He felt that wish of the different creatures that do not have their own land and are indoctrinated by hatred and demonic instincts of destruction will try and try to form one World Government and subdue us, all of us, making us a simple biological waste! The great hope is that their corrupted system based on blackmail and, as it is now evident, on printing money out of thin air is imploding! That is why we hear insidious news about nuclear Russia and other complete nonsense! Accuse others of what you will do to them! Further, produce antagonism like ‘Capitalism’ against ‘Communism,’ America or Russia etc.

Did that bell ring? If not let me quote B.Pekic- “Democracy statistically equates stupidity with reasonableness, and lets idiots rule the world only if there are enough of them.”

Did now that bell ring?

If yes, the idiots will lose their grip on making our destiny and we can finally get it back! We could take from the system what is good and the rest throw in the never recyclable waste to be burned forever!

Did that bell ring?

31000000000000 $ is the dept of the USA. That number reads Thirtyone trillion US dollars! The World dept is 305 trillion US dollars against the World GDP which is 104 trillion US dollars. So, stop having the headache of how to return your loans! Just say NO, or DEMAND THAT ALL THOSE THAT ARE EXPOSED AS SOMETHING LIKE LEADERS OR BILLIONAIRES CURRING THEIR NARCISSISM AND PLAYING LIKE THE LITTLE KIDS WITH THE LIVES OF OUR PLANET, DONATE ALL THEIR WEALTH TO THE WORLD FUND! OR! OR!


(1) Douglas Reed – Far and Wide 1951

(2)”President Roosevelt’s near-deathbed admission that he signed the fatal order to bisect Germany” that we still today do not know who he/she/they were. Douglas Reed-Far and Wide 1951


29/9/2022. The times are serious and it is important to repeat what Joseph the propaganda guru of the German Nazi regime that was used to implement the idea of Nazism invented elsewhere said: “While enemy states produced unprecedented atrocity propaganda aimed at Germany throughout the whole world, we did nothing and were completely defenseless against it… Just as we were militarily and economically unprepared for the war, so also with PROPAGANDA. We lost the war( WWI) in this area more than in any other. THE CLEVEREST TRICK USED IN PROPAGANDA AGAINST GERMANY DURING THE WAR WAS TO ACCUSE GERMANY OF WHAT OUR ENEMIES THEMSELVES WERE DOING!” That is what the first reaction about the explosion of NIRD STREAM pipelines was from NATO and EU creatures. Implying between the unsaid that Russia destroyed something that it built spending loads of money.

The time has come for the truths to be revealed and said!
While writing, news came informing us that all three pipelines of Nord Stream had a leak that happened after underwater explosions. One idiot, an MP of the EU parliament posted -“Thank you USA.” The same mind as his compatriot who wants Russia reduced to 50 million. So, not only food supplies and power stations are “incidentally” burned. Now the most dangerous NAZIs, destroyers of the world want to ensure that there is no way for gas to go to Germany! Germany is doomed! From idiots that believed the Jacks of any kind, they are now in deep trouble. It reminded me of KGB, in the days when the process of decomposition of the Soviet Union became irrevocable, placed eavesdropping devices on underwater communication cables of NATO countries including the USA. Mr. Vladimir Krychkov was then the Chairman of KGB. When the process starts, you can try to do anything to make it more complicated or to stop it, but in vain. The point is just what will be the cost for humanity to oust these looters.
It is not a coincidence that explosions happened after the demonstrations of Germans asking for Nord Stream 2 to start working! There is no coincidence! Just the people need to wake up immediately!

Now about other truths!
They are all in the public domain and with the right “clicks” can be found but somehow, many are not aware of it!
We are approaching WORLD WAR!
The plan to make Ukraine, that poor Ukraine, the jumping board to attack Russia and reduce it to 50 million people is irrevocable as we have an insane sect being behind it! Insane and completely determined to demolish the whole world for the sake of that late old Strauss! That Strauss who was sending his students to interrupt other professors’ classes! Interesting and alarming!
We need to unite and unite now! They see all of us, no matter if Americans, British, Germans, Ukrainians, Russian, Polish, etc… as just DEPLORABLES! Those “deplorables” which that insane woman the boss of that insane man of Irish descendant, who is actually running the US due to the obvious health issues of the boss, should start reacting, for all our sake, and stop acting as sheep and be aware of totalitarianism that is projected by the same devil forces!

To refresh, or to reveal new words to you.
“Never has our future been more unpredictable, never have we depended so much on political forces that cannot be trusted to follow the rules of common sense and self-interest – forces that look like sheer insanity, if judged by the standards of other centuries. It is as though mankind had divided itself between those who believe in human omnipotence (who think that everything is possible if one knows how to organize masses for it) and those for whom powerlessness has become the major experience of their lives.” (1)
Our democratic, exceptional, and never mistaken rule-based societies came to an idea to decolonize Russia and deindustrialize Germany and Europe. You have the statement of an ex-port worker, made president of one of the countries, that Russia should be reduced to 50 million people. That creature did not understand that his own country if he still has one, will be deindustrialized!
That creature did not say where the rest 100000000( hundred million) would go. Those are the standards of the sect that projected, planted, and cared for hatred to grow and confuse all the human ingredients! What “great thoughts”, from as desperate creatures. Those that are the first to judge and last to self-evaluate and self-criticize. Those that want to so-call decolonize Russia in order to recolonize the world and reindustrialize themselves! To make all of us slaves and biological waste!

There is a definition of a totalitarian movement or organization. Is this what follows valid?
When “international in the organization, all-comprehensive in its ideological scope, and global in its political aspiration, that is,” (2) how its totalitarian traits are manifested.
However, we are witnessing the last stages of totalitarianism where the grip on total control will be diminished and we will cut the chains!
We see, now clearly, the devil, we recognize it as ” it is true that in the final stages of totalitarianism an absolute evil appears( absolute because it can no longer be deduced from humanity comprehensible motives), it is also true that without it we might never have known the TRULY RADICAL NATURE OF EVIL.”(3)

1-2-3- Quotes from the book “The Origins of Totalitarianism” by Ms. Hannah Arendt from 1951



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