Cyprus Dreamers

Ready for a journey?

At these difficult time we met. We showed that humanity does not have limits! Never will have!

Cyprus never stops surprising us! At this first Cyprus Dreamers gathering we all had the honor and utmost pleasure to meet people that have Cypriot roots and people who came to this magical island to create their own roots. Common denominator? Love and togetherness that are interweaved with the dream for peace, equality, respect, compassion.

We exchanged thoughts, poems,  about the future. FUTURE! As our purpose for existence IS to work for the future. Of course, for those advocating that we live in present, we say yes! We use every present moment to mark the FUTURE! NO ONE IS FOREVER, EXEPT FOR THOSE THAT WORK, THAT AIM FOR THE FUTURE. Remember Aristophanes or Rumi? Or Shams Tabrizi, Emre or Kavafis or Sophocles? They were living in their present leaving work to inspire us for centuries and centuries and even more centuries. That is called in one word-forever. So, if it is necessary to follow the logic of mathematics then 2+2= immortality!

Do you want to be immortal? You can! Leave deeds behind. Deeds that people would remember, not because you said something, or you did something, but because you made them FEEL something, as Maya Angelou beautifully said. That something has translation and it is pure LOVE!

Current confused laws of Physics that are limiting us instead of inspiring, say that we came from somewhere we do not know, to wander here for a while, and to go somewhere we do not know. That makes us to experience constant topsy-turvy.

Well that can be dealt about!

Instead of looking, God forbid, wishing how  make the Donkey of the neighbour to die, go and make him/her/them a surprise visit and, over traditional Cyprus coffee and sweets( Zivania and Raki can be included of course!),contribute for the Donkey to live longer and be happy! That feeling of togetherness is what will stay behind you! That feeling of respect, compassion, genuine and pure love will be mingling around your descendants forever! So, to use that mathematical equation again-2+2=YOU ARE IMMORTAL!

Cyprus Dreamers can not do much! It can not buy you new Ferari. But can at least inspire you to start dreaming more and feeling better, making people around you to experience the same!

Who wants can join us next time! Will not regret! Actually there are NO REGRETS!

As, we said yesterday, the aim is not to go to the moon and back! The aim is to transfer all this posetive energy to the universe! WE DID IT YESTERDAY BY SENDING OUR TOGETHERNESS THROUGH MILKY WAY TO OUTER SPACE, AND WE WILL BE DOING IT EVERY NEXT TIME!

You can laugh, but maybe, just maybe it is better to start dreaming with CYPRUS DREAMERS!

Wishing all health and happiness!

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Darko Richard Lancelot

Connect and Respect


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