Zero cost gas

Would it be that Russia offered zero cost gas to Europeans if they transfered their production to Russia? Would it be that the rule-based so-called democratices based on looting  decided after for Ukraina to happen.

That explains a shrug of Secretary of the State when he visited Moscow. His real masters made the decision to restrain or even destroy Russia. That confirms why all those statements.  The one which can not be forgotten is the statement of dock worker made president to reduce Russia to 50 million people. The second statement is “Thank you USA,” following the bombing of the Nord Stream gas pipelines. Insanity of the slaves.

That explains why Yuri Andropov decided to start Perestroika. To get rid of all those Eastern European countries who learned to live from credit and more credit. Poor bankers will loose again. Just at this time the printing of perfume layered otherwise worthless printed paper will not be enough.

Neither the insidious idea of universal saviour will work.

What will work is the spiritual advance of humanity with all those that wanted to make us biological waste to go to the waste of history.

Manipulators try from every corner to continue their program. They demand from those that they paid to renew the jab story. Now it is number 5 or 6 ?

They really want to flatten the curve.  The curve of life! That is what it was the real meaning used by scoundrels to confuse us more.  While the poor people discussed they had parties laughing at us, trying to cure their narcissistic insanity!

Russia is doing business! Russia will be doing business! Russia will continue to cherish family values and have human, traditional education of its citizens. Just look at thee progress of Russia mitary science and you will get the picture if you are still sober. Moreover, Russia will be promoting Made in Russia products as their technology in the military field will be slowly, but finally transferred for civilian use products. With the cheap energy that is the formula for success, to be shared with all other freedom loving  independent countries. Germany might decide to transfer their factories to Russia at the end of this saga. That could be the reason why there are rumours that Russians and Americans talk somewhere behind armour protected closed doors.

The times are the one of easy choice, with difficult repercussions. But, the difficulty today brings you a prosperity tomorrow. That is life.

All those that had introduced the sanctions to Russia and everything Russian will bear the consequences. Only the people in those countries can change the destiny. Only them can show to those blind the way to proceed.

However, the USA has still the opportunity to join the club of a couple of countries that will take our World to the next step of ,first and foremost, spiritual development.

As for the Europe, unfortunately, Mrs. Undersecretary of State stated the truth when in 2014 she said-“F**k Europe.”

That was one of the reasons the UK decided to go out of that community of invertebrates. Such a pity for the community, but have in mind that they are not the whole Europe.

It is crucial for those countries in Europe who still have their independence to continue with their autonomous, sovereign policies, being the example that IT CAN BE DONE!


Darko Richard Lancelot

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